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Sure, I#39;ll attend the meeting on efficiency in our banking procedures ... Just have to stand here for a while observing this flower grow, bloom and whither and be a part of the great cycle of life ...当然,我将参加业程序效率会议……只需在这里站一段时间来观察这朵花生长、开花和凋零,这是伟大的生命周期的一部分……Steve#39;s sudden interest in Zen made the other senior executives anxious.史蒂夫突然对禅宗然兴趣使得其它高管焦虑不已。 /201610/471610。

A woman who rescued a two-year-old boy who had been cast out by his own community for being a ;witch-child; has been recognised in an international list of the most inspiring people of the year.一名女子因为拯救了一名两岁的小男孩而成为感动全球年度人物,男孩被所在的社会群体当作“巫童”抛弃。Anja Ringgren Lovén, a Danish care worker who adopted the young Nigerian boy back in February, beat the likes of Pope Francis and Barack Obama to top the list of 100 inspiring individuals compiled by German-language Ooom Magazine. 今年2月,丹麦医疗工作者安雅#8226;林格伦#8226;洛文收养了来自尼日利亚的小男孩,她战胜教皇方济各、奥巴马等人,问鼎德语杂志《Ooom》评选的最鼓舞人心的百大人物排行榜。An image of Ms Lovén giving two-year-old Hope some water was shared around the world, and served to highlight the work she was doing to help orphan children in Nigeria. 一张洛文给两岁的霍普喂水的照片传遍全球,照片显示她正在帮助尼日利亚的孤儿。Before he was rescued by Ms Lovén and her husband David, Hope had been cast out by his own family on the basis of rural superstition, forced to live on the street where he contracted a number of illnesses including worms. 霍普的家人因为乡下的封建迷信将他驱逐出家门,在被洛文及其丈夫大卫拯救之前,他被迫流浪街头,因此感染了蠕虫病等多种疾病。Speaking today about the experience, she said: ;He was the size of a little baby, my whole body froze.; 如今再谈起这段经历,洛文说:“他的体型和一个婴儿一般大,我整个人都惊呆了。”;I became a mother myself 20 months ago and I was thinking of my own son when I saw the boy. For me it was clear at that moment that I would fight with all my strength for him to survive.; “20个月前,我成了一名母亲,当我看到霍普时我想起了自己的儿子。那一刻我非常清楚,我要竭尽全力让他活下来。”;Anja Ringgren Lovén is a beacon of hope and the most inspiring person of the year 2016,; said Georg Kindel, OOOM#39;s editor-in-chief, who led the jury that chose the list. ;When she saw the starving child, she acted like a human being and became an inspiration for millions. Her sustained efforts to help the abandoned children of Nigeria gives us hope and encourages us to follow suit.; 《Ooom》杂志主编乔格#8226;金德尔是该榜单评审委员会的负责人,他说:“安雅#8226;林格伦#8226;洛文是希望的灯塔,也是2016年最鼓舞人心的年度人物。当她看到这个饥肠辘辘的孩子时,她做了人类应该做的事情,并且鼓舞了数百万人。她坚持不懈帮助尼日利亚被抛弃儿童的努力给我们带来希望,也鼓舞我们追随她的脚步。”The outgoing US President Barack Obama was named second on the list. The jury said he stood for ;peace, tolerance and freedom; and that, despite failures during his leadership including on Guantánamo, Syria and Iraq, ;we will miss him anyway;. 即将离任的美国总统奥巴马排在榜单第二名。评审团认为,他主张“和平、宽容和自由”,尽管他在关塔那、叙利亚以及伊拉克问题上都失败了,“但无论如何我们都会想念他的。”The actress and philanthropist Charlize Theron was named third in the list, thanks mainly to her ;massive involvement; in combatting HIV/Aids in her native South Africa. 演员兼慈善家查理兹#8226;塞隆在其祖国南非为抗击艾滋病做了大量工作,她因此获得第三名。 Pope Francis was named fourth, after the jury said his ;humble; leadership had changed the Catholic Church for the better. 教皇方济各位列第四,评审团称,他“谦虚”的领导方式让天主教教会得到更好的发展。And the actor Leonardo DiCaprio was given the fifth slot, as a result of his work to combat climate change culminating in the film ;Beyond the Flood;. 演员莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥因其在应对气候变化方面做出的努力获得第五名,在这方面他最大的成就是拍摄了影片《洪水来临之前》。 /201612/483061。

Hey, what#39;s up, ladies ...嘿,你们好吗,女士们……The dragon#39;s two other heads were always kind of annoyed by the third one.龙的两个头总是被第三个头搞得恼火不已。 /201610/471621。

1. You Can Say Goodbye to Good Cholesterol After Just 2 Hours of Sitting1. 只要坐了俩小时,你就可以对好胆固醇说再见了Just like a light switch, electrical activity flips off the moment your butt hits the chair. ;Calorie burning is significantly reduced and lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that assists with the breakdown of fat, dramatically and rapidly drops,; says Dominique Wakefield, a health and fitness expert for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). That enzyme also plays a role in changing low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) to high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). Sitting for eight or more hours a day - a pretty standard amount of time for people who work desk jobs! - decreases the enzyme#39;s ability to convert bad to good by 95 percent, scientists at The Ohio State University have found.就像电灯的开关一样,在你坐上椅子的那一刻,电源就关闭了。“热量燃烧会显著减少,一种帮助分解脂肪的脂蛋白脂肪酶也会急剧快速地下降,”美国运动协会的健康健身专家多米尼克#8226;韦克菲尔德说道。脂蛋白脂肪酶还在将低密度脂蛋白(坏胆固醇)转化为高密度脂蛋白(好胆固醇)方面起着作用。俄亥俄州立大学的科学家们发现:每天坐8小时及以上——那些坐在办公桌前工作的人的标准时间!——那么脂蛋白脂肪酶转化坏胆固醇为好胆固醇的能力就会降低95%。2. Your Muscles Will Ache - Like, All the Time2. 你的肌肉会一直酸痛;The lack of attention to these things is what causes the problem. Sitting well, so it has minimal negative effects on you, is a skill. And like any skill it will take some effort to learn, but eventually will become habitual,; Schneider says.“不注意这些事情就会造成这一问题。坐姿正确是种技能,会使负面影响最小。如其它技能一样,这一技能也是需要花时间学习的,但最终会成为你的习惯,”施耐德说道。Be mindful of your posture and adjust alignment as needed, says Jessica Matthews, a personal training expert for ACE who#39;s based in San Diego. ;While standing, your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle should form a straight line with the spine in an #39;S#39; shape, due to its natural curvature. This also applies while in a seated position, except that the ear, shoulder, and hip should align, and the knee and ankle should align.;注意自己的坐姿,并根据需要进行调整,位于圣地亚哥的杰西卡#8226;马修斯说道,她是美国运动协会的私人训练专家。“站着的时候,由于脊椎的自然弯度,你的耳朵、肩膀、臀部、膝盖和脚踝需与其成一条直线,呈S型。坐着的时候,这也同样适用,只是耳朵、肩膀和臀部应成直线,膝盖和脚踝应成直线。”Until you master pro-level sitting, expect tight hip muscles, increased back and neck pain, and possible breathing difficulties, since the rounded shoulder, tucked chin posture decreases the ability of your ribs to expand, Schneider says.除非你掌握了专业级坐姿,否则就等着臀部肌肉变紧、后背和脖子越来越痛吧,甚至你还会呼吸困难,因为呈圆形的肩膀和缩进的下巴会降低肋骨伸展的能力,施耐德说道。3. Your Risk for Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease Will Climb3. 患癌症、2型糖尿病和冠心病的风险会飙升Beyond making you gain extra pounds, being too stationary can do a number on your longevity. ;Sitting increases risk of death up to 40 percent. Inactivity is killing people and is arguably one of this generation#39;s greatest health threats,; Wakefield says. Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risks are more stark when overall physical activity levels are low, too, according to a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine.除了让你长胖,老是坐着也会减少寿命。“坐着会增加40%的死亡风险。不活动会慢慢消耗人的寿命,可以说是这一代人最大的健康威胁之一,”韦克菲尔德说道。《内科学年鉴》的表明:当整体的身体活动较低时,患癌症、糖尿病和冠心病的风险更为突出。译文属 /201701/487652。

Fortune magazine this month named Jack Ma one of the world’s greatest leaders for 2017.本月《财富》杂志把马云评为2017年度世界上最伟大的领导者之一。A key takeaway from Fortune‘s coverage is that “Ma issuing his new platform in unexpected, invigorating ways, positioning himself as a champion of both free trade and philanthropy — and arguing that open digital marketplaces like Alibaba’s can power the world’s economy by enabling small businesses to reach an ever-expanding pool of customers.”《财富》杂志报道中的重要信息就是“马云以一种出人意料又激励人心的方式发布了他的新平台,并把他自己定位为自由贸易与慈善事业的佼佼者,他还主张像阿里巴巴这样的开放数字市场可以通过使小企业接触到不断扩大的顾客群体而推动全球经济。”Ma is in lofty company, ranking number two, right under Chicago Cubs executive Theo Epstein, and just above Pope Francis. Epstein who ended the Major League Baseball team’s 108-year drought by winning the 2016 World Series, and Pope Francis is, well, just the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.马云在一群仁人志士中排名第二,仅次于芝加哥小熊棒球队执行官西奥·爱普斯坦,并恰好排在方济各教皇之前。爱普斯坦(带领小熊棒球队)赢得了2016年世界职业棒球大赛,结束了大联盟棒球队108年的失利,而方济各教皇是全球12亿天主教徒的精神领袖。Ma’s style — he once greeted World Trade Organization President Jim Kim wearing prayer beads and sandals — is decidedly different from his peers, but just as effective in creating what Fortune calls “the dominant force in Chinese e-commerce, a company with a market value of 4 billion and some 450 million customers.”马云曾戴着念珠、穿着凉鞋迎接世贸组织主席金勇,他的风格显然不同于与他同等地位的人,但他却正如《财富》杂志所描述的那样引人注目,创造了“一个市值2640亿美元的公司,拥有4.5亿客户,成为中国电商界的主导力量。”Fortune notes that Ma is more than just a corporate helmsman. The magazine calls him “a global ambassador for Chinese business, he spent 800 hours aloft last year — visiting princes, Presidents, and Prime Ministers and lots of mere business people too.”《财富》杂志特别提到,马云不只是一位公司掌舵人,还称他为“中国企业全球大使,去年他有800个小时都在当空中飞人,忙着拜访王孙贵族、总统、总理以及许许多多纯粹的商人。” /201704/502889。

You are arrested for steroid use ...你因使用类固醇(激素,能增加肌肉量、提高耐力,却会让你衰老得远比实际年龄快)而被逮捕……The strongest girl in the world! ? ... Yeah, right!这“货”是世界上最强的女孩!?……对,就是你娘! /201612/481340。