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广州天河区新塘医院测卵泡多少钱广州看男性不育哪家医院好评价别人常用英语口语 -- :58: 来源: 他很自私He selfish. *selfish 带有轻视的语气,表示“自私的”、“利己的”、“不考虑别人的”I dont like John. (我不喜欢约翰)Why? (为什么?)Because he selfish. (他太自私了)He self-centered. (他总是以自己为中心)He self-serving. (他是个只顾自己的人)He only cares about himself. (他只想他自己的事)He doesnt care about anyone but himself. (他从来不想别人)他总把问题想得过于严重He takes things too seriously.他头脑简单He simpleminded. *simpleminded“单纯的”、“头脑简单的”,也有“无知的”、“愚蠢的”语感He a simple man. *这句话也可解释为“他是个很实际的人”He isnt so smart. (他不很聪明)今天他情绪烦躁He on edge today. *edge“边缘”on edge 表示“烦躁”、“不安稳”What wrong with him? He on edge today. (怎么啦,他今天这么烦躁)I dont know. (我不知道)He edgy today.He in a bad mood today. (他今天情绪不好)他真是个多嘴多舌的人He talkative. *talkative“喜欢说话”、“多嘴多舌”He talkative. (他真多嘴多舌)Yeah, you can say that again. (啊,你也这么说呀)He a motor-mouth.He never shuts up. (他从来都闭不上嘴)他非常有钱He quite well off. *well off“有钱”、“富裕”,比rich的语气随便How he doing? (他现在怎么样?)He quite well off now. (他现在可有钱了)He a wealthy man.He rich.He rolling in it.他很好色He fresh. *看样子可以翻成“他是个新鲜的人”,但实际上表达的是“他是好色的人”He always tries to touch me. (他总想碰我)Yeah, he fresh. (是啊,他真好色)He a dirty-minded man.He a dirty old man. (他真是个讨厌的老头)All he thinks about is sex. (他满脑子想的都是情事)他的嘴甜着呢He a smooth talker.Watch out him. (你得小心点儿他)Why? (为什么?)He a smooth talker. (他的嘴甜着呢)He honey-tongued.他是个不可小看的人He nobody fool. *“难打交道的人”、“不容轻视的对手”What Joe like? (乔这个人怎么样?)He nobody fool. (你可不能小看他)He very shrewd.他净说些傻话He often says absurd things. *absurd“荒谬的,毫无道理的”He often says ridiculous things.He says strange things a lot.He says a lot of weird things.他一点儿责任心都没有He has no sense of responsibility.He so irresponsible.他真是个让人讨厌的人He very offensive. *offensive“讨厌的”、“令人不愉快的”、“(人或言行等)令人作呕的”他这人很难对付He a difficult man to deal with. *deal with“处理、对待(人或事)”He hard to deal with.He hard to put up with. (他让人难以忍受)他是个倔老头He a stubborn old man. *stubborn“顽固的”、“倔强的”Didnt your father say okay? (你爸爸同意了吗?)No, he a stubborn old man. (没有,他是个倔老头)He a hardheaded old man.他总是好高骛远He aiming too high. *aim high“奢望”、“逞能、逞强”He overreaching himself.He out of his league.他从不认输That man never admits defeat.He never admits he is wrong.He is a sore loser.He hates being defeated. (他讨厌失败)He cant handle defeat. (他是个输不起的人)他是个难以捉摸的人He very vague. *vague“不可捉摸”、“不清楚的”、“不明确的”He very vague. (他是个难以捉摸的人)He just like my brother. (和我弟弟一样)He is difficult to understand. (他真让人难以理解)He isnt very clear. (他让人不易琢磨)他性格乖张He crooked. *crook 原意是thief,即“小偷”、“骗子”crooked表示“性格孤僻”、“乖张”He crooked. (他性格乖张)But I like him. (可我喜欢他)He a scammer. *俚语He a crook.He a con man. *俚语他一无是处He good nothing.He not nice to you? (他是不是对你不好?)No, he good nothing. (嗯,他简直一无是处)He isnt good anything.He a bum. *俚语她认生She shy around strangers.She bashful.She feel uncomtable around strangers. (她跟不认识的人在一起总觉得不自在)She afraid of strangers. (她怕生人)你是个胆小鬼Youre too timid.Youre gutless.Youre a wimp.Youre a chicken.他在逞强He acting big.He acting like a hot shot.他动不动就生气He has a short temper. *temper 特指“(感情上的)秉性,气质”,short temper 表示“易怒”He gets angry easily.He loses his temper quickly.He is very temperamental. (他喜怒无常)他很能吃He eats like a horse. *直译是“他吃起来像匹马一样”He eats huge amounts.He eats like a bird.(他饭量很小)你的香水味真够呛人的Your perfume is strong.I can smell your perfume a mile away. (我老远就闻见你的香水味了) *带有讽刺意味的表达方式Your perfume is romantic. (你的香水够浪漫的) *褒义,“芳香扑鼻” 日常英语 英语口语广州无痛人流手术大概多少钱 “自拍”用英语该如何表达? --7 3:19:53 来源: A selfie is a photographic self-portrait, particularly one taken with the intent of posting it to a social network.Selfie就是“自拍照”,尤指那些自拍后上传到社交网站的照片Not since the days of Picasso has self-portraiture been so prevalent. Smartphones' high-quality built-in cameras and easy access to picture-enhancing apps are making "selfies" a ubiquitous m of self-expression among social-media users.自毕加索时期以来,自画像从未如此盛行智能手机的高质内置相机以及可以便捷使用的照片修正程序正在让“自拍”成为社交媒体用户普遍使用的一种自我表达方式 自拍 英语 该如何东莞哪里能做解扎手术

梅州市人民医院结扎复通手术商务口语:商务英语对话练习 --7 :31:18 来源: 1,下面是有人向你问候或是介绍你时的回答用语:How are you? I’m good I’m fine, thank you.I’m happy to meet you. I’m gladhappy to meet you too.It’s a pleasure to meet you. The pleasure’s all mine.How are you doing? I’m doing finewellvery well,thank you.,在绝大多数的商务场合 ,下面的词语不合适,因为太夸张了:Highly, extremely, exceedingly, greatly, overjoyed,ecstatic, wonderful, thrilled, charmed, elated, enchanted,lovely3, 以下的单词要避免使用,因为它们很容易造成误解:Anxious (显得过于热心)Content (显得自满和安逸),下面的表达显得有些多余和过于华丽:on cloud nine tickled pinkin seventh heaven cool, groovy, fantastic5,下面的词被认为是不够积极或是不够肯定的回答:Fair, so so, all right, okayOKLen Matheson is the owner of a small company that’s rapidly expanding. He’s getting advice from Mary Carlyle, a business consultant, on developing a functional organizational structure to better deal with his company’s expansion.Mary: Mr. Matheson, I’ve studied all your reports, and your company is making excellent progress.Len: Thank you, Miss Carlyle. And please, call me Len. So, what are your recommendations my new organizational structure?Mary: Call me Mary. First, let’s start with your operation here. You should set up separate Administrative,Clerical, Back office, and Support functions.There’s too much work your personnel to wear more than one hat any more.Len: Yes, they’re aly overworked. But that will entail more Managerial functions, won’t it?Mary: That’s right, Len, and you’ll need at least twonew managers separate Marketing and ProductDevelopment departments.Len: OK, Mary. What else? 商务 口语 商务英语广州女性复通手术到哪家医院 佛山做试管成功率高哪里好

东圃哪里可以无痛人流 让你焕发女王气质的地道英语口语 -- ::35 来源: Let's move it.1. go faster 快一点. get out of the way 让道,闪开点例句 We're gonna be late school. Let's move it. 我们上学要迟到了,快点好么Don't stand in the doorway talking. Move it. I need to pass. 别站在走廊说话,让开点,我要过去Mess with sth. 把……搞砸,把……弄得一塌糊涂例句 My dad was messing with my computer. So it isn't working properly right now. 我爸爸把我的电脑弄坏了,所以现在它不好使了Don't mess with my papers. If you do,I'll lose something. 别动我的论文,不然我会丢东西的Dicking around 瞎玩,瞎闹,混日子,不严肃,不正经例句 Quit dicking around.We have a lot of work to do.You need to stay focuse. 你别再瞎闹了,我们还有很多工作呢,全神贯注吧Kick sb. Out throw sb. outsend sb. away 把……轰出去,赶出去例句 We had to kick a guy out of the bar being too drunk.. He caught fall asleep on the table. 我们昨晚把一个醉鬼给轰出去了他趴在我的桌上睡着了My girlfriend kicked me out of apartment when she found out I was cheating on her. 我的女朋友发现我在骗她,就把我赶出了公寓No biggie It's nothing no problem 没什么大不了的例句 I'm sorry I can't make it to go to your house dinner tonight.No biggie. I'm too tired to cook a big meal anyway.我很抱歉我今天去不了你家了没问题,没问题我今天挺累的了,要我做大餐我可能也受不了My girlfriend told me it's no biggie that I didn't buy her a present Valentine's Day. I don't believe her. I think she's mad. 我忘了给我女朋友买情人节礼物,可她说这没什么大不了的我才不信她呢,她肯定气疯了On gluenot thinking clearly 犯傻,冒傻气例句 She must have been on glue to wear that dress to the party. It makes her look so bad. 她穿那件裙子去晚会真是冒傻气那看起来差劲极了Are you on glue? I've told you millions of times that I don't like seafood. Why do you order lobster? 你是不是脑子进水了?我都告诉你多少次了我不吃海鲜你为什么还点龙虾?Come on, be serious.stop dicking around and be more realistic 现实一点,实际一点例句 Hey c'mon, e serious. You can't really slam dunk a basketball. 行了,现实一点你根本就不能扣篮的Make it easy on you 放你一马例句 Instead of climing all these stairs,I'll make it easy on you.We use the elevator.I'll make it easy on you,if you promise to be on time work from now on.I won't fire you being late today.settle a score 找...算账例:Either you pay up now ,or I'll send it my bodyguards to settle the score .如果你不现在还钱给我,不然我就让我的保镖找你算账.next to nothing very little 几乎Eg : I asked you to help me to find a new apartment, but you're turned up next to nothing. I have to ask someone else next time. 我叫你帮我找套公寓,但是你没有办到下次我就找别人了 英语口语 地道 气质 一点广州哪个医院做试管好广州医院做个B超多少钱



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