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麻涌中堂望牛墩洪梅镇做双眼皮埋线多少钱东莞市第一人民医院胎记多少钱A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that the Obama administrations detention of illegal immigrant children and their mothers violates a nearly 20 year-old court settlement.一位洛杉矶联邦法官判决奥巴马政府对非法移民儿童及其母亲的拘留违反了0年前生效的庭外和解协议。Judge Dolly Gee ordered the Department of Homeland Security to free the families from three holding facilities as soon as possible.朱美瑜法官裁决国土安全部尽快从三个拘留中心释放这些家庭。In her ruling, handed down late Friday, Gee wrote that the children and their mothers were being held in ;widesp deplorable conditions; and that authorities had failed to place the youngsters in ;safe and sanitary; facilities, as required by the 1997 settlement.朱美瑜法官在周五晚间做出的判决中写道,儿童和他们的母亲被关押在“广泛恶劣的环境里。她同时指出,当局没有能够将年幼的孩子安置在“安全卫生”的设施中。这违反了于1997年生效的调解协议。Gee strongly criticized the government for not complying with what she said are the ;unambiguous; terms of the 1997 settlement, and ruled that the settlement applies to both unaccompanied children and those arrived with their mothers.朱美瑜对联邦政府违反她所说的1997年协议里的“明确”条款予以严厉的批评,并裁定这份协议同时适用于无人陪同的儿童和那些随母亲一起来到美国的儿童。The judge has given Homeland Security until August 3 to come up with a plan for the detainees. She also gave the Justice Department 90 days to answer why it should not have to abide by her ruling.朱美瑜法官要求国土安全部日前拿出针对被拘留者的方案。她要求司法部在90天之内回应为何不应该遵守她的裁决。来 /201507/388186东莞华美整形美容医院激光祛痘多少钱 Vietnam has accused China of sinking one of its fishing boats in disputed waters near a Chinese oil rig that is at the centre of a dangerous maritime stand-off between the two Asian neighbours.越南指责中国在争议海域的中国油井附近撞沉一艘越南船只,该油井位于两国危险的海上对峙中心。Vietnam News said a Chinese ship had sunk the vessel carrying 10 crew on board. Bloomberg cited Vietnam’s foreign ministry saying that the fishing boat was “rammed by a Chinese boat越南通讯Vietnam News)称,一艘中国船只撞沉了一艘载0名船员的越南船只。彭Bloomberg)援引越南外交部的消息称,这艘渔船遭到“中国船只的撞击”。China and Vietnam have been at loggerheads since early May when China moved a drilling rig to an area near the disputed Paracel Islands. Scores of Chinese and Vietnamese boats have been engaged in a tense stand-off for three weeks that has seen each side accuse the other of dangerous tactics. The dispute also sparked anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that hit foreign factories across the country.5月初以来,自中国将一钻井平台移动到争议的帕拉塞尔群岛(中国称西沙群附近海域,中越之间便纷争不断。大量中国和越南船只之间的紧张对峙已经持续了三周,双方互相指责对方在实施危险策略。争议还引发了越南的反华骚乱,越南全境的外国工厂都收到波及。China won control of the Paracels in 1974 following a brief naval conflict with Vietnam. The current tensions are the worst deterioration in relations between the countries in years, and come just months after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Hanoi as part of a southeast Asia charm offensive.1974年,中国在与越南海军发生短暂冲突后,赢得了对帕拉塞尔群岛的控制权。目前的紧张局势是数年来两国关系恶化最严重的一次,就在几个月前,中国国务院总理李克强还访问了河内,作为其对东南亚发动魅力攻势的一部分。The incident in the South China Sea is just part of a broader pattern of escalating tensions between China and its neighbours. On Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticised Beijing after two Chinese fighter jets intercepted Japanese spy planes that were monitoring a joint naval exercise being conducted by Chinese and Russian forces. Japan said the Chinese jets came “dangerouslyclose to the Japanese surveillance aircraft, but Beijing accused Japan of interfering with the exercises.中国与其邻国的紧张关系正在升级,这起发生在南中国海的事件,只是这种升级的紧张态势的一个例。本周一,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)批评中国两架战机阻截了监督中俄联合海上演习的日本侦察机。日本表示,中国战机曾“危险地”接近日本侦察机,但中国批评日方干扰中俄演习。China is also embroiled in maritime disputes with the Philippines. In an interview with the Financial Times, Benigno Aquino, the Philippines president, said he was concerned that China would follow its move near the Paracels by drilling for energy in waters that are claimed by Beijing and Manila. He also accused China of playing a “dangerous game of brinkmanship and gunboat diplomacy中国还卷入了与菲律宾的海上争议。在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,菲律宾总统贝尼尼奥#8226;阿基Benigno Aquino)表示,他担心,中国将仿效其在帕拉塞尔群岛附近海域的举措,在中菲争议海域开采能源。他还批评中国在玩“危险的边缘政策游戏和炮舰外交”。来 /201405/301511东莞市立医院激光除皱手术多少钱

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广东东莞市韩式安全隆胸手术价格 Chinese engineers have developed a cash machine that uses facial features - instead of the traditional PIN number - to identify card owners.中国的工程师研发了一种靠脸部识别而不是传统的PIN码来识别取款人的设备。The device, which is jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based TzekwanTechnology, is able to scan the users faces to ensure they are the genuine holders of the bank account.这套设备是由清华大学和杭州锌昆科技联合研制的。它能够扫描用户的脸部进而确认其是否为真正的账户持有者。The cutting-edge technology was unveiled during a press conference on Saturday, reported thePeoples Daily Online.这项前沿技术在周六的一场新闻发布会上被披露出来并被报道于中国日报上。When a user inserts a bank card into the device, the built-in camera will immediately start scanning his or her facial features.当使用者插入卡时,设备中的内置摄像头将立即扫描使用者的面部特征。A small window will pop up on the upper left corner of the screen to show the process.一个小的窗口会从左上角蹦出来来演示这一过程If the face of the user does not match the ID photo that is used to open the account, then the user wil I not be able to withdraw funds from the account/ says a bank spokesman to Shanghai-based Dragon TV.一位发言人对东东方卫视说道:;如果使用者面部与开户时所使用的身份照片不符将无法从账户里取款;However, this also means only the owner of the card - not even their friends or family - will be able to get money from these cash machines.然而,这也意味着只有开户本人,即使是本人的朋友,家人也不能从取款机里取款。Gu Zikun, Chairman of Tzekwan Technology, claims the device is the worlds first cash machine to be equi pped with the facial recognition function.梓昆科技主席谷志昆称这套设备是世界上第一个装有脸部识别功能的取款机。Gu says: Our facial recognition technology has passed the certification by authoritative industry experts and is authorised to be used in the financial services industry.谷说到:;我们的脸部识别技术已获得权威的行业专家颁发的书,并被授权应用于金融务业。The cash machine also represents Chinas first independent intellectual property rights in financial security protection.这套取款机也代表了中国首个具有自主知识产权的金融安全保障产品。Apart from the innovative recognition system, the device can also exchange Chinese Yuan to as many as 256 foreign currencies.除了装有全新的识别系统外,这套设备同时也能够将人民币兑换56种外币。Chinas central government has placed an emphasis on information and financial security.中国中央政府一直强调信息和金融安全。Gu Zikun says this new machine has passed its certification and will soon be used in the market place.谷志昆称这套设备已经获得书很快将投入市场。来 /201506/381044东莞吸脂多少钱东莞乳晕颜色深哪家医院好



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