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The science is clear, the science is clear.科学是明确的,科学是明确的。Nine out of the 10 hottest years ever came in the last decade.在过去十年里产生了九个最热的年份。Now Im not a scientist, but I do know how to count to ten.虽然我不是科学家,但是我知道怎么数到10。Rising seas, more violent storms…海平面上升,更猛烈的暴风...You got mosquitoes, sweaty people on the trains stinking it up.你们会有蚊子,汗流浃背的人们在火车里蒸腾。Its just nasty!太恶心了!I mean, look at whats happening right now.我是说,看看现在都发生了些什么。Every serious scientist says we need to act.所有严苛的科学家们都说我们要付出行动。The Pentagon says its a national security risk.五角大楼说这事关国家安全风险。Miami floods on a sunny day and instead of doing anything about it, weve got elected officials throwing snowballs in the Senate.迈阿密在大晴天里发洪水,我们没采取任何措施,而是在选举在参议院扔雪球的官员。Okay, I think they got it, bro.好的,我想他们懂了。It is crazy!简直疯了!What about our kids?我们的孩子咋办?What kind of stupid, short-sighted irresponsible bull...多么愚蠢的、目光短浅的、不负责任的...Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa!喔,喔喔,喔!What?肿么了?Hey!嘿!What!作甚么!All due respect, sir, you dont need anger translator.恕我直言,先生。你不需要一个愤怒翻译。You need counseling.你需要的是心理咨询。And Im out of here, man.我得撤了。I aint trying to get into all this.我不想卷入其中。Go.跪安吧。He is crazy.他疯了。Luther, my anger translator, ladies and gentlemen.女士们先生们,这就是我的愤怒翻译,卢瑟。Now that I got that off my chest—you know, investigative journalism, explanatory journalism, journalism that exposes corruption and justice gives voice to the different and the marginalized, the voiceless.终于一吐为快了-新闻调查,解释性新闻,公开腐败和不公的新闻,为特殊人群和边缘化人群发声。thats power.这才是力量。Its a privilege.这是种荣幸。Its as important to Americas trajectory, to our values, our ideals, than anything that we could do in elected office.它像美国的轨迹,我们的价值观,我们的理想一样重要,我们在选举办公室里能做的任何事情都无法与之相提并论。We remember journalists we lost over the past year.我们铭记过去一年里我们失去的记者同胞。Journalists like Steven Sotloff and James Foley, murdered for nothing more than trying to shine a light into some of the worlds darkest corners.记者Steven Sotloff和詹姆斯·弗利被杀害了,他们只不过想让一束光照耀到一些世界最黑暗的角落。201512/416981And you know, what struck me when I first met Barack was that even though he had this funny name, and even though he had grown up all the way across the continent in Hawaii, his family was so much like mine. He was raised by grandparents who were working-class folks just like my parents, and by a single mother who struggled to pay the bills just like we did. And like my family, they scrimped and saved so that he could have opportunities that they never had for themselves.尽管巴拉克有一个有趣的名字,尽管他一直在横跨大陆的夏威夷长大,当我第一次遇到他的时候,令我印象最深的却是,他的家庭和我的家庭极其相似。他由外祖父母和单身妈妈抚养长大,和我父母一样,他的外祖父母属于工薪阶层,而他的妈妈则为付各种账单而忙碌着,这也和我们所做的一样。和我们家一样,他们精打细算,厉行节约,以便让巴拉克得到他们自己永远也得不到的机会。And Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond; that you do what you say youre going to do; that you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you dont know them and even if you dont agree with them.巴拉克和我在成长过程中被灌输了许多相同的价值观,比如:要想在生活中得到什么就必须努力工作;话即契约,君子一言驷马难追;言必行,行必果;待人以敬,即使你不认识他们,即使你不同意他们的观点。And Barack and I set out to build lives guided by these values and to pass them on to the next generation, because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.就是在这样的价值观指导下,巴拉克和我开始开创我们的人生,并把这些价值观传到下一代,因为我们想让我们的孩子和全美国的孩子知道,唯一限制你的成就高度的是你梦想的广度和为之努力的程度。And as our friendship grew and I learned more about Barack, he introduced me to work--the work that hed done when he first moved to Chicago after college. You see, instead of heading to Wall Street, Barack moved to work in neighborhoods that had been devastated by the closing of steel plants. Jobs dried up. And Barack was invited back to speak to people from those neighborhoods about how to rebuild their community.随着我们之间友谊的加深,我越来越了解巴拉克。他向我介绍他的工作——那是他大学毕业后第一次移居到芝加哥时所做的那份工作。你们知道,巴拉克没有去华尔街工作,而是去了那些因钢铁工厂倒闭而遭受重创的社区。许多人失了业。巴拉克被邀请回来向那些地区的人们演讲如何重建他们的社区。 /201308/253955So this is the Electronic World HP is helping customers build. We want to help you build and manage the IT infrastructure that allows you to extend your reach into new opportunities. We want to help you move your business processes to the Net quickly and to use it to create entirely new ways of doing business. We want to serve the needs of people who are working at home, and even those who want to use technology for fun. And we want to help transform commerce by making the Internet a secure and efficient way of moving money. We are working to deliver value to customers in each of these areas. But I also think its important that we are operating in all four areas. Because with the coming of the networked world, the boundaries between these different areas are becoming blurred, and we can help you navigate this sea of change. Beyond our strong portfolio of hardware, software and support services, HP is committed to building the Electronic World through hosting special events that raise awareness and build the capabilities of our customers, channel partners and colleagues in government and academia, and HP MegaForum is just one example. This years HP MegaForum will tour six major centers in China, starting with this opening event in Shanghai.这就是惠普在协助客户构建的电子化世界。我们愿帮助你们建立并管理基础结构,使你们能不断寻求新的机遇。我们愿帮助你们将业务过程迅速地带入网络并利用它创造全新的经营方式。我们愿为家庭办公的人们提供务,甚至为那些只想从技术中寻求乐趣的人们提供务。我们愿助您一臂之力,通过互联网安全而有效地处理钱款,从而变革商务的形式。我们努力在这些领域为我们的客户增值。但我认为,最重要的是,我们在所有西大领域运作。因为,伴随着网络化世界的到来,不同领域的界限正在消亡,而我们可以为您在变革中导航。我们除了在硬件,软件和持务方面具有产品组合优势外,也决心通过主办各类活动,提高人们的意识,为我们的客户、网络伙伴以及政府和学术界的同仁出谋划策,共同构建这一电子化世界。“惠普信息时空”就是一个例。今年的“惠普信息时空”在上海开幕,并将在中国的六个主要城市举办。 201411/340845Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways. This is what positive politics can do. This is what a causative, hopeful – a hopeful vision and a platform and a team together can make happen. Canadians – Canadians from all across this great country sent a clear message tonight. Its time for a change in this country, my friends, a real change.I also want to specifically thank my good friends Katie Telford and Gerald Butts. Katie and Gerry are two of the smartest, toughest, hardest working people you will find anywhere. They share with me the conviction that politics doesnt have to be negative and personal to be successful, that – that you can appeal to the better angels of our nature, and you can win while doing it.Tonight, my very good friends, we proved that. I hope it is an inspiration to like-minded people to step up and pitch in, to get involved in the public life of this country and to know that a positive, optimistic, hopeful vision of public life isnt a naive dream; it can be a powerful force for change.And I also want to thank the incredible volunteers that made tonight happen. Over 80,000 Canadians got involved in the core of this campaign. They knocked on their neighbours doors. They made phone calls. They sent emails. Hundreds of thousands more supported us actively with their friends and online. They convinced their neighbours and their families. And all of these people had one thing in common: they care deeply about their families, their communities and their country. They believe that better is possible and that active citizens can play a real part in making it happen.Now, this movement weve built was fuelled by these amazing volunteers, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.Now, I want to take a moment to speak about my colleagues across the aisle. Tonight, I received phone calls from all of them, including from Mr. Harper. Stephen Harper has served this country for a decade, and as with anyone who has devoted their life to this country, we thank him for his service.Now, over the course of this campaign, I had the opportunity to have a couple of brief personal conversations with him about our families. It reminded me of the extraordinary and unique sacrifices that are made by anybody who serves this country at the highest levels, and I want to remind everyone, as Ive said many times over the course of this campaign: Conservatives are not our enemies, theyre our neighbours. Leadership is about bringing people of all different perspectives together.Now, youre all going to hear a lot tonight and tomorrow about me and about our campaign. Lots of people are going to have lots of opinions about why we were successful. Well, for three years, we had a very old-fashioned strategy. We met with and talked with as many Canadians as we could, and we listened. We won this election because we listened. We did the hard work of slogging it across the country. We met with hundreds of people in the dead of winter in the Arctic and with thousands of people in Brampton in the middle of this campaign.You built this platform. You built this movement. You told us what you need to be successful. You told us what kind of government you want, and we built the plan to make it happen. In coffee shops and in town halls, in church basements and in gurdwaras, you gathered. You spent time together with us, and you told us about the kind of country you want to build and leave to your children.Over the past three years, you told us what youre going through. You told us that its getting harder and harder to make ends meet, let alone to get ahead. You told us youre worried about whether youll be able to afford a dignified retirement. You told us that your communities need investment. You told us you need a fair shot at better jobs. You are the inspiration for our efforts. You are the reason why we worked so hard to be here tonight, and you will be at the heart of this new government.So my message to you tonight, my fellow citizens, is simple: have faith in yourselves and in your country, know that we can make anything happen if we set our minds to it and work hard.I didnt make history tonight, you did. And dont let anyone tell you any differently. I know that I am on stage tonight for one reason and one reason only: because you put me here. And you gave me clear marching orders. You want a government that works as hard as you do, one that is focused every minute of every day on growing the economy, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class, one that is devoted to helping less fortunate Canadian families work their way into the middle class.You want a Prime Minister who knows Canada is a country strong, not in spite of our differences, but because of them, a PM who never seeks to divide Canadians, but takes every single opportunity to bring us together. You want a Prime Minister who knows that if Canadians are to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians, a PM who understands that openness and transparency means better, smarter decisions. You want a Prime Minister that knows that a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with indigenous peoples that respects rights and honours treaties must be the basis for how we work to close the gap and walk forward together.Canadians – Canadians have spoken. You want a government with a vision and an agenda for this country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful. Well, my friends, I promise you tonight that I will lead that government. I will make that vision a reality. I will be that Prime Minister.In this election, 1,792 Canadians stepped up, put their names on ballots and on lawn signs and ran for office. Three hundred and thirty-eight of them were chosen by you to be their voices in Ottawa, and I pledge tonight that I will listen to all of them.There are a thousand stories I could share with you about this remarkable campaign, but I want you to think about one in particular. Last week, I met a young mom in St. Catharines, Ontario. She practises the Muslim faith and was wearing a hijab. She made her way through the crowd and handed me her infant daughter, and as she leaned forward, she said something that I will never forget. She said shes voting for us because she wants to make sure that her little girl has the right to make her own choices in life and that our government will protect those rights.To her, I say this: you and your fellow citizens have chosen a new government, a government that believes deeply in the diversity of our country. We know in our bones that Canada was built by people from all corners of the world who worship every faith, who belong to every culture, who speak every language.We believe in our hearts that this countrys unique diversity is a blessing bestowed upon us by previous generations of Canadians, Canadians who stared down prejudice and fought discrimination in all its forms. We know that our enviable, inclusive society didnt happen by accident and wont continue without effort. I have always known this; Canadians know it too. If not, I might have spoken earlier this evening and given a very different speech.Have faith in your fellow citizens, my friends. They are kind and generous. They are open-minded and optimistic. And they know in their heart of hearts that a Canadian is a Canadian, is a Canadian.My friends, we beat fear with hope. We beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together. Most of all, we defeated the idea that Canadians should be satisfied with less, that good enough is good enough and that better just isnt possible. Well, my friends, this is Canada, and in Canada, better is always possible.Thank you. Thank you very much.201511/412794

The next thing that you need to understand as a principle is that when you introduce change,you need to do it extraordinarily carefully.下一个你必须要去理解的事情是当你想要改变的时候需要格外仔细。Now I often have joked that I spend almost as much time designing the introduction of change as I do the change itself,and Im sure that we can all relate to that when something that we use a lot changes and then we have to adjust. 我经常开玩笑说,我在设计产品变动的介绍词花费了大量的时间,这几乎和我在做产品改动的时间是一样的,而且我敢肯定,当一件事情需要我们做出很多改变的时候我们也要对自己做出调整。The fact is, people can become very efficient at using bad design,and so even if the change is good for them in the long run,its still incredibly frustrating when it happens,and this is particularly true with user-generated content platforms,because people can rightfully claim a sense of ownership. 事实上,人们会因为使用了,不好的设计而变得更有效率,虽然从长远角度上看,这个改变是对大家有好处的,但是有不好的设计产生的时候, 它仍被认为是一个失败的设计,而且这个在用户创建的内容平台中实了,因为人们会去维护他们的主人翁意识。It is, after all, their content.毕竟脸书上所说的是他们自己。Now, years ago, when I was working at YouTube,we were looking for ways to encourage more people to rate s,and it was interesting because when we looked into the data,we found that almost everyone was exclusively using the highest five-star rating,a handful of people were using the lowest one-star,and virtually no one was using two, three or four stars. 几年前,当我还在YouTube(视频网站)工作的时候,我们尝试着怎样才能鼓励更多的人去评价视频,当我们查看数据的时候,发现了一些很有趣的事情,几乎所有的人都给与了别人最高的五星的评价只有极少数的一些人会使用最少的一星评价,并且几乎没有人会使用两星,三星或是四星的评价。So we decided to simplify into an up-down kind of voting binary model.所以我们决定简化这样的评估模式,我们把它变成只有好和坏两种选择的模式。Its going to be much easier for people to engage with.这对于参与评估的人们来说简单多了。But people were very attached to the five-star rating system.但是,人们非常注重五星评估系统。Video creators really loved their ratings.上传视频的人也很满意他们的评估等级。Millions and millions of people were accustomed to the old design.成百万的使用者已经习惯了旧的五星评分方式。So in order to help people prepare themselves for change and acclimate to the new design more quickly,we actually published the data graph sharing with the community the rationale for what we were going to do,and it even engaged the larger industry in a conversation, which resulted in my favorite TechCrunch headline of all time:所以,为了帮助人们更快的熟悉和接受这个新的设计,我们把之前的数据图表放在了网上告诉人们我们要去改变的原因,没想到在大家的交流过程中话题被扩大了,于是产生我最爱的科技客(新兴互联网公司的客)的标题:YouTube Comes to a 5-Star Realization: YouTube.Its Ratings Are Useless.的五星级觉醒:它的五星评级制毫无用处Now, its impossible to completely avoid change aversion when youre making changes to products that so many people use.虽然不可能完全避免改变带来的反感,尤其是改变了那多人已经熟悉的产品。Even though we tried to do all the right things,we still received our customary flood of protests and angry emails and even a package that had to be scanned by security,but we have to remember people care intensely about this stuff,and its because these products, this work,really, really matters to them. 即使我们试着把所有的事情做对,可是还是受到了如同洪水般的抗议视频和投诉邮件,甚至我们还收到了一个 需要接受安全扫描的包裹,然而,从另外一个角度来,我们也知道到人们对这个改变非常关注,也是因为这个产品对于他们来说,是真的真的很重要。Now, we know that we have to be careful about paying attention to the details,we have to be cognizant about how we use data in our design process,and we have to introduce change very, very carefully.现在我们知道了细节的重要性,我们也意识到,如何在设计中使用数据,而且,在我们给人们介绍产品改变的时候也要非常小心仔细。Now, these things are all really useful.这些方法是非常有用的。Theyre good best practices for designing at scale.它们是在设计规模时候最好的练习方法。But they dont mean anything if you dont understand something much more fundamental.但是如果你不能懂得其中的最基本道理,那么它对于你说就什么都不是。You have to understand who you are designing for.你必须明白,你究竟是在为谁设计。Now, when you set a goal to design for the entire human race,and you start to engage in that goal in earnest,at some point you run into the walls of the bubble that youre living in. 当你建立的设计目标是为了全人类而设计的时候,然后你以一个认真的态度去达成那个目标,有些时候你在自己的立场迷失方向。Now, in San Francisco, we get a little miffed when we hit a dead cell zone because we cant use our phones to navigate to the new hipster coffee shop.现在,就在旧金山, 当我们到达一个没有信号的区域,因为无法使用手机导航来寻找到新开的流行的咖啡店,我们就开始不开心了。But what if you had to drive four hours to charge your phone because you had no reliable source of electricity?但是如果你因为没有可靠的电源设备,而得开四个小时的车去找给手机充电的电源设备?What if you had no access to public libraries?如果你不被允许进入公共图书馆了What if your country had no free press?如果这个国家都没有自由媒体了?What would these products start to mean to you?如果这些产品对你的要求严格了?This is what Google, YouTube and Facebook look like to most of the world,and its what theyll look like to most of the next five billion people to come online. 这就是为什么谷歌,YouTube 和facebook被世界所期待,这也是为什么未来的50亿人会去上网。Designing for low-end cell phones is not glamorous design work,but if you want to design for the whole world,you have to design for where people are,and not where you are. 设计一个低端的手机并不是一个吸引人的工作,但是,如果你是为了整个世界在设计,你就必须站在人们的角度上考虑,而不是你自己的角度。So how do we keep this big, big picture in mind?所以,我们应该如何记住把这个大的思考立场呢?We try to travel outside of our bubble to see, hear and understand the people were designing for.我们尝试站在使用者的角度去思考,我们尝试着去理解他们。We use our products in non-English languages to make sure that they work just as well.我们也邀请那些说不同语言人使用我们的产品以确保所有的程序都能正常运行。201504/369203

I was one of the only kids in college who had a reason上大学时,我是唯一一个需要to go to the P.O. box at the end of the day,在一天结束的时候去开邮箱的人,and that was mainly because my mother has never believed主要是因为我妈妈从不信赖in email, in Facebook, in texting or cell phones in general.电子邮件、社交网站、短信,甚至电话。And so while other kids were BBM-ing their parents,于是,别人在和父母转短信的时候I was literally waiting by the mailbox我却等在邮箱旁边to get a letter from home to see how the weekend had gone,等待家书,了解家人怎么度过周末的,which was a little frustrating when Grandma was in the hospital,这在祖母住院的期间真让我有些抓狂,but I was just looking for some sort of scribble,我只能通过母亲手写的some unkempt cursive from my mother.有点潦草的只言片语来了解情况。And so when I moved to New York City after college所以在我大学毕业后,来到了纽约,and got completely sucker-punched in the face by depression,当时正经历人生的低谷,无法自拔,I did the only thing I could think of at the time.我做了唯一能想到的一件事。I wrote those same kinds of letters that my mother had written me就像妈妈给我手写家书一样for strangers, and tucked them all throughout the city,我也给遍布全城的陌生人写信。dozens and dozens of them. I left them everywhere,十多封十多封地写,我把它们留在城市的各个角落,in cafes and in libraries, at the U.N., everywhere.咖啡馆、图书馆,甚至联合国总部,到处都有。I blogged about those letters and the days我也在客中提过这些信件,when they were necessary, and I posed有时出于需要,我也会a kind of crazy promise to the Internet:在客上作疯狂的保:that if you asked me for a hand-written letter,如果你想我给你亲手写封信,I would write you one, no questions asked.我会给你写一封,不问任何问题。Overnight, my inbox morphed into this harbor of heartbreak --一夜之间,我的邮箱成了寄托心碎故事的港湾---a single mother in Sacramento, a girl being bullied住在萨克拉门托(美国加州首府)的单身妈妈、来自堪萨斯乡下的in rural Kansas, all asking me, a 22-year-old girl被欺负的女孩,都来问我这么一个22岁的who barely even knew her own coffee order,她们素未谋面,连点咖啡时都犹豫不决的女生,to write them a love letter and give them a reason给她们写一封情书,to wait by the mailbox.好让她们也有个理由守候在邮箱旁。Well, today I fuel a global organization今天我推行着一个国际组织,that is fueled by those trips to the mailbox,通过这些发往邮箱的信件,fueled by the ways in which we can harness social media通过这样的方式我们放慢新兴社交媒体的脚步,like never before to write and mail strangers letters在陌生人最需要的时候,when they need them most, but most of all,给他们写信寄信,但最重要的是fueled by crates of mail like this one, my trusty mail crate,通过这些邮箱,像我的这个可靠邮箱,filled with the scriptings of ordinary people,里面装满普通人的字迹,strangers writing letters to other strangers not because给素未谋面的陌生人写信不是因为theyre ever going to meet and laugh over a cup of coffee,他们会见面,一起喝咖啡聊聊天,but because they have found one another by way of letter-writing.而是因为通过写信而找到彼此。But, you know, the thing that always gets me你们知道吗,这些信件最常让我触动的地方是about these letters is that most of them have been written大多数的信件都是由by people that have never known themselves loved on a piece of paper.这些从来不知道情书为何物的人写来的。They could not tell you about the ink of their own love letters.他们压根不知道什么是手写情书。Theyre the ones from my generation,他们是我这一代的人,the ones of us that have grown up into a world在我们这一代成长的世界,where everything is paperless, and where some一切都是无纸化的,of our best conversations have happened upon a screen.而我们一些最好的对话都发生在屏幕里。We have learned to diary our pain onto Facebook,我们学会把伤心事记录在社交网站Facebook上,and we speak swiftly in 140 characters or less.我们的话精简在140个字符或以内。But what if its not about efficiency this time?但如果说写信无关效率呢?I was on the subway yesterday with this mail crate,我昨天提着这个邮箱坐地铁,which is a conversation starter, let me tell you.我跟你们说,它真是个搭讪利器。If you ever need one, just carry one of these.如果你想和别人搭讪,你就带一个邮箱在身边。And a man just stared at me, and he was like,有个男人看着我,像是说,;Well, why dont you use the Internet?;“你怎么不用网络呢?”And I thought, ;Well, sir, I am not a strategist,我想,“先生,我不是军事家,nor am I specialist. I am merely a storyteller.;我也不是专家。我只是个说故事的人。”And so I could tell you about a woman我可以告诉你们一个女人的故事,whose husband has just come home from Afghanistan,她的丈夫刚从阿富汗归来,and she is having a hard time unearthing this thing called conversation,她不知道该如何开展对话,and so she tucks love letters throughout the house所以她就把这些情书藏到屋子的各个角落,as a way to say, ;Come back to me.作为一种方式,说“回到我身边。Find me when you can.;随时来找我谈谈吧。”Or a girl who decides that she is going to leave love letters或是一个女孩的故事,她决定把情信around her campus in Dubuque, Iowa, only to find放在她所在位于爱荷华州迪比克的校园各处,her efforts ripple-effected the next day when she walks out第二天发现她的心思引起了涟漪效应onto the quad and finds love letters hanging她走进广场的时候发现树上挂有情信from the trees, tucked in the bushes and the benches.灌木丛中,长凳上也塞有情信。Or the man who decides that he is going to take his life,还有一个男子,他决定结束生命,uses Facebook as a way to say goodbye他在Facebook上面告别to friends and family.亲朋好友。Well, tonight he sleeps safely with a stack of letters而今他安然睡在一堆信件上面just like this one tucked beneath his pillow,就像说这样一封信塞在他的枕头下面,scripted by strangers who were there for him when.这些信是陌生人写的,他们在他最需要的时候持他。These are the kinds of stories that convinced me这些故事让我相信that letter-writing will never again need to flip back her hair这些手写信件永远都不需要挠首弄姿and talk about efficiency, because she is an art form now,讲究时效,因为她现在就是一种艺术形式,all the parts of her, the signing, the scripting, the mailing,她所有的一切,署名,手写体,邮寄,the doodles in the margins.页边的涂画都是艺术。The mere fact that somebody would even just sit down,事实上仅仅是有人会真的坐下来,pull out a piece of paper and think about someone摊开一张纸,花一天时间想念一个人,the whole way through, with an intention that is so much注意力是如此的集中harder to unearth when the browser is up and the iPhone甚至不知道浏览器开了,苹果手机在响,is pinging and weve got six conversations rolling in at once,有六个对话框在同时滚动,that is an art form就说明写信是一种艺术形式,that does not fall down to the Goliath of ;get faster,;不管我们加入了多少社交网络,no matter how many social networks we might join.写信不会是一种“更快速”的方式。We still clutch close these letters to our chest,我们依然会把这些信紧握胸前,to the words that speak louder than loud,大声说出想说的话,when we turn pages into palettes to say the things在信纸上尽情抒发that we have needed to say,我们需要说的话,the words that we have needed to write, to sisters写出我们需要写的文字,给们,and brothers and even to strangers, for far too long.兄弟们,甚至陌生人们,抒写情怀。Thank you.谢谢。201505/377196

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