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新浦区浦西社区卫生服务中心妇科医生连云港市精神病防治院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱1. If you say keep it under your hat, you want someone toa) cover up their hairb) put something in their pocketc) keep something secret) What does Nina want you to keep secret? 883连云港腹部b超多少钱 连云港哪家人流医院便宜

赣马班庄城头城西宋庄沙河墩尚镇盆腔炎哪家医院最好的_Kq_nTnEnZ-(#)igvyV[R@b]E~n~@8o1Z9j((0nmIn,Richard is a light eater. He doesn’t eat much. He isn’t a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will always be thin, because he is a lighteater. He eats a bowl of cereal breakfast. He eats a bowl of cereal with milk. He eats a sandwich lunch. Sometimes it’s a fish sandwich. He likes fish. He eats rice and vegetables dinner. All he eats dinner is rice and vegetables. He will never get fat.q0FOdb1O;HZsFU8WZcq5pTru^s@-.w87HNIs9*I7*a61C+Q]qTM+pUyY 373连云港市宏田医院联系电话 朱莉娅.路易斯.德利法斯,生于1961年1月日,美国女演员,获得过金球奖,有次获得其他奖项(次艾美奖)及次提名 代表作品有《宋飞正传;《俏妈新上路 今天的访谈中,她说自己没法靠近第一夫人米歇尔奥巴马,但还是与她“合照”了,到底是怎么回事呢?There is a picture of you and current first lady.有一张你和当前第一夫人的照片Oh, yes, would you like to, I need哦,是的,你想,我需要它This is the strangest picture I had ever seen.这是我见过的最奇怪的照片But these is a backstory to it.Alright.但这后面是有故事的好吧I love Michelle. Are you comtable?我喜欢米歇尔你感到舒吗?No, not really.不,不是如此Yeah. I love Michelle Obama. Ok, I am crazy.是啊我喜欢米歇尔#86;奥巴马好吧,我疯了I am crazy about her. Because who would not be?我对她着迷了因为谁不为她着迷呢?And I have to tell you I never actually been invited to The White House which I am appalled by.我必须告诉你,我从来没有真正被邀请到白宫,我感到非常震惊I did have a great opporty to go to The White House correspondent dinner one year.有一年我得到一个很好去白宫记者晚餐会的机会In the, at the correspondent dinner, I do not, the president correspondent and the president and the first lady sit up at the day.在记者晚餐上,记者主席和总统和第一夫人在那天出现And there is a rope in front of them.在他们前面有一条绳子And I really want to meet her, but I could not get to her,我真想要去见她,但我无法接近她,so I need to stand in front of the rope but I have a friend to take a picture, right?所以我要站在绳子前,但我担心有朋友来拍照片,对吗?So it me but if you look carefully, you can see.所以这是我,但如果你仔细观察,你就能看到了Sorry , I would not show this.Really?对不起,我不会展示这个,真的吗?Well, it bizarre.Due to here. Right there.嗯,真的不可思议由于在这里就在那儿You can see there is Michelle and she is waving to me at the back,你可以看到米歇尔,她在我的后面挥手致意,Look at that.And the funny thing about that, Tuson,看看这个图森,非常有意思,I took it and she said:;Did you get it?; She is yelling across我拿着它,然后她说:“你拿到了吗?”她大喊着问Yeah, I think I get it. You want me to send it to you, what your address.She goes, ; 00 Pennsylvania... ;是的,我想我拿到了你想让我把它寄给你,你的地址是哪里她说:“宾夕法尼亚州00…“That right.That fun.好的很有趣And, but that picture suggests that seconds later the secret service took you out.Yeah.但这张照片暗示着几秒钟之后秘密人员将你带出去了That is what it looks like.It us.就是这样这是我们I am alright dont belong. Take my picture and then you are in cops they push your head near the back bar.我已经不属于这里了帮我拿着照片,之后你就处于警察的包围,他们着你的头去到后巷But I got the picture.但我拿到了照片注:听力文本来源于普特 99连云港国泰妇科妇科地址

连云港国泰妇产医院打胎流产好吗Part . International business.Keywords. do business, tip, nationality.Vocabulary. punctual, contact, designer clothes, casual, title, business card, deal, chaos, career.A. Listen to the following passage on international business.After the passage, you will hear 5 statements, decide whether they are true or false.Write T or F in the brackets.China is the biggest market in the world, and many countries such as Germany, the U.S, the UK and Russia do a lot of business there.Let have a look at some important tips to help you be successful with these nationalities.Firstly, you must be punctual with Germans, even five minutes late makes a bad impression.Being punctual is also very important in the USA.In the UK, it important to be punctual business meetings, but nobody expects you to be on time a social event.Half past seven really means quarter to eight or even eight clock.With Russians, always be on time.But dont be surprised if your Russian contact is very late.It not unusual them to be one or even two hours late.In all four countries, it best dressed mally and use dark collars.In Russia, designer clothes are very common.Dont be surprised if you go to an office in the UK on a Friday and find everyone wearing jeans.Many companies have ;dress down Friday; when people wear casual clothes.In Germany, first name is only used with family members in close friends.So be prepared to use titles and last names.In the USA, you will usually invited to use first name almost immediately.The British are quite mal and using first name in business is more and more common, especially among younger people.In Russia, however, nobody uses first names.So use titles and last names.In conversation, the British and the Americans value humor are both like to talk about sport.The weather is also a good topic of conversation with British.But avoid talking about politics.In Russia, avoid making complaints.The Germans, however, prefer to get straight down to business.Finally, when doing business in all countries, make sure you have a lot of business cards.Remember that in Germany, once a deal have been agreed, you cant change it.In the USA, money is more important than relationships.Whereas in Russia, it important to get to know your contact well.Finally, dont be surprised if a British meeting seem like chaos, with everybody participating and giving opinions.So use these tips, and you will be on your way to a successful international business career.Statements.1. It OK to be late in the USA, but not in Germany.. Dress Down Friday is common in all four countries.3. In the USA, it common to use first names.. The Germans dont like you to change your mind.5. British meetings seem to be well-organized.B. Listen again, match the verbs in column A, with the words in column B, to make expressions that appeared in the text. 019851 云港市海州区人民医院妇科检查怎么样连云港市第一人民医院剖腹产需多少钱



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