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get real 现实点吧;别做梦了例句:We need to get real.我们要现实一点。A:I want to fly.我想飞B:Get real.现实点吧。A:It will be great if I can marry a rich guy after graduation.如果毕业后我能嫁给有钱人定是极好的。B:Get real.醒醒吧,别做梦了。背景音乐:Juile London-Im in the mood for love更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465270。

B: Welcome to American English Mosaic, Im Mike Bond!A: And Im Lin Yang.B: What kinds of topics should you avoid in conversations? Do you know the social faux pas in western culture? We will offer you some tips in todays business etiquette.A: 实体店会不会在未来生活中消失? 我们在下面节目中为你介绍。B: And in words and idioms, we will learn what ;out of hand; and ;take a turn for the better; means!A: All coming up on this edition of American English Mosaic!B: Now lets go into our first segment, learn a word!Learn A Word 1860 showroom今天我们要学的词是 showroom. Showroom is spelled s-h-o-w-r-o-o-m, showroom. Showroom 是陈列室,展示厅的意思。日本东京获得2020年夏季奥运会主办权后,The number of visitors to apartment showrooms in the area where the Olympic Village will be built saw a big jump. 计划筹建奥运村的地区,去看公寓样品房的人数大增。我们现在日常生活中的哪些东西在不久的将来会消失呢?美国一家研究未来发展趋势的机构就此发表报告,报告中提到,Brick-and-mortar stores as we know them will likely become nothing more than showrooms. 现在生活中的实体店将来很可能也就起个展示商品的作用。好的,今天我们学习的词是 showroom, showroom, showroom...A: I totally prefer shopping in a real store to shopping online. I never really trust what I’m getting unless I can see it first hand, especially when it comes to clothes.B: I think E-commerce is extremely convenient. You just look online and pick whatever you want.Buying is just a click away! A lot of times you don’t even have to pay for shipping!A: But it’s also really easy to let things get out of hand. Sometimes when you are shopping online, you feel like you are not spending very much, but you end up maxing out your credit cards!B: I guess that’s something I need to pay attention to. And…you just mentioned a good idiom: out of hand. Lets listen to todays words and idioms and check it out!Words and Idioms 883 out of hand美国习惯用语第 883 讲每次家里人聚会,最高兴的就是孩子。我有好几个侄子、侄女,都是八、九岁上下。小时候,他们总要闹得鸡飞跳,但是这两年好多了,更懂事,更听话了。这也让我想起一个习惯用语,叫:M: Out of hand. Out is spelled o-u-t. Out. Hand is spelled h-a-n-d. Hand. Out of hand.大家都知道,hand 是手的意思。out of hand 这个习惯用语就是很难管,很难控制的意思。比如说,几个半大不小的孩子在一起,闹得天翻地覆,就可以说是 out of hand. 再比如,开会的时候两个人唇舌战,最后吵了起来,就可以说当时的局面 got out of hand. 在下面这个例子中,一群大学生开派对,最后为什么招来了警察?我们一起听。M: ;Everything was going fine until these guys got into a fight for some reason, then their drunk friends all joined in, then some idiot threw a chair through a window. It really got OUT OF HAND. The police had to come by and break it up.;这段话意思是:本来一切都是好好的,可是这帮人后来不知道为什么原因打了起来,他们那些喝醉了的哥们儿也都过来帮忙,不知哪个傻瓜居然把椅子从窗户扔了出去。当时的情况真是彻底失去了控制,最后只好叫警察来,才把他们拉开。听起来真是够乱的。It really got OUT OF HAND. 我家对面的房子就出租给了几个大学生,每到周末都开派对,有时半夜三更还有人唱歌。说起局面失控,我昨天看到两个拳击选手比赛前开记者会,结果当场差点儿打起来。The situation almost got out of hand. 好在双方教练马上把他们拉开了。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Everything was going fine until these guys got into a fight for some reason, then their drunk friends all joined in, then some idiot threw a chair through a window. It really got OUT OF HAND. The police had to come by and break it up.;Out of hand 这个习惯用语由来已久,大约八百年前,就有人开始说 in hand, 意思是处于掌控之中。后来,大约十六世纪的时候,又出现了跟 in hand 意思恰恰相反的 out of hand, 意思是失去了控制。这一轮经济衰退,使很多人都开始反省美国人的信用卡消费文化。让我们一起听听下面这个人是怎么说的。M: ;My wife and I had to cut up our credit cards. We kept buying things we couldnt afford and our credit debt was getting OUT OF HAND. Now were just trying to pay everything off.;这个人说:我和太太不得不把我们所有的信用卡都剪掉。我们没完没了地买那些根本负担不起的东西,因为刷卡而欠下的债务已经失去控制了。我们现在要努力把欠的钱都付清。刷卡真的很容易一发不可收拾 get out of hand,尤其是信用卡债务一般都有很高的利息,用不了多久,就能欠一大笔钱。这次经济衰退,让很多美国人意识到理财的重要性,知道了不能让信用卡上的债务变得 out of hand. 好,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;My wife and I had to cut up our credit cards. We kept buying things we couldnt afford and our credit debt was getting OUT OF HAND. Now were just trying to pay everything off.;每年年底前后,我都会接二连三地开派对,体重也跟着往上蹿。所以一过元旦,我就要开始控制饮食,加紧锻炼,为的就是不让体重 get out of hand. 好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束,去健身房的时间也到了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: I do think using cash will help you save. It helps make you more aware of how much you are spending, so it’s easier to make adjustment if you overspend in one particular area.B: I agree. But for me…I’m just so easily tempted by food! If I see something exotic, I desperately want to try it. Unfortunately, dining in DC is expensive.A: That’s true. Look at those love handles…B: Let me remind you again, talking about weight is a very sensitive topic in western culture…A: I’m kidding, kidding! Speaking of sensitive topics, we will talk about some social faux pas in today’s business etiquette!B: So you won’t make inappropriate comments. Let’s go check it out!礼节美语 BE-255 Sensitivity Training Money I晚宴结束,Jason跟同事Harold一起往外走。Jason说:Jason: That was a lovely party, wasnt it?Harold: Yes, it was. The food was pretty good, too.J: I was a little puzzled about something, though.H: What was that?J: At one point in our conversation, Mr. Jones gave me a really funny look...it was almost like Id broken some sort of a rule.H: Oh, yes...well you did ask him how much he paid for his apartment.J: And? Whats wrong with asking someone how much they paid for a piece of property? Back in China everybody talks about buying and selling apartments.Jason是从中国来的,在晚会上问东道主Mr. Jones公寓是多少钱买的。Mr. Jones gave me a really funny look. Mr. Jones 看他的表情有些奇怪,好象他这样问犯了什么大忌。a funny look意思是说不清楚的奇怪表情。Jason 说,在中国,大家见面就是谈房子,因此他不懂,Whats wrong with asking someone how much they paid for a piece of property? 问别人买房子花了多少钱有什么不妥呢?Harold解释说:H: Yeah, I know....but in many Western societies, talking about money in public is a faux pas.J: Whats a faux pas?H: Its a French term that means a social blunder. Questions like that are considered a little bit impolite.J: Really? I had no idea. Back in China, its not generally a problem to ask about how much something costs.H: I know you meant no offense. When I was assigned to Guangzhou for 6 months, people frequently ask me how much my monthly salary is.Harold解释说,在很多西方国家,公开谈钱是 faux pas, faux pas is spelled f-a-u-x, faux and pas p-a-s, pas, faux pas 也就是 social blunder 在社交上忌讳做的事,属于失礼的行为。Jason听了觉得很出乎意料,说自己完全不知情,I had no idea. 因为在中国,询问财物的价钱完全不是问题。Harold说,I know you meant no offense. 我知道你不是故意冒犯 Mr. Jones. Harold说自己派驻广州半年时,就经常有人问他每个月的工资是多少。Jason说:J: Thats funny, because Western society seems so open. People talk about all kinds of private things that we wouldnt bring up in China. Buy money is a no-no, huh?H: If your Western friend buys something for a really good price, he or she might mention it to you by saying something like, ;Take a look at this camera that I got on sale for only dollars.; But unless the person is a close friend, we almost never ask how much something costs.J: So, do you avoid talking about money so that people with less money dont feel bad?Jason 觉得很有意思的是,西方社会如此开放,对很多中国不敢涉猎的私人问题都可以拿到台面上来说,但是 money is a no-no. 钱的问题却是个禁区。no-no 两个no连在一起,中间加个连接线,是一种非正式用法,名词,意思是不可以,不被接受的事情。西方人回避谈钱,是因为怕刺激没钱的人吗?我们下次继续听。A: Jason说,东道主Mr. Jones gave him a funny look,看他的表情很奇怪。Harold说,这是因为Jason问他房子是多少钱买的,在西方国家,随便谈钱是a faux pas, 社交禁忌,虽然很多其他事情都可以谈, but money is a no-no,钱的问题是个禁区。B: When I was in China, I got asked about how much I make or how much I pay for rent, like ALL THE TIME. At first it was annoying, but later I just tried to answer briefly and change the topic to something more interesting.A: I guess you have to develop some canned answers for certain questions like that if you spend enough time in a foreign country.B: True. Let’s keep listen to Harold and see how he’s going to explain this to Jason!礼节美语 BE-256 Sensitivity Training Money II晚宴结束,Jason跟同事Harold一起往外走。Jason是从中国来的,对西方人交往时回避谈钱的问题感到不解,问这样做是不是为了不去刺激那些没什么钱的人。Harold回答说:Harold: Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. Also, I think many Westerners believe that if youre rich, you should be quiet about it. In fact, I believe many wealthy people in the West feel a little bit guilty.J: Why would they feel guilty?H: Because so many other people work very hard, but never become successful. When the wealthy turn on TV, they see so much pain and suffering.... but their own lives are so comfortable.J: Ah....I can understand that. If I were a wealthy person I think Id feel the same way.Harold说Jason, you hit the nail on the head. 你说得一点没错。to hit the nail on the head 意思是一下子就说到了点子上,还有两种类似的说法,一种是 you are right on. 另外一种说法是 you are right on the money. 都是同样的意思。Harold说,因为西方很多人不喜欢炫富,有些人还会因为自己太有钱,而其他人生活贫苦而感到内疚。Harold 说:H: Its interesting that some of the most successful entrepreneurs such as John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates ended up setting up charity organizations and giving away a large portion of the money they made.J: So youre saying that Bill Gates, for example, doesnt necessarily think he deserves all the money he made....he knows a part of it was luck, right?H: Yeah. Bill Gates is a computer genius, but he was there at the right place and the right time.J: Thats a good attitude. Its good to remember that hard work and good luck often go hand-in-hand. Okay, so one more time....whats the etiquette when it comes to talking about money with Westerners?Harold说,这也就是为什么比尔.盖茨和洛克菲勒这种成功的企业家最后都会 end up setting up charity organizations 成立慈善机构,把钱捐出去。虽说比尔.盖茨是电脑天才,但他的成功在很大程度上也是靠机遇,He was there at the right place and the right time. 他在正确的时间出现在了正确的地方,类似中文里说的天时地利人和。Jason很欣赏这种心态,因为 hard work and good luck often go hand-in-hand. 勤奋和运气二者往往必须兼备才能成功。H: If the person doesnt volunteer information about how much something costs...dont bring it up. Dont ask about personal savings or salary.J: Is it OK to comment on or praise someones possessions? If you have a really nice car, can I say, ;Wow...nice car?;H: Yes, thats fine. It only gets complicated when you start talking about specific prices.J: I see your point. Topics like that could lead to embarrassment.H: Exactly. Maybe Mr. Jones apartment was really expensive, but his company paid for it...or maybe he overpaid and got a bad deal....in either case, its easier for everyone if we dont discuss it in public.Harold最后总结说,在西方,除非别人主动告诉你,否则不要问人家赚多少工资,有多少存款,买东西花了多少钱这类问题,可以夸别人的东西好,但不要询问价钱,免得彼此尴尬。A: Harold解释说,在西方, 富人一般don’t show off不会炫富,很多成功的企业家都会set up charity organizations,成立慈善机构。所以除非主人主动提起,一般不要get into specifics, 不要具体问一个东西多少钱。B: I agree. You can complement someone on their personal possessions, but unless you are talking to your best buddy, don’t bring up the topic of money.A: It’s indeed fascinating to see how different western and eastern cultures are.B: That’s what makes the world a more interesting place, diversity! Alright, enough about faux pas, lets go ahead with our class.A: Lets listen to another learn a word!Learn A Word 1862 Seasonally今天我们要学的词是 seasonally. Seasonally is spelled s-e-a-s-o-n-a-l-l-y, seasonally. Seasonally,受季节影响地。美国房地产市场仍然波动频繁,但是 Overall, housing market rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0.9%。考惮7b季节调节因素,房地产市场以每年0.9%的速度增长。营养专家建议,我们应该吃应季的食物。Experts suggest eating seasonally because our bodies require different nutrients throughout the differing seasons. 专家建议应该吃应季的食品,因为我们的身体在不同季节需要不同的营养成分。好的,今天我们学习的词是seasonally, seasonally, seasonally.A: Eating seasonally is healthy; your body needs different kind of nutrients at different times of the year. 像我们中国人说, 冬季吃羊肉进补,夏季吃羊肉上火,就是这个意思!B: True. But I totally prefer frozen meals. You just slap it in the microwave! It’s super easy and saves a lot of time!A: That’s why you still have those love handles, Mike! Eating fresh is going to help you get better nutrients and maintain a good shape! You should learn how to cook, take a turn for the better…B: Haha, luckily my girlfriend is so good at cooking! And you just mentioned what we are going to learn next: take a turn for the better.A: 我们来听今天的美国习惯用语,学学这个短语的用法!Words and Idioms 886 TAR WITH THE SAME BRUSH美国习惯用语第 886 讲前两天,我和朋友逛街时路过一家PIZZA连锁店,我想进去吃饭,可朋友说,她在这个品牌的另外一家店吃过,那里的务糟透了,所以,这家店的务一定也很差。她说什么也不在这里吃。虽然PIZZA没吃到,但朋友的做法让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:M: Tar with the same brush. Tar is spelled t-a-r, and brush; b-r-u-s-h.. Tar-with-the-same-brush.Tar 这个词不太常见,当名词时是“焦油”的意思,当动词是指“涂抹焦油”;BRUSH,大家比较熟悉,是“刷子”的意思。To Tar somebody or something with the same brush,字面的意思是“用同一把刷子涂焦油”,其实是指“因为某人或某物不好,就误以为和他们类似的人或物都不好”,也就是“一杆子打翻一船人”。比如,我这位朋友因为看到一家连锁店的务不好,就断定另外一家连锁店的务也不好,这就是Tar it with the same brush,一杆子打翻一船人了。毕竟,两家店虽然是一个品牌,但务员的素质可能并不相同。在生活中,这种一概而论的事经常发生。比如,下面这个老板在招聘员工时的态度:M: ;One of the applicants for a part-time sales position came with good references. Yet my boss didn’t want to hire him because he was still in high school. Apparently, he’d had a bad experience with a teenaged employee. To me, he TARRED HIM WITH THE SAME BRUSH. Why did he blame him because of another teen’s poor performance?;这段话意思是:在应聘兼职销售员的人中,有个人条件不错,获得以前雇主的强力推荐。可是,我们的老板不想雇他,因为他还是个高中生。很显然,老板以前雇过高中生,可那个孩子表现不好。这下,老板一杆子打翻一船人,凡是高中生,他都不雇了。我觉得,这对应聘人来说是不公平的。这个老板显然在招聘过程中有歧视行为! 因为一个人的年龄而不给他工作机会,这在美国可能被人告上法庭! 让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;One of the applicants for a part-time sales position came with good references. Yet my boss didn’t want to hire him because he was still in high school. Apparently, he’d had a bad experience with a teenaged employee. To me, he TARRED HIM WITH THE SAME BRUSH. Why did he blame him because of another teen’s poor performance?;在日常生活中,如果你常常对人对事一概而论,可能会错过很多机会。比如,在挑选恋爱对象时,就应该有个开放的态度,不能随便把对方脸谱化。让我们来听听下面这段话:M: ;My buddy thinks that I shouldn’t ask Jean out because she’s divorced and he’d dated divorcees who seemed desperate. But I’m not going to TAR HER WITH THE SAME BRUSH. I’m not about to fault Jean because of my friend’s bad dating experience with other divorced women. It isn’t fair.;这个人说:我的一个哥们儿觉得,我不应该和Jean 约会,因为她离过婚,而我这位哥们儿交往过离婚女人,觉得她们的人生态度都很消极。不过,我不会一概而论,不会因为我朋友同离婚女人合不来就觉得Jean不好,这么做对Jean是不公平的。说到一概而论,我想到我的表。她家那个市的市长贪污公款被判了刑,因为这个,她就决定再也不在选举中投票了。这么做太过了吧! 我承认,一些政客的确是腐败的,但也不能因此就Tar them with the same brush,一杆子打翻一船人,觉得他们个个都坏。让我们再听一遍刚才的话:M: ;My buddy thinks that I shouldn’t ask Jean out because she’s divorced and he’d dated divorcees who seemed desperate. But I’m not going to TAR HER WITH THE SAME BRUSH. I’m not about to fault Jean because of my friend’s bad dating experience with other divorced woman. It isn’t fair.;说到Tar with the same brush的起源,最初是牧羊人把焦油涂在羊的伤口上,给羊治病。后来,同一群羊就都被涂了焦油,受到了同样的对待。到了19世纪初,这个短语开始被用在人的身上。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: Well, I think our show is going to take a turn for the better after the New Year!B: Really? But I’m going on an extended leave right after the New Year.A: Exactly…….好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201502/349751。

Im so pissed off/pissed. 我很生气piss someone off让某人生气。例句:He pisses me off.他让我很生气。People who cant keep a promise piss me off.言而无信的人让我特别生气。Youd better leave her alone.Her wallet was stolen.Shes so pissed off.你最好别理她。她的钱包被偷了。现在正在气头上呢。背景音乐:Its only a paper moon.更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201701/487666。

Todd: OK, Mike, you are fit, and you got me motivated. I want to work out, so I thought I would ask you about a work out routine, so first lets talk about upper body? What should I do for my chest and shoulders?托德:迈克,你很健康,而且你让我也产生了动力。我也想健身,所以我想问你几个与健身有关的问题,我们先说上半身训练吧?我想锻炼胸部和肩膀应该怎么做?Mike: Well, the first basic chest work-out is the bench press, where you use the straight bar, and you should probably do three sets, if youre starting out: three sets, doing ten reps each set.迈克:最基本的胸肌训练是用杠铃进行仰卧推举,你可以先做三组,刚开始的时候做三组,每组10次。Todd: OK, three sets would mean I do it three times with rest in between, correct?托德:好,做三组,就是说我在每组之间可以休息,对吧?Mike: Yes.迈克:对。Todd: And how much time should I rest between each set?托德:那每组之间可以休息多长时间呢?Mike: Maybe a minute-and-half, two minutes.迈克:大概一分半或两分钟。Todd: OK, and then when I do each set, so you say I do ten reps, that means I lift the weights ten times?托德:好,你刚才说每组10次,意思是每组卧推10次吗?Mike: Yes.迈克:对。Todd: OK, and I should do heavy enough weight that I can only do it ten?托德:好,这样的重量训练,我每组只做10次就可以吗?Mike: Yeah, you should lift weight that is heavy enough to where you can only do it ten times.迈克:对,这种重量训练做10次就够了。Todd: OK, so, thats gonna build my chest and my shoulders?托德:好,这种训练可以锻炼胸肌和肩部肌肉,对吧?Mike: That will build your chest.迈克:可以练胸肌。Todd: OK and then what about my shoulders? What can I do for my shoulders?托德:好,那我要怎么锻炼肩部肌肉?我要做哪些训练?Mike: Well, a good one is the military press which, theres usually good machines for that, where you sit down and you just press the bar above your head.迈克:比较好的训练方式是用肩部推举训练器,你坐在器械上,握住头部上面的手柄向上推举。Todd: OK, so you think its better that I do this on a machine than free weights?托德:好,你认为相比于进行举重训练,我利用器械进行肩部推举训练更适合吗?Mike: Yeah, if youre just starting out, I think you should do it on a machine. Its probably safer. You can get the motion down and then it puts less strain on your back.迈克:对,如果你刚开始锻炼,我认为利用器械进行训练更好一些。这样更安全。你可以减少运动量,这样可以减少对背部的压力。Todd: OK, and when I do this, again I should do it about ten reps?托德:好,那这个训练我也是做10次吗?Mike: Yeah, about the same.迈克:对,一样的。Todd: OK, now when I lift should I do it like really quick and fast or like slow?托德:好,向上推举的时候,是应该很快的进行还是尽量慢一些?Mike: You should bring weight down slow and explode up.迈克:应该快速向上推举,慢慢放下。Todd: Oh, so I lower the bar slowly and then push up as quick as possible?托德:好,就是说我要慢慢放下,但是尽量快的向上推举,是吧?Mike: Yeah, and you do that ten times.迈克:对,这样做10次。Todd: OK, so weve got my chest workout, weve got my shoulder work-out. What about my arms? I want big arms, Mike. I want guns.托德:好,我们刚才说了胸肌和肩部肌肉的锻炼方法。那手臂呢?迈克,我想要强壮的手臂。Mike: Well, for arms, theres a lot of good exercises, usually for your biceps, the basic would be dumbbell curl, or straight bar curl, which you use the large straight bar, so you just stand and hold the bar in front of you, and just bring it up towards your chest.迈克:有很多锻炼手臂的好方法,通常来说,如果要锻炼二头肌可以做哑铃弯举和杠铃弯举,保持站立,握住杠铃放于体前,把杠铃举至胸部位置。Todd: OK. Is there any dos and donts about lifting the bar, like things I should be careful of?托德:好。在举杠铃时有没有什么注意事项,我应该注意些什么?Mike: Just make sure that your back is straight and that your stomach muscles are tight so that it keeps you solid.迈克:要确保你的背部保持笔直,这样你的腹部肌肉就会收紧,保持坚实状态。Todd: So, I need to keep my torso, my chest, very straight and not move to much?托德:我的躯干和胸部都要保持笔直,不能动太多吗?Mike: Yes. Yes.迈克:对,没错。Todd: OK and the same as before: ten reps?托德:好,和以前一样,也是做10次吗?Mike: Yep, thats the same as well.迈克:对,一样的。Todd: OK, so do the curls. Alright. Im set. I hope Im gonna get pumped, Mike.托德:好,弯举。好,我准备好了。迈克,我要锻炼。 译文属 /201603/431929。

讲解文本: Im in a rush 我赶时间Im in a rush, talk to you later.我赶时间,晚点再跟你说。in a hurry 匆忙,赶时间I had to go without breakfast this morning cuz I was in a hurry.我今早赶时间,所以没吃早饭。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/452229。

12. Discrimination 12.歧视A: Is there any kind of discrimination committed in the city?A:这个城市里有任何形式的歧视吗?B: Not that I have witnessed.B:我没有见过。A: What about any reports?A:相关的报道呢?B: Of discrimination? I wouldnt know, to be honest.B:关于歧视吗?说实话,我不知道。A: Do you know where I could get access to that kind of information?A:你知道我可以从哪里得知这种信息吗?B: Perhaps the police department. What made you ask in the first place?B:或许在警察局。你为什么首先问这个问题?A: I was just curious. It never hurts to ask.A:我只是好奇。问一问也没什么损伤。B: I wouldnt worry too much about discrimination.B:我不会太担心歧视的问题。A: Why do you say that?A:你为什么那么说?B: We live in progressive times now.B:我们现在生活在进步的时代。A: That doesnt mean discrimination isnt committed in this day and age.A:那不意味着歧视不会在我们生活的今天存在。B: I guess you are right. B:我想你是对的。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421418。

讲解文本:bunk 床铺,铺位top bunk 上铺lower bunk 下铺I like the lower bunk when I take a train.坐火车我喜欢下铺。Tom is sleeping on the top bunk now.Tom现在在上铺睡觉。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201705/507407。

Erina: So Mike, do you have any bad habits?惠里奈:迈克,你有坏习惯吗?Mike: Of course not. Im perfect, Ive no habits that are bad. Yes, I do have some bad habits. One of my bad habits is fidgeting and I think Im a very high energy person so, especially when Im on the phone, mixed with my slightly obsessive compulsive tendencies, I tend to arrange all the things on a desk so if there are pens and books and different things on the desk, I would be turning them and arranging them in order and pretty much always using my hands and keeping them busy and although this might not be such a bad habit, perhaps for people who are with me or next to me they might be a little bit uncomfortable because it seems like, you know, Im a bit nervous or, you know, have something on my mind so...迈克:当然没有。我非常完美,我没有坏习惯。好吧,其实我有一些坏习惯。其中一个坏习惯是小动作太多,我认为我是一个精力充沛的人,尤其是打电话的时候我会有轻微的强迫症,我要把桌子上的东西整理得井井有条,如果桌子上有铅笔、书或其他东西,我会把它们整齐摆好,而且我一直在使用双手,我的手闲不下来,不过这可能并不是坏习惯,也许我旁边的人会感觉有些不舒,因为看上去像我很紧张或是我一直在想事情……Erina: Not in confidence for your speech, yeah.惠里奈:对你说的话感到不自信。Mike: Right, in fact thats not the case but what happens is I start playing with things.迈克:对,可是实际情况并不是那样,可是我就是会摆弄东西。Erina: Ive seen you do that before.惠里奈:我以前看到你那样过。Mike: Oh have you?迈克:哦,你看到过?Erina: Yeah.惠里奈:对。Mike: Well then I guess that really shows it is one of my bad habits. You know, I think that I do that to focus because, you know, while Im speaking to somebody or while Im on the phone, I arrange things on the desk and that is kind of metaphorically me arranging my thoughts in my head which is probably where this habit has come from.迈克:嗯,我想这可以说明这的确是我的一个坏习惯。其实我这么做是为了集中注意力,因为我在和别人说话或是打电话时,我也会整理桌上的东西,我想这可能表明我的头脑正在整理思绪,可能这个习惯就是这么来的。Erina: I see. Yeah, do you have any other bad habits other than fidgeting?惠里奈:我明白了。除了小动作以外你还有其他坏习惯吗?Mike: Well maybe a bad habit is driving quickly and Im not sure if thats considered a bad habit but I guess when I get behind the wheel of a car I sometimes get impatient and that impatience drives me to put more weight on the gas pedal and in turn I go faster and of course speeding is not a good thing especially when you get pulled over by the police. So thats a bad habit that I might have to work on.迈克:另外一个坏习惯是开车太快,我不确定这会不会被看作是坏习惯,不过我在开车时有时会变得不耐烦,这种不耐烦就会让我去猛踩油门,所以我越开越快,不过在你被警察截停的时候,速度就不是什么好事了。我想这是我要改掉的一个坏习惯。Erina: Yeah, definitely. You dont want to lose your licence.惠里奈:没错。你也不想被吊销驾照。Mike: No.迈克:对。 译文属 /201611/477959。