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吉安治疗便秘哪家医院好排名哪里赣州华兴肛肠医院费用Airstrikes have killed at least 250 Islamic State fighters in Iraq, both Iraqi and U.S. officials reported Thursday.伊拉克和美国官员星期四称,在伊拉克发动的空袭打死至少250名伊斯兰国武装人员。The airstrikes hit around 40 Islamic State vehicles just south of Fallujah, a former Islamic State stronghold liberated by U.S.-led Iraqi coalitions last week.空袭在费卢杰以南击中0辆伊斯兰国组织的车辆。费卢杰曾经是伊斯兰国的据点,上个星期被美国领导的伊拉克联军解放。These airstrikes mark the deadliest attack against the jihadist group, though officials warn their morale does not seem to be damaged, despite territorial losses.这次空袭是对伊斯兰国组织造成死伤人数最多的一次攻击,但是有关官员警告说,伊斯兰国尽管失去很多地盘,但是士气似乎没有受到影响。Syrian forces have also made strides this week in regaining control of Islamic State held towns near Iraq which have effectively erased the border for jihadist fighters, making transportation and coordination easier in what Islamic State has declared its ;caliphate; of the two countries.这个星期,叙利亚军队也从伊斯兰国组织手中夺回了伊拉克边境附近一些城市的控制权。伊斯兰国组织控制这些城市实际上打通了叙利亚和伊拉克之间的边界,称该地区为 “哈里发国”,便于运输和协调行动。After succeeding in their month-long coalition to seize control of Fallujah, Iraqi forces will work to retake Mosul, Iraqs second-largest city, from jihadist control.伊拉克军队在耗时一个月成功夺回了费卢杰的控制权后,正努力从伊斯兰国组织手中夺回伊拉克第二大城市苏尔的控制权。来 /201607/452395赣县妇幼保健人民医院看排泄疾病好不好 The Russian Ministry of Defence has released a of its latest fighter jet in an effort to drive foreign export sales.为了推动外贸出口,俄罗斯国防部发布了一段关于其最新战机的视频。The Kremlin wants foreign governments to buy its latest Sukhoi-35s jet instead of a western aircraft.克里姆林宫希望外国政府购买其最新的35s战机,而非其他西方的飞机。As part of the sales drive the Russian Air Force released footage of a test pilot taking its Sukhoi Su-35s for a spin.作为推销活动的一部分,俄罗斯空军发布了试飞员驾驶苏霍伊生产的35s兜风的片段。The super sonic jet is being sold as a multi-purpose single-seat fighter with both speed and agility.这种超音速战机,正在被作为一种拥有良好速度和机动性的多用途单座战斗机销售。Unlike the F-22 and F-35 the Su-35s is not a stealth fighter and relies far more on dog fighting skills like older aircraft such as the F-16.与F-22和F-35不同,苏-35s不是一款隐性战斗机,而其更多依赖于类似F-16等老式飞机的斗能力。来 /201702/493092南康市治疗混合痔哪家医院好排名哪里

崇义县妇幼保健人民医院看便秘好不好Workers in Greece walked off their jobs Friday in protest of new tax and pension reforms being considered by the government that workers say will cut deeply into their incomes. The governments austerity measures are part of a multi-billion-dollar international bailout agreement.希腊工人星期五罢工,抗议政府考虑实行新的税收和退休金改革。工人们说,这些改革将使他们的收入大幅减少。希腊政府的紧缩措施是希腊与欧盟签订的救助协议的部分内容。The 48-hour protest came at the behest of the country’s largest public and private sector labor unions, and has shut down various services, including ferries to the island nation, garbage collection and government offices.这次48小时罢工是希腊最大的私营和公营部门主要工会联合号召的,多项务因此而中断,包括轮渡、垃圾收集和政府部门的运作。Greece’s parliament is set to vote on a bill to overhaul the country’s pension system Sunday night. If the law is passed, Greece will raise its social security contribution requirements, increase the income tax on high-wage earners and set up a new national pension.希腊议会星期日晚上将就一项退休制度改革方案进行表决。如果法案得以通过,希腊将提高雇员对社会保险金的承担份额、提高高薪人员的所得税率并制定新的全国退休金制度。The new austerity measures are aimed at persuading international creditors to release additional bailout money.希腊采取新的紧缩措施,是为了说国际债权方向希腊发放更多的救助款项。来 /201605/441893江西省赣州治疗直肠炎多少钱 Brexit is pushing up the price of a bacon butty as China exploits the weak pound to hoover up British pork amid its own domestic shortage.当中国国内猪肉短缺的时候,利用疲软的英镑获取大量英国猪肉。英国退欧进一步推高了培根三明治的价格。China’s farming industry has been devastated by severe flooding which has forced suppliers to look further afield for their pork.中国的农业由于严重的洪灾受损,使得供应商瞄上更远的市场以获取猪肉。The added demand from China has pushed up EU pork exports to the People’s Republic by 60% to reach 1.2m tonnes in the first six months of the year.在过去的个月,来自中国的需求推高了欧盟对中0%的出口达20万吨。Much of China’s appetite has been sated by British meat exports which have become cheaper for foreign buyers thanks to the weakness of sterling following the Brexit vote.多亏了退欧公投后英镑的疲软,外国买家买我们的东西更便宜了,所以英国的肉类出口满足了大部分中国的需求。The result has been a 40000-tonne rise in pig meat exports up 31% on the first half of last year.结果就是在上半年有了40000吨猪肉出口的增长,提升了31%。来 /201608/463483崇义县治疗肛门疣病医院

赣县妇幼保健人民医院看肛周疾病多少钱 The fourth and final day of the 2016 Democratic national convention has ended, if you don’t count the ongoing balloon-related activity on the floor, where dozens of delegates continue to linger.2016年民主党全国大会的第四天结束了,同时这也是大会的最后一天,如果不算接下来的庆祝活动的话。数十名代表将继续参加后续的庆祝活动。Here’s what happened:以下是最后一天大会的具体情况:Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major party for the country’s highest office.希拉#8226;克林顿接受了民主党总统候选人提名,成为了美国历史上首位获得主要政党提名的女性。Clinton delivered an hourlong speech that was part biography, part profession of faith, part political prospectus, part job application and part attack on Donald Trump.克林顿发表了长达一个小时的演讲,演讲内容主要包括其个人经历、职业信念、政治计划、工作规划和对唐纳德#8226;特朗普的抨击。“He’s offering empty promises,Clinton said. “What are we offering? A bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our country - to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, and to give your kids the opportunities they deserve.“特朗普承诺的都是空头票,”克林顿说。“而我们呢?我们给出了一个提高全国人民生活水平的宏伟计划——保障你们的安全,让你们拥有满意的工作,让你们的孩子拥有属于他们的机会。“The choice is clear.”“应该选择谁,现在看来很明确了。”Clinton: “Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”希拉里说:“想象一下,当特朗普坐在总统办公室,面对着一个真正的危机。一个你可以用推特做诱饵的男人是不可以把核武器交给他的。”The night was programmed to highlight the historic nature of Clinton’s nomination, with speaker after speaker calling for a first female president. However the rest of the country felt, the cheering room agreed that it was participating in history.这个夜晚就是为突出希拉里提名的历史意义而设计的,一个又一个的发言者都呼吁选民持希拉里成为第一位女性总统。无论其余的美国人怎么想,欢呼的人群相信他们正在创造历史。Clinton ignored attempts by scattered protesters to interrupt her speech, and sometimes the crowd helped her by chanting “Hillary! Hillary!”一些抗议者企图打断希拉里的演讲,却被她无视了。人群里时不时大声呼喊“希拉里!希拉里!”以示对她的持。The show was almost stolen by Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, who tore into Trump, his veiled wife standing beside him. “Donald Trump ... Let me ask you, have you even the ed States constitution?Khan asked, pulling a copy from his pocket. “I will gladly lend you my copy.”这场演讲差点被一位名叫希治尔#8226;可汗的穆斯林士兵的父亲抢了风头。他的儿子在伊拉克阵亡,他的妻子蒙着纱巾站在他旁边。他强烈抨击特朗普说:“唐纳德#8226;特朗普……让我问问你,你读过美国宪法吗?”他问道,从兜里拿出一本宪法。“我很愿意把我这本借给你看。”Introducing her mother, Chelsea Clinton delivered a personal speech about feeling supported as a child. “That feeling being valued and loved that’s something my mom wants for every child,she said.希拉里的女儿切尔#8226;克林顿谈到她母亲时表示,作为孩子,她感受到了持和鼓励。“那种感觉——被重视、被疼爱——是我母亲希望每个孩子都能拥有的。”她说。Sanders congratulated Clinton “on this historic achievementin a tweet. “We are stronger together,he wrote.桑德斯在推特上祝贺希拉里取得这个“历史性的成就”。“我们团结在一起会变得更加强大。”他写道。“Great speech,the president thought:美国总统奥巴马认为这是一个“精的演讲”:Great speech. Shes tested. Shes y. She never quits. Thats why Hillary should be our next @POTUS. (Shell get the Twitter handle, too)“精的演讲。她经受住了考验。她已经准备好了。她永远不会放弃。这就是为什么希拉里应该成为下一任美国总统。(她也会搞定推特的)”来 /201608/457583赣州中医治疗肛周脓肿赣州肛肠镜检查治疗医院要多少钱



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