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  Apple has warned investors that it could face “material” financial penalties from the European Commission’s investigation into its tax deals with Ireland — the first time it has disclosed the potential consequences of the probe.苹果(Apple)对投资者发出警告:由于欧盟委员会(European Commission)正对其与爱尔兰之间的税务协议展开调查,公司可能被处以“重大”罚款——这是苹果首次披露该调查的潜在后果。Under US securities rules, a material event is usually defined as 5 per cent of a company’s average pre-tax earnings for the past three years. For Apple, which reported the highest quarterly profit ever for a US company in January, that could exceed .5bn, according to FT calculations.根据美国的券法规,所谓重大事宜(material event)通常是会涉及一家公司过去3年平均税前利润的5%。据英国《金融时报》计算,对于今年1月在录得美国公司中最高季度盈利的苹果而言,罚款额可能高于25亿美元。The warning came in Apple’s regular 10-Q filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, a day after it reported first-quarter revenues of bn and net income of .6bn.周二,苹果在提交至美国交会(SEC)的10-Q监管文件中发出了上述警告。一天之前,苹果公告称今年一季度营收达580亿美元,净利润达136亿美元。Brussels has the power to order Dublin to reclaim 10 years of tax advantages granted to Apple if it finds that deals struck in 1991 and 2007 were unlawful.如果查实1991年至2007年苹果与爱尔兰达成的税收协议违法,则欧盟有权命令爱尔兰收回给予苹果的10年税收减免额。 /201505/373185

  SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s iTunes has grown stale. It is difficult to use and feels dated when compared with online music services like Spotify and Pandora. Pick your critique, and Apple has heard it.旧金山——苹果(Apple)的iTunes越来越老迈。它很难用,而且和Spotify、Pandora等其他在线音乐务平台相比,感觉已经过时了。提出你的吧,苹果已经听到了。But an overhaul of Apple’s music products, which includes an integration of the Beats music service that the Cupertino, Calif., company acquired last year for billion, shows that Apple, if anything, knows it has to grab attention while playing catch-up.但苹果音乐产品的大幅改革——包括整合去年出资30亿美元(约合190亿元人民币)收购的Beats音乐务——表明苹果其实知道,自己必须在迎头赶上的同时吸引注意力。In a thoroughly choreographed presentation at Apple’s annual conference for software developers, celebrities including the movie director J. J. Abrams and the rapper Drake helped Apple on Monday perform the nifty trick of matching competitors like Google and Spotify while still appearing to be on the cutting edge of the tech scene.周一,在苹果面向软件开发者的年会上,包括电影导演J·J·艾布拉姆斯(J.J. Abrams)和说唱歌手德雷克(Drake)在内的名人,在一场精心安排的演示中帮助苹果完成了一次聪明的宣传,显示苹果在与谷歌(Google)和Spotify等竞争对手旗鼓相当的同时,看上去依然处在科技领域的前沿。“We weren’t the first phone, we weren’t the first music player. That’s not where revolutions are made,” Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of software and Internet services, said in an interview after the event. “Revolutions are about bringing it all together and having the best product that actually works.”“我们不是世界上第一款手机,也不是世界上第一款音乐播放器。变革不在于这些,”苹果的软件和互联网务负责人艾迪·库伊(Eddy Cue)在会后接受采访时说。“变革是要把一切整合起来,要有一个真的好用的最佳产品。”The new music service was one part of a wide-ranging slate of announcements. Apple detailed new versions of its software systems for iPhones, iPads and Macs, offering features like public transit directions to its mapping software — a feature that Google and other mapping providers have supported for many years.新版音乐务是一系列新推出产品的一部分。苹果详细介绍了面向iPhone、iPad和Mac的新版软件系统,提供的功能包括地图软件的公共交通路线——谷歌和其他地图供应商多年前就已持该功能。For years, Apple’s strategy for selling iPhones and Macintosh computers has been to offer exclusive, high-quality software as a lure to reel people into buying its hardware. But the quality of its software started to slip last year, when the latest versions of the iPhone and Mac operating systems shipped with major bugs, including one that disabled the cell signal for a number of iPhone users last September.多年来,苹果销售iPhone和Mac电脑的战略一直是提供高质量的专属软件,以此作为诱饵去吸引消费者购买其硬件。但去年,其软件质量开始下滑,最新版本的iPhone和Mac操作系统推出时存在严重的缺陷,其中一个缺陷导致去年9月众多iPhone用户没有信号。To avoid a repeat, Apple on Monday introduced upgrades for its mobile and computer systems, iOS and OS X, with a strong focus on improving things under the hood, like stability, performance and battery life.为避免重蹈覆辙,苹果周一推出了移动和电脑系统,即iOS和OS X的升级版本,着重改善软件方面的表现,如稳定性、性能和电池寿命。The new version of iOS, called iOS 9, expands on existing features like Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled assistant. The updated assistant can respond to commands like “Show me photos from last August” to load the specific photo roll taken that month.新版iOS,即iOS 9,扩展了苹果的语音控制助手Siri等现有功能。升级后的助手能执行对“显示去年8月以后的照片”,或载入那个月拍摄的具体某个相簿等命令。When a user is receiving a phone call from an unfamiliar number, a user can ask “Who is calling?” and Siri will search emails for that phone number to identify the caller.接到一个不熟悉的号码打来的电话时,用户可以问“来电的是谁”,Siri就会在电子邮件中寻找那个号码,以识别来电者的身份。Apple also made changes to iOS that will significantly change the way iPads work. The company introduced a split-screen mode that allows multiple apps to run side-by-side, a big change from the current interface, which loads one app that takes up the entire screen.还有一些变化将大大改变iPad的运行方式。新版iOS推出了一种屏幕分割模式,允许多款应用并行运行,而不是像现在这样,运行一款应用便会占据整个屏幕,这是一个重大的变化。Apple made the change in anticipation of releasing a jumbo iPad that it plans to market as a device for professionals, according to a person briefed on the product.据一名了解相关产品的人士透露,苹果做出这一改变是在为一款大屏iPad做准备。该公司计划将其作为一款面向专业人士的设备来推销。The new Mac system, called El Capitan, also focuses on refining existing features. Apple added a button to its Safari web browser that mutes sound that unexpectedly starts playing from a webpage. Apple also expanded its search feature, called Spotlight, to do smarter searches. Typing “SF giants,” for example, will bring up the game scores and games schedule for the San Francisco Giants baseball team.新推出的Mac系统叫El Capitan,重点也在优化现有功能上。苹果在Safari网络浏览器上增设了一个按钮,可以降低网页上突然开始播放的声音。苹果还扩展了自己的搜索功能Spotlight,让用户进行更智能的搜索。比如,输入“SF giants(旧金山巨人)”,搜索结果中会出现旧金山巨人(San Francisco Giants)棒球队的比赛得分和赛程安排。El Capitan also emphasizes improving performance. Apple said apps would start about one and a half times as fast as in the previous version of OS X, and switching between apps would also be much snappier. The free upgrades for both the Mac and iPhone operating systems system will be available in the fall.El Capitan还强调改善性能。苹果称应用的启动速度大约是在上一版OS X环境下的1.5倍,应用之间的切换也会快很多。用户9月便可以免费更新Mac和iPhone的操作系统。Many of Apple’s new features represent an effort to make iPhones smarter and more contextually aware of users’ daily rhythms and needs. In doing this, the company is mimicking features that Google’s Android operating system has had for years.苹果的很多新功能表明,它希望iPhone更智能,更能根据情景意识到用户的日常节奏和需求。在这个过程中,公司正在效仿谷歌的Android操作系统多年前就已具备的一些功能。Google Maps has long had public transit directions, for instance. Apple’s new personal assistant, which would use cues like location, time of day and user patterns to suggest specific apps to use at that moment, is similar to the Google Now assistant, which is available on Android devices and can be downloaded to iPhones through the App Store.比如,谷歌地图(Google Maps)早就已经持公共交通路线。而苹果新推出的私人助理会以地点、时间和用户习惯等信息为依据,在某个时候推荐用户使用某个应用,这也类似于Google Now的功能,后者不仅可以在Android设备上使用,还可以通过App Store下载到iPhone上。Siri’s expanded ability to search through photos is also similar to the new Google Photos software that the search giant unveiled two weeks ago at Google I/O, its own developer conference.经过扩展后,Siri在照片中搜索的能力也与新面世的软件Google Photos类似,后者是谷歌这个搜索巨头两周前在自己的开发者大会“Google I/O”上推出的。“Developers need Apple to compete seriously with Google on these ‘intelligent’ features to keep users on the platform,” said Justin Kaufman, director of engineering in the West Coast office of Raizlabs, a company that builds mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms.“开发者需要苹果真正做到在这些‘智能’功能上与谷歌相抗衡,以便让用户留在自己的平台上,”Raizlabs公司驻西海岸工程总监贾斯廷·考夫曼(Justin Kaufman)说。该公司在iOS和Android平台上开发移动应用。Apple expanded Apple Pay, its mobile payments service, to include a loyalty and rewards programs for some merchants. For example, users paying with Apple Pay at Walgreens and Dunkin’ Donuts can redeem points they have accrued through the retailer’s rewards program.苹果还扩展了移动付务Apple Pay,推出了针对部分商家的顾客忠诚度和奖励项目。比如,若在沃尔格林(Walgreen)和唐恩都乐(Dunkin#39; Donuts)使用Apple Pay付,用户可兑换在这两家零售商的奖励活动中积累的积分。The company highlighted the announcement of Apple Music, an app and music service that it developed with Beats Electronics. The new application includes features that have long been familiar to customers of subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, but Apple executives say their offering is better because it takes a confusing torrent of different methods to listen to music and ties them together in one place.Apple Music的推出是重头戏,这是苹果与Beats电子(Beats Electronics)共同开发的应用和音乐务。对新推出的这款应用所包含的功能,Spotify和Pandora等流媒体务的订阅用户早就司空见惯了,但苹果的高管称,他们的产品更胜一筹,因为它结合了大量不同的听音乐的方式,并将它们融为一体。“The music industry is a fragmented mess,” said Jimmy Iovine, the music executive who joined Apple after the Beats acquisition. The main difference with Apple’s offering is that a customer’s music downloads, the streaming music service and an Internet radio service can all be found inside the Apple Music app, he said.“音乐行业一片混乱,离破碎,” 在Beats被收购后加入苹果的音乐业务高管吉米·艾欧文(Jimmy Iovine)说。他说,苹果这款产品主要的区别在于,消费者的音乐下载、流媒体音乐务和网络电台务都可以在Apple Music里找到。Apple Music allows users to search for songs and stream them over the Internet, similar to Spotify. The streaming service makes recommendations for other playlists and albums for people to listen to. The service will cost a month or a month for up to six family members.与Spotify类似,Apple Music允许用户搜索并通过网络传输歌曲。流媒体务会向用户推荐其他播放列表和专辑。该务的收费是每月10美元,如果每月付15美元,则最多可有六位家人同时使用该务。The music app, which will be available June 30, also includes an overhauled version of iTunes Radio, the Pandora-like radio service Apple released in 2013. The radio service has added a live station, called Beats 1, that is curated by major names in the music industry, like the former B producer Zane Lowe.该音乐应用将于6月30日面市,改良后的iTunes Radio也被融入其中。2013年推出的这项电台务与Pandora类似。此次iTunes Radio增添了一个名叫Beats 1的现场频道,由诸如前B制作人赞恩·罗维(Zane Lowe)这样的业界大腕负责。Apple has also integrated social media elements into Apple Music, enabling artists to publish posts about their albums and concerts, and allowing customers to post comments.苹果还在Apple Music中融入了社交媒体元素,让艺人能够发表有关其专辑和音乐会的帖子,消费者则能发帖。James McQuivey, a technology analyst for Forrester Research, said Apple was late to the streaming music party, but still has a chance to leapfrog the competition.弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的科技行业分析师詹姆斯·麦奎维(James McQuivey)表示,苹果进入流媒体音乐领域的时间晚了,但依然有机会超越竞争对手。“Can Apple beat Spotify?” he asked. “Yes, it can, not because its service will be any better, but because it can build its new music service into the hundreds of millions of devices that its loyal Apple users aly love.”“苹果能打败Spotify吗?”他问道。“能,但不是因为它的务会略胜一筹,而是因为它能把自己新推出的音乐务安装到数亿台设备上去,这些设备已经得到了忠实的苹果用户的喜爱。”Apple also demonstrated a news-ing mobile app called News, which will allow users to load articles from media outlets including The New York Times, ESPN and Wired. The app reformats web articles into magazinelike formats, similar to Flipboard, the popular ing app offered on Apple and Android devices.苹果还演示了一款名叫News的新闻阅读移动应用。用户可以用它从《纽约时报》、ESPN和Wired等媒体机构下载文章,它会将网络文章转换成类似于杂志的格式。这一点与颇受欢迎的阅读应用Flipboard类似,后者在苹果和Android设备上均可使用。 /201506/380100。

  Google GOOG -1.13% is developing a ride-hailing service that could eventually rely on self-driving cars, Bloomberg reported Monday. The project would put it on a collision course with Uber, which in just a few years has seized a huge chunk of the existing taxi business.据彭社本周报道,谷歌正在开发一款最终有可能将依赖无人驾驶汽车的打车务。这一项目将让这家科技巨头与Uber正面交锋,后者仅用了几年时间就攫取了出租车行业的一大块市场蛋糕。There is no word on when a Google ride-sharing service would become available to the general public, though Bloomberg reported that the company is testing a version of the service with its employees.目前尚无消息显示,谷歌的打车务将在什么时候面向公众开放,不过据彭社报道,谷歌目前正在向其内部员工测试该务。Google’s potential move into the market comes two years after its venture capital arm, Google Ventures, led a massive 2013 investment in Uber that valued it around .5 billion. Subsequent funding rounds have valued Uber at more than billion.2013年,谷歌旗下风投机构Google Ventures领衔的财团向Uber投入巨额资金,使得这家打车务商的估值达到35亿美元,此后的几轮融资更使它的估值达到400亿美元以上。两年后的今天,谷歌决定亲自上阵,挺进这一市场。Concerned about Google’s possible entry, Uber is considering removing Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, from its board of directors, according to Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources. Drummond has been a board member since 2013.据彭社引述匿名人士的消息,由于担心这家科技巨擘的潜在攻势,Uber正在考虑将谷歌公司首席法务官大卫o德拉蒙德请出董事会。德拉蒙德从2013年起开始担任Uber的董事会成员。Meanwhile, Uber is moving forward with plans to develop its own driverless vehicle technology and is building a research facility in Pittsburgh to explore the idea, TechCrunch reported. Autonomous cars would let Uber avoid having to share money from passengers with drivers.另据TechCrunch报道,与此同时,Uber也计划开发自己的无人驾驶汽车技术,该公司目前正在匹兹堡市建立一个研究技构,探索该创意的可行性。无人驾驶汽车将使Uber避免与出租车司机分享乘客的打车费用。Google and Uber did not immediately respond to requests for comment.谷歌和Uber都没有立刻回应《财富》的置评请求。A few months ago, Fortune wondered if Google and ride-sharing startup Uber might be on “a collision course” over dueling on-demand delivery services. But the two tech companies could be headed for an even bigger clash.早在几个月前,《财富》就曾预测谷歌与Uber有可能在打车务上进入“并行道”。但这两家科技公司也有可能面临更大的冲突。Uber has aly made more than its share of enemies in a series of controversies including by ignoring regulators and taking on taxi companies, some of which have sued to stop the newcomer. Uber and ride-hailing service rival Lyft have exchanged public accusations while competing for customers and drivers. A number of passengers have also accused Uber drivers of questionable conduct, including a woman in Los Angeles who accused her Uber driver of sexually assaulting her this week.人红是非多。Uber已经陷入一系列争议,树敌颇多。很多人指责它无视监管,对抗出租车公司,一些出租车公司甚至提起诉讼,要求“封杀”这位不速之客。Uber正在与另一个打车应用Lyft争抢顾客和司机,一直没有停止相互公开指责。此外,也有不少乘客指责Uber司机的个人素质有问题。比如,洛杉矶的一位女乘客本周就指控说,她通过Uber找到的一名司机对她进行了性骚扰。In other words, a battle with Google would only be the latest conflict for Uber.换句话说,对于Uber而言,与谷歌对抗只是一长串战役中的最近一次罢了。(财富中文网) /201502/358725

  Two of Japan’s biggest carmakers are expanding recalls to replace potentially faulty airbags made by Takata, deepening a safety crisis that will now affect more than 30m vehicles worldwide.日本三大汽车制造商丰田(Toyota)、日产(Nissan)和本田(Honda),扩大了召回汽车的范围,以更换可能有问题的高田(Takata)安全气囊,此举意味着这一目前影响全球逾3000万辆汽车的安全危机进一步深化。Toyota and Nissan said on Wednesday they will collectively recall another 6.6m vehicles globally. Honda, the carmaker most affected by the airbag problems, with more than 14m vehicles recalled so far, said it was considering taking similar action to its rivals.周三,丰田和日产表示,它们一共会在全球再召回660万辆汽车。而受安全气囊影响最大的本田,则成为本周第三家扩大汽车召回范围的日本汽车制造商,新涉及的装有高田安全气囊的汽车达480万辆,其中172万辆位于日本。此举令本田因这一安全气囊事件召回的汽车数达到1920万辆。Carmakers are investigating the cause of incidents in which some Takata airbags have exploded when deploying, scattering shrapnel inside the car — the problems are linked to at least six deaths in the US and Malaysia.此前,部分高田气囊曾在使用中发生爆炸,导致碎片在车内四处溅射——这一问题与美国和马来西亚发生的至少6起死亡事件有关。目前,汽车制造商正在调查事故原因。Recalls of vehicles with potentially faulty airbags began in 2008, but the bulk of these actions took place over the past two years, and Takata, the Tokyo-based manufacturer, has been strongly criticised by US regulators for its response to the safety crisis.对可能有问题气囊的汽车的召回是从2008年开始的。不过,多数此类举措还是发生在过去两年。总部驻东京的安全气囊制造商高田(Takata),已因对这一安全危机的回应方式,受到了美国监管机构的强烈批评。Takata declined to comment on the expanded recalls, saying the decisions were made by the carmakers.高田拒绝置评丰田及日产扩大召回汽车数量的举动,表示此举是汽车制造商作出的决定。Toyota said it will expand its recalls to include 35 car models produced between 2003 to 2007.丰田表示,该公司将把召回范围扩大至包括2003年至2007年间生产的35款车型。“Among the parts collected from the Japanese market, certain types of airbag inflators were found to have a potential for moisture intrusion over time,” Toyota said.丰田表示:“在日本市场收集的部件中,部分型号的安全气囊气体发生器被发现时间久了会受潮。”Toyota said it did not know whether there was a relationship between moisture getting into the airbag and the possibility of the inflator rupturing.丰田表示,该公司并不清楚进入安全气囊的水分与气体发生器炸裂的可能性是否有关。Takata has previously admitted that, in the event of an accident, the front passenger side airbag inflators can rupture and spray metal shrapnel.此前,高田曾经承认,在发生事故时,前排副驾侧安全气囊的气体发生器可能会炸裂,并喷溅出金属碎片。A Japanese transport ministry official said the expanded recalls were a precautionary measure. Both companies said no accidents or injuries had been reported.、一名日本国土交通省官员表示,这次扩大召回范围是一种预防性措施。两家企业均表示没有出现相关事故或伤亡的报告。 /201505/375314

  Windows 10 is set to arrive on July 29. The update will be free for the first year for qualifying Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. You can find out if you qualify for the free upgrade here.Win10系统 于7月29日发布。正版的Win 7,Win8以及Win8.1用户第一年能够享受系统免费升级。你可以根据本篇文章判断自己的电脑是否也能享受免费系统升级。Can your PC run it?你的个人电脑是否可以运行Win 10 系统?The answer is most likely yes. Windows 10 requires the same minimum hardware requirements as Windows 7. You can also check to see if your machine is capable of running Windows 10 right from your desktop. You will need a computer or tablet running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update. From the desktop, click on the small Windows icon located at the right end of the taskbar, and select the ;Check my PC; option from the left .对大多数人来说都是肯定的。Win 10系统对硬件的最低要求与Win7系统一样。此外,还可以从自己的桌面判断自己的电脑是否可以运行Win10系统。你需要一台运行Win 7 务包或者Win8.1更新包的电脑或者平板电脑。单击桌面右下角任务栏的Windows 图标,从右边选项栏中,选择“我的电脑”选项。Free up space空间清理You will need at least 16GB of free space to install Windows 10. To check how much free space is on your hard drive, head to Computer, right-click the C:/ drive, and select Properties. You can free up some space by clicking the Disk Cleanup button. This usually won#39;t free up enough space, so you may also have to uninstall programs that you no longer use.安装Win10系统至少需要16G的空间。从“我的电脑”,选择C盘,右键单击选择“属性”。还可以单击“磁盘清理”按钮释放更多空间。但该方式清理的空间往往不够,因此你可以卸载不常使用的程序,以获取足够的空间。Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive在计算机云或者外部驱动中备份数据Regardless if you are upgrading to Windows 10 or not, it#39;s always a good idea to back up your data. You can use a cloud service or an external hard drive. Simply drag and drop the personal files you would like to keep safe to the cloud or external drive. Windows 8 users can also use the File History feature to automatically back up personal files.不管你是不是在升级Win10系统,将数据备份都是很好的选择。你可以利用云务或者外部驱动对数据进行备份。只要将一些你想保存好的个人文件夹拖拽只云务或者外部驱动即可。Win8系统可以利用文件历史记录自动备份个人文件。Create a system image创建系统图标Both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 come with a tool that lets you create a system image. Head to the Control Panel and select ;Back up your computer; under the Systems and Security section. On the left choose to create a system image, pick the location you want to save it to, click Next. At the end of the process, you will have the option to create a system repair disc. This can be used to help you repair Windows if you run into any problems. You can also create a USB recovery drive.Win 7系统和Win8系统都有创建系统图标的工具。在“控制面板”“系统和安全”一栏中选择“备份”。在左边选择创建系统图标,选择保存位置,并按“下一步”按钮。最后时,你还可以选择创建系统恢复盘。如果遇到问题,系统恢复盘能够帮您解决问题。此外还可以创建USB恢复硬盘。Update device drivers升级设备驱动程序Whenever installing a new version of Windows, it#39;s always a good idea to verify that you#39;re using compatible drivers. This will help you avoid stability issues that could arise due to your computer#39;s hardware.Many hardware manufacturers aly have Windows 10 drivers available now. To check for drivers, head to your PC manufacturer#39;s support website. I also recommend downloading the drivers to an external thumbdrive, just in case you need them during the installation process.安装新版本的Windows 系统时,都要核实电脑的驱动器是否兼容。这有助于避免电脑硬件可能引起的问题。很多硬件制造商已经开发了Win 10系统的驱动器。在电脑制造商持网页上即可检查驱动器。此外,我们还建议,将下载的驱动器存储在外部拇指驱动器中,因为安装过程中,很可能用到该驱动器。 /201508/394994

  While Apple, Olio and Opening Ceremony are aly tinkering with premium materials in the smartwatch space, other wearable devices haven’t received just as much love. But Omate and French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro launched the Ungaro ring, a simple notification wearable that ranges from 0 to a whopping ,000.虽然Apple、Olio以及Opening Ceremony公司纷纷已经在智能手表领域推出了采用高端材料制造的产品,其他穿戴设备远没有智能手表受欢迎。但最近Omate公司和法国时尚品牌Emanuel Ungaro联手推出了一款Ungaro戒指,这款简单的提醒类穿戴设备价格由500美元到2000美元不等。为什么会这么贵呢?Why the premium? For one, the Italy-made ring is plated with either 18K gold or silver, and there are five options for the gemstone: blue topaz, opalite, onyx, sapphire and ruby.首先,这款意大利制造的戒指镀有18K金或银,此外还有五种宝石供买家选择,分别是蓝色托帕石、不纯蛋白石、缟玛瑙、蓝宝石和红宝石。As for the ;smart; part, this ring links to your phone -- iOS first, Android due Q1 2016 -- over Bluetooth LE, and will only vibrate when you receive a call or text message from your one and only selected contact. The tiny battery inside lasts up to five days.在“智能性”方面,这个戒指通过低功耗蓝牙与你的手机连接。目前该戒指只兼容iOS系统,2016年第一季度将持安卓系统。Ungaro戒指只有在你指定的唯一一位联系人打来电话或发来信息时才会振动。戒指内置的小型电池最长可维持五天。Admittedly, this isn’t the first vibrating ring on the market. The summer collection of the Ringly is now available for pre-order, going from a more affordable 5 to 0, but it also benefits from a multi-color LED to indicate which app is pinging you. The Ungaro ring’s approach, on the other hand, is intentionally simple: no LED, and vibrates for just one contact.诚然,这并不是市面上第一款振动戒指。智能珠宝制造商Ringly的夏季系列现在已经可以预订了,价格从比较亲民的195美元到260美元不等。这款戒指上的色LED还能提醒你到底是哪个应用在发出振动。再来看这款Ungaro戒指,有意地走了极简风格,没有LED,而且只有一位联系人才能让它振动。If you can stomach the premium prices for this perfume bottle-inspired ring, then keep an eye out for it at Richline Group’s retail partners this November.要是您能hold住这枚灵感源自香水瓶的戒指同样高端的价格的话,今年11月份就请多多留意Richline Group零售合作伙伴的动态吧。 /201508/393532

  Apple is expected to unveil its latest device, the iPhone 6s (or 7), on September 9 in what should be a sigh of relief for investors, who have had a tough ride this week. Despite CEO Tim Cook’s assurance that China’s economic difficulties should not adversely impact the tech giant’s sales, the company’s stock is still trading below its 5 a share level just a few weeks ago, even after the robust market rally on Thursday, and far below its 52-week high of 4.54 a share.苹果公司预计将于9月9日发布最新款手机iPhone 6s(或iPhone 7),在过去一周经历股价震荡的投资者们理应松一口气。尽管首席执行官蒂姆錠克信誓旦旦地声称,中国的经济困境不会对这家科技巨头的销量造成负面影响,但就在几周前,苹果股价依然低于115美元,即便是在上周四股市强劲反弹之后依然如此,远低于52周以来的最高点134.54美元。At least some of the market punishment seems unique to Apple. Investors are worried about the company for many reasons, including competition from low-cost Chinese smartphone makers and only modest traction for Apple Music and Apple Pay.至少,来自市场的某些惩罚似乎就是专门冲着苹果来的。投资者有许多理由为这家公司担心,比如中国智能手机厂商的低价竞争,Apple Music和Apple Pay的吸引力十分有限,等等。Which is why the new iPhone is crucial for Apple to restore investors’ confidence, and there’s a good chance it will for several reasons.有鉴于此,投资者能否重拾信心,新款iPhone的表现至关重要。基于以下几个原因,它很可能会不负所望。The phone will have a 12 megapixel camera, a big increase from previous versions; 4k recording; faster processing speed; longer battery life, which many users consider to be an extremely important feature, according to multiple studies cited by Tech Insider; animated wallpaper like the Apple Watch and Android phones; the ability to detect when a Wi-Fi network is weak and automatically switch to cellular; and Wi-Fi calling over ATamp;T, previously limited to T-Mobile.这款手机拥有远超前几代产品的1200万像素摄像头、4K视频录制功能、更快的处理速度、更长的电池续航时间(据Tech Insider引用的多项调研显示,用户认为这一点极为重要)、类似Apple Watch和安卓手机的动态墙纸。这款手机能识别较差的Wi-Fi网络信号,并在这类环境中自动切换至蜂窝网络。这代手机的Wi-Fi通话功能还持ATamp;T的网络,此前仅限于T-Mobile。But what’s expected to be the most important new feature of all: force touch, a technology that enables a device to distinguish between light and strong taps by a user and assign different functions to them, as it currently does on the Apple Watch and MacBooks. Applied to the iPhone, this could potentially be the killer feature that solidly differentiates the new iPhone from its predecessors by enhancing ease-of-use and utility.不过该手机最重要的新特色还是压感触控(force touch),这项技术能让设备识别用户的轻度和重度触屏,并为它们分配不同的功能。它目前已经在Apple Watch和Macbook上实现了。一旦该技术应用于新款iPhone上,就可能成为一项王牌特色,使其在操作简便性和功能实用性方面远远甩开前几代产品。An improvement to the user experience has always been at the heart of Apple’s success with new models and the force touch feature can provide this. Force touch is also new enough to encourage buyers to replace their existing phones, a major driver of sales in in China, one of Apple’s key markets. Force Touch should also help Apple maintain its position in the Asian market, where competitor Huawei is reportedly introducing a similar feature to its smartphones.增强用户体验一直是苹果成功的不二法门,而新款机型和压感触控特色就能做到这一点。压感触控这项技术足够新颖,能让用户有动力替换现有机型,在苹果的重要市场中国,这是提高销量的一大因素。压感触控还能帮助苹果维持其在亚洲市场的地位,据说中国的竞争对手华为即将在智能手机上推出类似功能。Another factor working in Apple’s favor is that while the company may have a hard time outdoing its blockbuster sales for the iPhone 6, new equipment installment plans from wireless carriers might encourage adoption for the new iPhone by consumers. An increasing percentage of ATamp;T and Verizon customers have been opting for these plans, which don’t tie them down to two-year contracts and allow them to upgrade early.另一个因素也可能成为苹果一大利好。诚然,在iPhone 6大获成功之后,苹果公司的业绩或许很难再上一层楼。不过,无线网络运营商提供的新设备分期付款计划也许会鼓励用户购买新iPhone。越来越多的ATamp;T和威瑞森的顾客都开始选择这类计划。这些计划不会把他们束缚在两年的合约中,可以让他们尽早升级手机。Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi estimates that about 14.9 million U.S. customers will be eligible for upgrades at the end of this year, compared to 5.3 million last fall when the iPhone 6 launched, according to The Wall Street Journal.斯坦福伯恩斯坦公司分析师托尼萨克纳西预计,大约有1490万美国用户可以在今年年底前升级手机。而据《华尔街日报》所述,去年秋天iPhone 6发布时,这一数值是530万。Finally, even though Apple continues to trail Samsung in terms of worldwide smartphone sales, which fell in the second quarter of 2015, Apple’s market share rose to 14.6% from 12.2% a year ago, while Samsung’s declined to 21.9% from 26.2%, according to research firm Gartner. In China, too, Apple’s iPhone sales grew by 68% last quarter to 11.9 million units, indicating that the company is making inroads in that market despite its challenges. “It’s a big brand and people really associate that with their status and it’s kind of an aspirational brand so many of the consumers in China expect to own an iPhone at some point of time,” says Gartner research director Anshul Gupta.最后,尽管苹果在全球智能手机销量上仍然不及三星,后者的销量在2015年第二季度有所下滑。研究公司高德纳的数据显示,苹果的市场占有率从去年的12.2%上升到14.6%,而三星从26.2%下降到21.5%。在中国,苹果的iPhone销量上季度大涨68%,达到1190万部。这充分明,尽管中国市场充满挑战,苹果依然能够披荆斩棘,高歌猛进。高德纳研究总监安舒尔古普塔表示:“苹果是一个大品牌,人们真的很认同它的地位。这也是一个让许多人梦寐以求的品牌,很多中国顾客都希望有朝一日能拥有一部iPhone。”Some words of caution here. Apple’s new product launches are always surrounded by hype and predictions that don’t always come true. It remains to be seen how good the final product will be and, of course, how many people will buy it. In addition, analyst expectations could be inflated, as they were last quarter, setting Apple up to disappoint Wall Street even with a great smartphone.不过这里也要提个醒。苹果的新产品总是被吹得天花乱坠,但这些预言并不是总能实现。最终发布的产品究竟有多好,以及有多少人愿意买单,还需拭目以待。此外,就想上个季度一样,分析师的预计也可能过高,华尔街最终可能以失望告终。Nonetheless, given the importance of the new iPhone as investors add pressure on Apple’s stock, it’s a safe bet that the company is going take this particular launch very seriously. Stay tuned for September 9th.尽管如此,由于投资者不断对苹果股价施压,新款iPhone的重要性不言而喻,我们可以肯定苹果会严肃对待这次特别的发布会。9月9日的确是令人期待的一天。 /201509/397951。


  The scale of Huawei’s ambitions as a provider of global telecoms equipment was made apparent by the size of the vast building it occupied in the first hall met by visitors entering Mobile World Congress.中国华为(Huawei)在世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)第一展厅占据的巨大展台,昭示了它作为一家全球电信设备提供商的抱负。Now the group wants to be at the forefront of the next generation of mobile technology — the so-called 5G networks — which is still so early in its development that even the definition of what it might be is still being debated.华为希望成为下一代移动通信技术(所谓5G网络)的领跑者。5G网络仍处于早期开发阶段,就连其定义还仍在讨论中。Ken Hu, deputy chairman of Huawei, has his own ideas about how 5G will look — connections for more than 100bn devices with speeds of up to 10Gbps — and makes it clear that the Chinese telecoms group will be in a leading position to set standards in future.华为副董事长胡厚昆(Ken Hu)对5G前景的理解是,5G技术会以每秒最高10Gb的速度将超过1000亿件设备联接在一起。他明确表示,在为5G技术标准制定上,华为将处于领先地位。This is important for Huawei as it could end up owning the essential patents that the telecoms industry needs to license in future.这一点对华为很重要,因为该公司最终可能掌握一些关键的、可向电信业发放使用许可的专利。Ownership of patents has been big business for companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, which dominated much of the intellectual property rights from previous generations of network and mobile devices. This time, Huawei is in the race to develop 5G network ideas, working both collaboratively at an industry level but also in its own labs.对于诺基亚(Nokia)和爱立信(Ericsson)等公司而言,掌握专利所有权一直是一项规模很大的业务。这两家公司控制了前几代网络和移动设备的大部分知识产权。这一次,华为加入了开发5G网络的竞赛,不仅局限于自家实验室内,还在行业层面展开协作。“Undoubtedly Huawei has become one of the leaders when it comes to 5G,” said Mr Hu. “We started six years ago and made a large number of technological breakthroughs. It can definitely help Huawei take a stronger position in terms of 5G related IPR.”“华为无疑已成为5G技术的领跑者之一,”胡厚昆说。“我们起步于6年前,已取得了大量的技术突破。这肯定能帮助华为在5G知识产权领域占据更有优势的地位。” /201503/363495


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