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永康脱唇毛要多少钱义乌上溪义亭镇脸部激光美白多少钱Macedonia Votes Amid Gunfire and Alleged Fraud马其顿今议会选举被暴力蒙上阴影 Officials in the Republic of Macedonia say they will repeat voting in 22 precincts that were shut down during Sunday's parliamentary election because of a deadly shootout, reports of intimidation, and alleged fraud. Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is claiming victory, saying his conservative party (VMRO-DPMNE) will control more than half of the seats in the 120-seat parliament. 马其顿共和国的选民为议会选举前往投票站投票,投票期间马其顿民族关系紧张并发生击事件,至少有1人死亡,另外有好几个人受伤。暴力和投票舞弊指称迫使选举官员暂时关闭了至少17个投票站。Macedonian voters tried to cast ballots in the early parliamentary elections, despite gunfire and election irregularities, which led to the closure of nearly 20 polling stations.  尽管发生击和选举舞弊的指称,并且因此导致近20个投票站关闭,马其顿选民仍然争取为议会选举进行投票。Election officials said two separate shootings occurred in the village of Aracinovo, near the capital, Skopje. 选举官员说,在首都斯科普里附近的阿拉西诺沃村发生了两起击事件。Villagers reported the troubles began when someone tried to vote on behalf of multiple people for a party of the country's ethnic-Albanian minority. He and another party supporter were injured during a shootout with special police, and one apparently died of his injuries.  村民们报告说,当某人试图代表一组人投票持该国的阿尔巴尼亚少数民族政党时发生击。在跟特种警察交火时,这个人与另外一名该党的持者受伤,另外一人显然因为伤势过重死亡。The shooting raised fears of a new wider ethnic conflict in the area.  人们担忧,击事件有可能在该地区引发新一轮更广泛的民族冲突。Aracinovo is in a region where insurgents fought Macedonian government forces in 2001 to win more rights for ethnic Albanians, who comprise about a quarter of Macedonia's two million people. 反叛分子为争取阿尔巴尼亚少数族裔的更多权益自2001年在阿拉西诺沃村地区跟马其顿政府军作战。在马其顿2百万人口当中,阿尔巴尼亚族占四分之一。There were also shootings and gunmen reported elsewhere in ethnic-Albanian areas, including near the headquarters of the Democratic Union for Integration party.  在阿族居住的其他地区也出现击和武装分子的报导,其中包括靠近融合民主联盟总部的地方。The election tensions follow a bitter campaign and allegations of assassination attempts against ethnic-Albanian opposition leaders.  选举紧张局势出现之前马其顿的竞选活动曾经相当激烈,还出现有人企图刺杀阿族反对派领导人的指称。Despite the troubles, the conservative party (VMRO-DPMNE) of the pro-Western Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is expected to win the ballot.  虽然出现种种障碍,但人们预计保守派政党领导人、亲西方的总理格鲁埃夫斯基将赢得议会选举的胜利。In televised comments, he urged supporters not to be intimidated by violence, and help his country to join the European Union and other Western organizations.  他在电视台通过翻译敦促持者不要被暴力吓倒,推动马其顿加入欧洲联盟和其他西方组织。"Do not be scared about your decision, and do not ignore your responsibility," said Gruevski. "You have the right to ask things for your country. You can be a patriot and be proud to enter the European Union." 他说:“不要害怕你们的决定,不要无视你们的责任。你们有权为了国家提出要求。你们可以是爱国主义者,同时可以自豪地加入欧盟。”That opinion is shared by ethnic-Albanian opposition rival Ali Ahmedi, who says he recently survived an assassination attempt.  阿族反对派领袖阿曼迪也同意这个观点。阿曼迪最近刚刚躲过一次暗杀。He told France 24 Television through an interpreter that he has urged supporters to vote, despite apparent threats.  他通过翻译告诉法国第24电视频道,敦促持者尽管受到威胁,也要踊跃投票。"This physical threats against the party, which were repeated, are meant to terrorize them not to vote," said Ahmedi. "The more people vote, the larger the distance will be between the two parties." 阿曼迪说:“这种对党的人身威胁,是希望吓阻人们不要去投票。但是,越多的人去投票,两党之间的差距就越大。”Prime Minister Gruevski called the early parliamentary elections after failing to secure NATO membership for his country, which was blocked by Greece. It says Macedonia should first change its name, because it resembles one of Greece's provinces. 总理格鲁埃夫斯基在申请成为北约成员国失败后,要求提前举行议会选举。马其顿申请失败是因为希腊的阻挠。希腊表示,马其顿应该先改变名称,再来提出申请,因为希腊有一个省的名称很像马其顿。If re-elected, Prime Minister Gruevski's government is likely to include a partner from the ethnic-Albanian parties. The European Union has warned Macedonia that political and ethnic stability in the country is crucial for its European future. 如果当选,总理格鲁埃夫斯基的政府可能包括一个来自阿尔巴尼亚族政党的夥伴。欧洲联盟警告马其顿,马其顿政治和族群的稳定对它在欧洲的未来至关重要。 200806/41037浙大附属义乌医院纹眉多少钱 blind as a bat ------ 睁眼瞎(成语) 英文释义(IDIOM) Completely blind; unable to move safely. 例句Without my glasses, I am blind as a bat, so I have two pairs in case I lose one of them.不戴眼镜,我就成了睁眼瞎,所以我有两副眼镜,以防其中之一丢失。 /201609/466482Scripts:Accompanied by his wife and attorney, Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt arrived at Federal Court, unsure what his sentence would be. Wyatt had aly pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to defraud the massive oil-for-food assistance program. Prosecutors presented evidence of Wyatt, talking with Saddam Hussein about access to Iraqi oil, skirting international sanctions. Another Wyatt attorney called the 83-year-old Tycoon an American Hero. And noted letters of support from celebrities and ordinary citizens who said Wyatt saved or changed their lives. Among the letter writers, heart specialist Michael DeBakey and actress Farah Fawcett. Wyatt stood before the judge breaking into tears. The World War Two fighter pilot saying:"I would never do anything to hurt my country." He apologized to friends and family.Can you explain what you said in court apologizing for the cameras are here?Why should I apologize to you?Judge Denny Chin heavily praised Wyatt's past humanitarian acts. But said the oil trader clearly broke the law defrauding the oil-for-food program. He added considering Wyatt's background, it's still hard to understand why he did it. The judge went lighter than the recommended sentencing guidelines ordering Wyatt to serve a prison term of one year.Well that was not what I would have like, but it was a fair situation as far as I am concerned. I think the judge did the best thing he could do, and what he had to work with . Wyatt's Texas socialite wife was pleased since her husband could have faced two years or more in prison. I am just so proud of my husband. When the judge was talking about him, I was y to just burst.Wyatt's sentencing comes two weeks after Chevron oil admitted obtaining Iraqi oil illegally through third parties. And paid thirty million dollars in penalties. Wyatt's lawyer said in court in a fact everyone was doing it.This doesn't excuse what Mr.Wyatt did, but it was the culture of the market place.Wyatt also agreed to forfeit eleven million dollars to the government. After pleading guilty in October, Wyatt told reporters he didn't want to waste any more time at 83 years old. The quicker it's over the better. Wyatt will serve his time in his native Texas at a minimum security prison camp.Richard Roth, CNN New York. Notes:Oil-for-Food Assistance Program: 伊拉克石油换食品计划Forfeit: To surrender, be deprived of, or give up the right to on account of a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract. 200807/43557义乌激光治疗红血丝多少钱

义乌哪个医院脱腿毛比较好Hannah Storm: Pirates of the Caribbean is back and, boy, did it make a splash.The sequel Dead Man's Chest starring Johnny Depp squashed Superman's all time box-office record for an opening weekend, taking in a whopping 132 million dollars, finishing far ahead of Superman Returns which made 21.9 million dollars in its second weekend. The Devil Wears Prada was third at 15.6 million. The People Magazine editor at-large and Early Show contributor Jess Cagle is here. Hi, Jess. Jess Cagle: Hi, Hannah, how are you?Hannah Storm: You predicted this, 130-plus million, right?Jess Cagle : I think it would be at least 80 million, (Wow.) I guess I was about half right.Hannah Storm: I mean this shocked everybody, didn't it? (It shocked everyone) Biggest opening of all time. Jess Cagle: Biggest opening of all time. It broke all kinds of records. It was the first movie to cross 100 million dollars within two days. Nobody expected, really, that this was even impossible, and what has changed is these giant multiplexes that had been built, having enormous stadium theatres and so a lot of theatre owners, once they saw the lines, they made those theatres available. So they self-managed to sell a lot of tickets, a lot (Oh, so they) more than anyone knew.Hannah Storm: So they actually switched over once they saw the demand, they opened up. Well, I, cause I tried to get seats online about, about 12 hours before a movie showing, and it was impossible, they were sold out. Jess Cagle: They did not want you to see it. I don't know why, I don't know what Johnny Depp has to conceal Hannah.Hannah Storm: I mean every,everybody wanted to see this, right? Men, women, I mean kids, may, maybe not little tiny kids who will be little frightened for it. Jess Cagle: I think a lot of, I think a lot of young kids, well, you are right, it is, it is a little scary for a kid maybe under six or seven. The amazing thing about the movie is it, it appeal(s) to men and women over 25 and under 25. Very few movies appeal to all age groups and all genders.Hannah Storm: Right. Now let's talk about maybe potential for all time here, highest-grossing movie. The first one grossed about, what, 300 million.Jess Cagle : A little over 300 million. It looks like this one is on track to do at least that. I think Titanic still ranks as the,the most successful movie of all time. And um, I don't know if it's gonna crack that, but I think it's going to make it at least what the first one made.Hannah Storm: And what is it about Titanic that you think, now, what does it take to sort of crack that barrier, become one of the great movies ever, a great money makers ever?Jess Cagle : It, it has to appeal to a special, it has to appeal to everyone like Pirates did, but it also has to appeal to all age groups, to the extent that they will go to see it over and over and over again. I don't know that adults, especially, are gonna go see Pirates of the Caribbean over and over and over again.Hannah Storm: What does it say about Johnny Depp, and his box-office stardom?Jess Cagle : He is become, he was famous for a long time, (hmm) but he's really a household name now. (Right) It's really incredible. The first one, the first Pirates got him an Oscar nomination. I don't know if that will happen again, but ...Hannah Storm: For the same role, that would be, I mean, for that to happen again, it would be amazing,right?Jess Cagle : It would be strange,his,his performance in, in the new one is not quite as noticeable, because he's competing against...Hannah Storm: Himself.Jess Cagle: ...so many special effects and,and all of that. Yeah.Hannah Storm: Right. Wow, and,and they look like geniuses for making a third one, I tell you what...Jess Cagle : Absolutely. Almost aly shot.Hannah Storm: Roll quick, Superman, is it, is it a disappointment, or?Jess Cagle : Superman is a big disappointment.Hannah Storm: It's so expensive to make.Jess Cagle : So expensive to make. The last thing that Superman needed was to have Pirates of the Caribbean open, you know, (Hmm) er, in the second weekend.Hannah Storm: Oh,my. And it's such a good movie Superman.Jess Cagle : It is a great movie. And it still made a tremendous 140 million in (Oh, yeah) ten days, so it's ok.Hannah Storm: Jess Cagle. Thanks for being with us. 200809/51115义乌割双眼皮哪家医院最好 cupidity ------ 贪财(名词) 英文释义(noun) Excessive greed. 例句The shameless cupidity of the companys wealthy owners angered its poorly paid employees.这家公司的有钱老板贪财不要脸,惹怒了拿钱很少的员工。 /201610/466499义乌整形美容医院纹眉毛多少钱

浦江县中医医院韩式隆鼻多少钱Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 5 It took a ten-meter layer of fallen rain forest to make just a one-meter seam of coal. When you consider the depth of all the seams in all the coalfields worked in Europe, from Britain through to northern France and Germany, Poland and Ukraine, the immense scale of Carboniferous forests becomes clear. Coal fuelled one of the greatest transformations that Europe has ever seen. Its presence all across the continent was a vital component in making Europe the cradle of the Industrial Revolution and ultimately turned it into the economic powerhouse it is today. The ancient past can directly shape the present. Europe is now the most urbanized and industrialized continent on the globe, largely thanks to its position on the equator 300 million years ago.When these steaming forests were at their peak, other events were aly in motion that would banish them forever. Europe, still drifting north, had been rocked by another series of monumental collisions. And the result of the tectonic pileup was this, the supercontinent Pangea.Around 213 million years ago, Europe was engulfed by a massive land. Now, far from the oceans, rain no longer fell. Under an unforgiving sun, the lush tropical forests disappeared and the continent was swallowed by sand. The fossilized remains of these desert dunes now form much of the bedrock of the Eastern Europe. In the depths of a Russian winter, it's hard to imagine how hot and dry this place once was, let alone some of the creatures that roamed here, Dinosaurs, a new order on the move.words and expressionsseam :a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit矿层;煤层powerhouse:an electrical generating station发电站banish:To drive away; expel驱逐, 消除engulf:To swallow up or overwhelm by or as if by overflowing and enclosing席卷;吞没200809/47408 Tom is looking for some his old work but…汤姆正在帮我找一些他曾经做过的项目,但是……Really? ! To be honest, this isn’t Tom’s speciality.是吗?!不过说实话,那可不是汤姆的专长啊。At a time like this I would ask Denise.这种问题我一般都会问丹尼斯。Denise! ? -Yes… she may only be the office assistant but she always has words of wisdom.丹尼斯?-是啊……虽然她只是办公室助理,但有时候她说的话还挺有道理。Right… custard creams or chocolate digestives? What?对了……来点蛋奶巧克力或全麦饼干?什么?Biscuits? Oh… custard creams please.点心?蛋奶饼干吧。Err, Denise, I know you’re busy but could you spare a few minutes of your time please?丹尼斯,我知道你很忙,不过能打扰你几分钟时间吗?Of course Anna, always happy to help you.好啊,安娜,需要帮忙随时找我好了,我很乐意。Well you know the stock management control system?你知道库存管理控制系统吗?The one you’ve now got to work out… well done for getting that!你正在负责的那个嘛……恭喜你得到这个机会!Thanks. It was OK writing it down for Paul but how do I put it in to practice?谢谢。让我给保罗写点建议是没问题,但是我该怎么把它们付诸实践呢?There’s just too much to do!有太多事情要做了!Calm down Anna. You’ll be fine.冷静,安娜。你没问题的。The first thing you need to do is to look at our current system.首先,你要做的第一件事情就是先去看看我们现有的管理系统。Look at our current system. How do I do that?看看我们现在的系统。我该怎么做?Easy! Just take the lift down to the warehouse and speak to Mr Ingle and then write down what you find很容易啊!坐电梯下去到仓库,和英格尔先生聊聊然后写下你了解到的东西,and draw up an action plan of tasks you need to do – like a shopping list – I’m very good at those.再写一份你需要执行的行动计划,就像写购物清单那样,这个我可是很在行。Go and see Mr Ingle? Oh do I have to.去找英格尔先生?天啊,我真的要去吗。He’s ok really Anna.他人不错,安娜。If you approach him in the right way he won’t bite your head off!只要你跟他谈话的方式没错,他是不会无故冲你发火的! /201702/483867义乌市妇幼保健院纹眉多少钱浙江省义乌芙洛拉整形医院去痘印多少钱



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