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女警穿比基尼抓贼 --30 18:00:3 来源: 瑞典一名女警在休假中发现了小偷,身上只穿着比基尼就将小偷制,数千网友点赞 A bikini-clad Swedish police officer has been praised tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.日前,一名身穿比基尼的女警因抓住一名小偷嫌犯而被表扬,当时她正在休假中,和朋友在斯德哥尔享受日光浴Mikaela Kellner told the Aftonbladet daily that she and a fellow officer pursued the man when they realised he had taken one of their mobile phones.米凯拉·凯尔纳对瑞典日报透露说,当时她和一名同事意识到这名男子拿走了他们的手机,于是她们两人便一起追捕他She told the paper that she would have intervened "even if she were naked".米凯拉对媒体说道,“即使着身体”她也会对小偷实施追捕A photo of the incident on Ms Kellner’s Instagram page has attracted more than 9,000 likes in less than two days.在不到两天的时间里,发布在米凯拉Instagram上的这起事件的照片就收到了9000多个赞The incident is said to have taken place in Stockholm’s Ralambshov Park on Wednesday, where the off-duty policewoman was sunbathing with friends.据说这起事件发生在周三,地点是斯德哥尔的罗兰布斯霍夫公园,当时休假中的米凯拉和她的朋友们在享受日光浴The group was approached by a man who claimed to be selling publications on behalf of the homeless.一名自称是为无家可归者卖报纸的男子靠近了她们Ms Kellner reportedly became suspicious when the man began lingering, setting some papers down over their blanket.据报道,当时这名男子开始拖延、赖着不走,还把一些报纸丢到了她们的毯子上,米凯拉对此起了疑心As soon as he left, collecting his papers, one of her friends noticed that her phone was missing.当这名男子捡起报纸一离开,米凯拉的一名朋友就发现她的手机不见了"There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe metres or so," Ms Kellner told Swedish news site, The Local.米凯拉对瑞典新闻网站《本地人说道:“没有时间了,所以我就追了过去,大约米远的样子”"One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder."“我的一个朋友也是警察,所以我们就抓住了他他企图逃跑,所以我们就更用力的制住他”The stolen phone was swiftly recovered, and the man was arrested by a police patrol.被盗的手机很快就被发现了,该名男子也被一只警察巡逻队逮捕了"I’ve had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues," she told The Local.米凯拉对《本地人说道:“我从朋友和同事那里得到了很多好评”"It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this... I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians."“这种事情时有发生,贵重物品就是这样被偷走的我主要是想提高对这些人的警惕意识,他们狡猾得就好像魔术手一样”德约科维奇法网封王,成就职业生涯全满贯 -- :9:31 来源: 德约科维奇是当今男子网坛当之无愧的No.1,击败穆雷拿下今年的法网冠军后,塞尔维亚人成为了史上第八位全满贯选手 World number one Novak Djokovic beat Britain’s Andy Murray to win his first French Open title and complete the career Grand Slam.男单世界第一诺瓦克·德约科维奇击败英国人安迪·穆雷,夺得首个法网冠军,完成职业生涯全满贯成就The Serb, 9, won 3-6 6-1 6- 6- to win his th major title and become the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four Grand Slams at once.9岁的塞尔维亚人以大比分3-1(每盘比分为 3-6,6-1,6-,6-)击败对手,赢得第座大满贯冠军,成为继1969年的罗德·拉沃尔之后又一位包揽四大满贯的男子单打选手Murray had hoped to secure the third leg of his own career Slam, having aly won Wimbledon and the US Open.穆雷赛前曾寄望赢下自己的第三座大满贯冠军(此前穆雷已获得了温网和美网冠军)The Scot, 9, was Britain’s first male finalist in Paris since 1937.9岁的苏格兰人是自1937年以来首位进入法网决赛的英国男单选手Second seed Murray played superbly to win the first set but could not convert a break point early in the second, and Djokovic took control to win in three hours.二号种子穆雷在首盘表现极为出色,顺利拿下首盘,然而第二盘伊始穆雷未能把握住一个难得的破发点,德约科维奇就此掌控了局面,耗时三个小时拿下了比赛He becomes only the eighth man in history to have won all four of the sport’s major singles prizes - and could yet match Laver’s achievement of winning all four in a calendar year.德约科维奇成为了史上第八位包揽四大满贯的男单选手,他和拉沃尔还是仅有的两位在个月内依次夺得四个冠军的球员Djokovic fell back on the clay in delight and relief after requiring two breaks of serve and four match points in a desperately tense end to the final.最后一局是德约科维奇的发球局,二人的争夺进入了白热化德约科维奇奋力在化解两个破发点,错失四个赛点后终于赢得了比赛With three-time champion Gustavo Kuerten watching from the stands, Djokovic then emulated the Brazilian by drawing a heart in the clay with his racquet.在看台上三届法网冠军古斯塔沃·库尔滕的注视下,德约科维奇用拍沿在场地上画了一颗心"It’s a very special moment, the biggest of my career," said Djokovic. "I felt today something that I never felt bee at Roland Garros, I felt the love of the crowd.“这是我职业生涯中一个非常特殊,极其重大的时刻”德约科维奇说“今天我在罗兰加洛斯感到了以前从未感受到的情绪,我感受到了大家对我的爱”"I drew the heart on the court, like Guga, which he gave me permission to do. My heart will always be with you on this court."“我像当年的古加(库尔滕)一样在场地上画了一颗心,当然我事先得到了他的允许我一直心系这片场地,心系观众”Murray, who has now lost five Grand Slam finals to Djokovic, had looked capable of causing an upset with an aggressive display in the opening set.穆雷如今已五次在大满贯决赛场上败在德约科维奇的手下,然而比赛伊始,穆雷强势取下首盘,似乎让人们看到了爆冷的希望However, Djokovic turned the match around early in the second set and Murray, who had played five hours’ more tennis in reaching the final, could not keep pace.然而穆雷在打进决赛前比德约科维奇多打了5个小时的比赛,体力处于劣势,从第二盘开始,德约科维奇掌控了比赛节奏"To Novak, this is his day," said Murray. "What he’s achieved the last months is phenomenal; winning all the Grand Slams in one year is an amazing achievement.“今天属于诺瓦克”穆雷说“他在过去个月内的表现是现象级的,在一年内连续夺得四大满贯的冠军令人叹为观止”"It’s so rare in tennis, and me personally, it sucks to lose the match, but I’m proud to have been part of today."“这在网坛实在太少见了输掉了比赛,我感觉很糟,但能成为这伟大一天的一部分我又感到非常骄傲”Murray cannot capitalise on early lead穆雷未能把握住领先优势Djokovic looked determined to make up losing in three previous Paris finals when he broke the Murray serve to love with a brilliant opening game, but the nerves were soon apparent.比赛首局,德约科维奇似乎卯足了劲要弥补此前三度在罗兰加洛斯失利的遗憾,直落四分强势破发,然而随后头号种子紧张的情绪慢慢显露无疑A beautiful lob saw Murray hit straight back in game two and, playing aggressively at every opporty, he powered into a -1 lead as Djokovic misfired with his ehand.穆雷以一记精的后场挑高球拿下第二局,随后一路高歌猛进;而德约科维奇的正手进攻威力锐减,很快以1-落后Murray clinched the set at the third opporty - after a generous overrule that drew boos from a crowd seemingly backing Djokovic - and some stunning defence earned the Scot a break point at the start of the second set.第一盘末局,德约科维奇因一分向裁判进行申诉却遭驳回,看上去持他的人群中爆发出阵阵嘘声穆雷把握住了第三个盘点,取得了首盘的胜利而第二盘第一局,苏格兰人几次精的防守为自己搏得了破发点Djokovic needed to turn the tide and he did so with a smash, bee grabbing the lead when Murray double-faulted at break point down.德约科维奇亟需扭转场上势头,靠着强悍的进攻和穆雷在破发点上的双误,头号种子终于取得了领先The Serb then began to dictate with his backhand, firing a winner down the line a decisive second break as Murray’s first-serve percentage slipped below the 50% mark.随后塞尔维亚人凭反手进攻统治了比赛,以一记落点极深的底线回球再度破发穆雷的一发进球率甚至跌到了50%以下Djokovic continued to press, setting up break points at 1-1 in the third set with a ehand winner and watching as Murray dropped a volley into the net with the court gaping.第三盘,德约科维奇继续向穆雷施压,两人打成1-1后,一记正手进攻逼出破发点,随后穆雷场边截击下网,德约科维奇实现了破发The crowd chanted "Nole! Nole!" as the world number one finally regained the lead he had surrendered after the opening game of the match, and he broke again with a terrific sliding winner on his way to a two-sets-to-one lead.人们大喊“诺尔!诺尔!”持自己的偶像虽然首盘早早缴械,但头号种子在第二盘末局以一记精的放短球得分实现破发,将大比分改写为-1With a 5- lead in the fourth set, and his friends and supporters preparing to celebrate in the stands, Djokovic suffered a tortuous few minutes as Murray refused to give up.德约科维奇在第四盘很快取得5-的领先,当他的朋友和持者准备开始庆祝时,不愿放弃的穆雷却在最后几分钟给世界第一制造了许多麻烦The Briton got one of the breaks back and saved two match points, bee finally netting a backhand as Djokovic clinched a historic win.英国人破发一局,又挽救了两个赛点,然而一记反手下网还是成就了塞尔维亚人历史性的胜利励志!#;悬崖村#;孩子爬藤梯上学 -- :7:5 来源:sohu 四川省凉山彝族自治州昭觉县尔莫乡阿土勒尔村,是一座名副其实的“悬崖村”,村里通向外界需要顺着悬崖断续攀爬条藤梯县里曾几次规划过修路,但因造价大概在6000万左右,投入和产出极不相称,只好一再搁浅(5月日新京报《悬崖上的村庄) The official of a village in southwest China has pledged to build a steel ladder as a temporary alternate passway villagers to the wooden one hanging off a cliff right now.The village named Atule'er locates in Sichuan Province.The village official also announced possible road building plans as a long-term solution to the traffic inconvenience.The issue was first disclosed on May by Beijing News. 据报道,这条藤梯是通向外界的唯一方式,在崖下上学的孩子们,需要在家长的保护下,攀爬两个小时才能回家而村民每周一次的赶集也需要攀爬这些藤梯,每次惊心胆战的攀爬都使村民处在危险之中 According to the report, the village is situated on a cliff. The only way to get out of the village is to climb down through a wooden ladder hanging on the cliff.The facility has put villagers' life in danger, especially children who have to go through here every day to go to school.Adults will go out shopping daily supplies once a week, also by climbing the ladder. 问题一:孩子为何需下山上学? 有人质疑为什么学校要在村外建设,昭觉县委办公室秘书吉克劲松表示,政府部门曾在山上建过学习点,但“山上面积太小,修建学校不现实,只能搬到山下” Following the official's response, however, many argued that there might be a better solution.Someone questioned why the school has to be located outside the village.The official said if the school was moved up the cliff, the power or water supply could not be guaranteed considering the poor facilities in the village. 问题二:村民有无整体搬迁可能? 既然政府对此早已知情,环境这么恶劣,进村出村都要冒着生命危险,那为什么不易地搬迁?为何悬崖村通向外界的道路到目前还只有那条危险的藤梯?当地政府并非没有考虑过易地搬迁,一是村民不想离开世代居住的土地,二是易地搬迁意味着失地,农民搬迁到城市附近后生计是一大难题,而现在的悬崖村其实土地资源和气候条件是很好的,致富并不难 Others proposed possibly relocating the village. The official responded by saying that most senior villagers may refuse to leave the place they have been living their lifetime, adding that the high living cost in cities may also be a challenge the villagers. 这个村处于美姑河大峡谷断坎岩肩斜台地,所在位置就像三层台阶的中间那级,海拔00多米,与地面垂直距离约800米据悉,在这条路上摔死的人有七八个,有村里的人,也有外来的人阿土勒尔村过去建有连接山下的索道,不过开动一次索道需要几百度电,村里人根本用不起,后来索道就拆除了 The village sits 1,00 meters high above sea level, which ces the villagers to take a dangerous journey between their homes and the outside world, since the only “road” they can take is made of rattan.According to the township head, seven or eight people have fallen to their death along the way. He added that the village used to have an electric elevator, but it cost too much money and the villagers couldn't afd it.岁小土豪 看看什么样的生活才叫土豪! -- 00:: 来源: 最近instagram的一个小公主Pixie火了,不为别的,就因为她年仅岁就拥有了自己的事业,并且过着jet setting lifestyle——土豪生活!Jet set的意思是乘喷气客机到处旅游的富豪  Jet setting lifestyle refers to a lavish lifestyle the rich leads.  土豪生活就是富人所拥有的一种奢侈的生活方式  Pixie the "Instagram Princess" has hundreds of photographs showing off her lavish lifestyle. In one she sits dressed in shades and a sun hat, perched posing by an empty pool at a luxury villa sipping at a non-alcoholic cocktail with the air of a millionaire lady.  那位照片分享上的小公主有百十来张炫耀她奢侈生活方式的照片在一张图片里她身穿小裙子,头戴太阳帽,摆好姿势坐在豪华别墅的游泳池的阴凉处,啜着一杯无酒精鸡尾酒,活脱脱一个百万名媛  Example:  She has been leading a jet setting lifestyle since she won a lottery!  自从她中票以后就一直过着土豪生活!科技英语:代号斯巴达 微软发布新浏览器取代IE -- :: 来源:   Microsoft rolled out its new Project Spartan web browser the first time publicly today, offering members of the Windows Insider Program early access to the product designed to revitalize the company’s position in the browser market.  今天,微软为Windows会员计划的参与者们提供机会提前尝试新浏览器Project Spartan这款首次对外公开的产品承载了微软在浏览器市场东山再起的希望  易词解词(BY 袁新民)  revitalize-ise [ri?va?t?l?a?z](re-再,重新,vital充满生机的,-ize使成为…状态;使重新成为充满生机的状态→)  vt. 使更强壮;使恢复生机(或健康);使新生  Features of the new browser include support annotating web pages. Users can either write or type notes on the page, which they can then share with other people. It’s an interesting move by the company to essentially take its collaboration features from Office and bring them to the web.  Spartan浏览器持网页注释用户可以在页面上手写或输入笔记,并和他人分享微软这一颇有意思的举措从根本上将Office软件中的协作功能带到了web端  . 勾结  In addition, Spartan users will be able to get help from Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, which also appears on the Windows desktop. According to Microsoft, Cortana be waiting in the background until users want a piece of contextual inmation that the assistant can bring up. Since Cortana is powered in part by Bing, it’s no surprise that she has found a home in Microsoft’s web browser.  此外,Spartan用户还能从微软虚拟助手小娜那里获得帮助小娜还将出现在Windows 桌面上微软表示,在能为用户提供想要的相关信息前,小娜都会在后台静候考虑到小娜基于必应搜索引擎,她出现在微软的浏览器里也就没什么可奇怪的了  People who do a lot of ing on their computer may get some mileage out of Spartan’s Reading List feature, which is similar to systems like Instapaper and Pocket. The browser allows people to save web pages later, and them in a simplified view that blocks out distractions. It’s similar to a feature that Apple offers in Safari, with the same name.  经常用电脑阅读的用户能从Spartan的Reading List功能中获益该功能和Instapaper、Pocket类似,用户不仅能够保存页面以供稍后阅读,还能屏蔽各种杂乱信息苹果在Safari浏览器中也提供了相似功能,连名称都一模一样  Spartan also features a new rendering engine that’s supposed to better support the modern web, something that may draw the support of web developers who dislike Internet Explorer.  Spartan还内置了新的渲染引擎,能够为现代网页提供更好的持这一功能可能会赢得那些不喜欢IE浏览器的开发者们的持  Like the other components of the Windows Technical Preview, Project Spartan is still a piece of pre-release software, which means it’s not right everyone, and there are likely plenty of bugs lurking in its code. People who need their computers to perm reliably day in and day out should probably stay away the time being.  和Windows 技术预览版的其它组件一样,Project Spartan尚未正式发布,也就是说它并不适合所有人代码里可能还隐藏着许多bug那些需要电脑每天稳定工作的人们可能要暂时等等了

世界最小战地记者:岁女孩用镜头记录战争前线 -- ::36 来源: 岁的扬娜本可以像其他同龄的孩子们一样,和小伙伴们玩耍,在家舒地看电视,过着无忧无虑的生活然而,扬娜却选择冒着生命危险去约旦河西岸的巴以冲突地带,记录和报道当地的一切,希望可以唤起世界对当地人民及其困境的认识与关注 Janna could enjoy her childhood like every other year old kid by playing and watching TV at her home. But she chose to risk her life reporting on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict in the occupied West Bank, with the aim to raise awareness about the plight of her people.岁的扬娜本可以像其他同龄的孩子们一样,和小伙伴们玩耍,在家舒地看电视,过着无忧无虑的生活然而,扬娜却选择冒着生命危险去约旦河西岸的巴以冲突地带,记录和报道当地的一切,希望可以唤起世界对当地人民及其困境的认识与关注A resident of Nabi Saleh, a small Palestinian village north of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Janna has witnessed the tragedies of war from a very young age. Her mother, Nawal, talks about an incident where Jana was traumatized after one of her friends was shot dead by the Israeli army. “He was older than her but used to always be friendly and nice to her so that she became attached to him. When she saw his blood on the ground, she became frantic.”扬娜住在约旦河西岸拉姆安拉城北面的一个名为纳比萨利赫的小村庄里,从小她就目睹了战争之下的一起又一起悲剧扬娜的母亲纳瓦尔提到,扬娜在几年前亲眼目睹自己的一个朋友遭到以色列军队击后死亡,自此之后她的心灵受到巨大创伤“那个孩子比扬娜大一些,对她非常友好,扬娜非常喜欢他当扬娜看见他倒在血泊里的时候,她的精神一下子就崩溃了”Janna would often pen her feelings and frustrations in a locked journal and made it the only mode of communication, but the deaths of two of her relatives – her cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, and another uncle, Rushdie Tamimi – inspired her to get involved and reveal the injustice the people in her village are being subjected to.扬娜经常会将自己的心情和遇到的挫折记录在一个带锁的日记本里,这是她唯一抒发心情和沟通的方式然而在其堂兄穆斯塔法·塔米米以及叔叔拉什迪·塔米米先后离世之后,扬娜决心要站出来并告诉这个世界她所居住的村庄究竟遭受了多少不公平的待遇Janna began her journalist career when she was just 7 years old. She would use her mother’s iPhone to record protests staged by locals and international peace activists and the reaction of Israeli army. She believes that the professional journalists don’t often give us the exact news so she takes up the responsibility to show the whole picture by posting s on various social media platms like, YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat.从7岁那年开始,扬娜就开始了自己的记者生涯扬娜经常会用妈妈的手机去拍摄记录当地居民以及国际和平主义者所发起的示威抗议以及以色列军队所作出的回应她认为那些国际记者们并没有完全真实地报道新闻,于是她便扛起了这份责任,还原事件的所有真相,并将自己记录的一切通过视频的方式发布到诸如YouTube,Facebook以及Snapchat等各类媒体平台之上“I want the world to know that we are not terrorists and to expose the army’s violence against us,” she told The Arab Weekly.扬娜告诉《阿拉伯周刊:“我想让全世界知道,我们并不是什么恐怖分子,我们只是在反抗当地军队对我们的暴行”After rising to internet fame in , and being hailed as one of the world’s youngest amateur reporters, Janna Jihad has expanded her work, travelling with her mother to places like Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Jordan to shoot reports and post them online.年扬娜在网络上成名,并被称为是世界上最小的业余战地记者之一后来,扬娜·吉哈德在母亲的陪伴下前往更多的地方去进行拍摄和报道她在耶路撒冷,希伯伦,纳布卢斯和约旦等地方拍摄视频,并将其发布到网上Her Facebook page alone currently has over 80,000 likes."至今为止,她的Facebook主页已经拥有8万多个赞Janna’s mother says she is both proud of her, but also very scared her safety.扬娜的妈妈表示很为自己的女儿骄傲,但同时也非常担心她的安全问题“I am proud of my daughter because as a child, she tells her message to the world. She shares her fears, what she feels, and the problems of attending school,” Nawal told Al Jazeera. “But I am scared her, when the army comes in the middle of the night and tear-gases our house, and we wake up in smoke. They attack our people who demonstrate against the settlers and the Israeli occupation.”纳瓦尔接受半岛媒体采访时表示:“我为我的女儿感到无比骄傲,因为她在如此小的年纪就可以通过自己的力量将信息传递给全世界她像全世界展示她的恐惧,她所感受到的一切以及孩子们上学的问题但是,我非常担心她的安危我们的家里曾在半夜的时候被军队丢进催泪弹,一家人在烟雾中醒来人们谁要是反对和抗议以色列军队占领此地,那些军队就会采取袭击行动”Janna’s dream is to study professional journalism at Harvard and get a job at CNN or FOX News, because “they do not talk about Palestine, and I want to make reports on Palestine”. And when asked about Janna’s ideal world, she said, "I want it to be pink”.扬娜的梦想是去哈佛学习新闻专业,以后去CNN(美国有线电视新闻网)或者是福克斯新闻工作,因为他们并不谈论巴勒斯坦,而她希望可以去做关于这方面的报道当有人问道扬娜,对于她来说理想的世界是什么样子时,这个小姑娘表示:“我希望她看起来是粉色的”

众多案件表明:贪官多与女主持人勾结 -- :: 来源: 最近几年,有数位落马高官或因其女主持人情妇举报锒铛入狱,或“连累”其情妇陪其一起坐牢,纠正了中国官场这股股歪风邪气 The Xinhua News Agency reported on June that Ye Yingchun had resigned as a member of the th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).新华社6月日报道,叶迎春辞去了第届政协委员的职务Ye, a mer China Central Television (CCTV) anchorwoman, was under investigation being allegedly romantically involved with China’s disgraced ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang, The Beijing News reported. Zhou, the highest-ranking official to have been investigated corruption since rem and opening-up began in 1978, was sentenced to life imprisonment last year abusing power and accepting bribes.据《北京新闻报道,叶迎春曾是中国中央电视台的节目主持人,因与前安全部门负责人周永康的不正当关系而接受调查周永康是自1978年改革开放以来因腐败罪名接受调查的等级最高的官员,并于去年因滥用职权和收受贿赂被判终身监禁Ye, born in Jingdezhen, East China’s Jiangxi Province, first worked at a local TV station bee she became the first female anchor of CCTV’s newly launched military channel in July 1996. Then she became a CCTV news anchor in 1998 and hosted many high-profile live broadcasts.叶迎春出生于中国东部江西省景德镇,起初只是地方电视台的一名主持人1996年7月,叶迎春成为了中央电视台新设的军事频道的首位女主持人1998年,她成为了中央电视台的一名新闻主持人,主持了多档规格较高的直播节目In February , Ye was part of the th National Committee of the CPPCC, a panel of China’s top political advisors. She submitted several proposals including purifying the Internet through legislation and setting up parking standards.年月,叶迎春成为了第届政协委员,提交了包括立法整治互联网和制定停车标准在内的提案Ye was absent from the country’s annual two political sessions in March , while Zhou was being probed by the authorities.周永康接受调查期间,叶迎春缺席了年3月召开的“两会”Ye is not the only anchorwoman that has been linked to corrupt officials. Several female anchors in State or grass-roots media have been involved in corruption cases in recent years.叶迎春并非首位和腐败官员挂钩的女主持人近年来,上到国家电视台,下到草根媒体,都有女主持人和腐败案件扯上关系Life outside TV荧幕外的生活Ji Yingnan, a mer host the China Travel and Economic Channel, released photos and s on Sina Weibo in June , claiming that she was tricked into being the mistress of Fan Yue, mer senior official with State Administration of Archives, four years.中国旅游与经济电视台前节目主持人纪英男于年6月在个人微上曝光被前国家档案局高管范悦诱骗包养四年In a released by Ji, Fan says to her that they have been together two years, and he hopes that Ji will accept his offer of marriage.在纪英男曝光的一段视频中,范悦对纪英男说两人已在一起两年,希望纪英男接受自己结婚的要求But according to Ji, Fan was actually married the entire time they were together. Fan gave Ji ,000 yuan (,5) every day during their relationship, and then dumped her after she found out about his marital status in .但据纪英男透露,范悦在包养自己的这段时间一直处于已婚的状态在此期间,范悦每天给纪英男1万元人民币年范悦在纪英男发现自己已婚的事实后又抛弃了她Then on June 19, , the State Administration of Achieves posted an announcement on its website, saying that Fan had been removed from his post after they verified Ji’s story.年6月19日,国家档案局在官方网站上宣布纪英男反应的情况属实,已撤消了范悦的职务In a more recent case, Jin Zeyin, mer deputy secretary of the Zhangjiajie city government in Central China’s Hunan Province, received a serious warning from the Party on May 30 after it was reported - by the woman’s husband - that he was keeping a female TV anchor as a mistress.近日湖南省张家界市人民政府副秘书长金则胤因被曝出包养一位卢姓女主持人于5月30日受到了严重警告处分曝光者正是女主持人的丈夫"Jin committed adultery with my wife surnamed Lu who worked at Zhangjiajie TV station since , and bought a luxury BMW her and offered her 1 million yuan every year," Lu’s husband wrote online.卢姓女主持人的丈夫在网上爆料称:“年我的妻子在张家界电视台工作,金则胤从那时开始便与她保持了不正当关系,给她买了一辆豪华的宝马轿车,还有每年一百万的包养费”In a clip released by the angry husband, a middle-aged man carries a woman on his back out of an apartment.在该男子发布的视频中,一位中年男性背着一位女性走出了公寓After receiving the warning, Jin was transferred to a local government office.遭到警告处分后,金则胤被调动到当地政府一处办公室In another case, Wang Dechun, a mer female anchor in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province exposed on Weibo in November that Sun Dejiang, a mer manager of a local company and also a mer deputy to the National People’s Congress, ced her to have sex with him from 1996 onwards.在另一起案件中,黑龙江双城电视台女主持人王德春于年月在微上爆出自己遭当地一家企业的经理和人大代表孙德江胁迫,自1996年起长期与其保持不正当关系Wang also claimed that Sun abused his power and raped her when she was pregnant. Sun raped Wang the first time when she was drunk, and then blackmailed her with a footage he filmed of the rape. Sun was sentenced to years in prison corruption in April .王德春称自己在怀期间仍被迫与其发生性关系王德春某次醉酒后两人首次发生性关系孙德江后来以二人发生关系的视频要挟王德春孙德江于年月因腐败罪被判处有期徒刑年In some cases, female anchors who act as the mistresses of corrupt officials also end up behind bars.有些涉案女主持人最终同样锒铛入狱Li Yong, mer anchor of Guangdong TV, spent seven years of her life as the mistress of Chen Shaoji, mer chairman of the Guangdong provincial committee of the CPPCC who was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve in accepting bribes.广东电视台前节目主持人李泳被前广东省第十届政协主席陈绍基包养七年年陈绍基因受贿罪被判处死刑缓期两年执行Li was sentenced to three years in jail receiving bribes.李泳因受贿罪被判处三年有期徒刑

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