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Sushi is no longer the sole preserve of the adventurous diner. These days, grabbing a pack for lunch is almost as common as picking up a cheese and pickle sandwich.寿司不再是美食冒险家的专利了。如今,买一盒寿司作午餐几乎就像买奶酪泡菜三明治一样稀松平常。The Japanese dish can be bought from every major supermarket (where sales have risen a staggering 88 percent in the past two years).在每个大型超市都可以买到这一日本料理(在过去两年内寿司销售量猛增了88%)。Indeed, the British sushi industry — of which Tesco has a 60 percent market share — is worth more than #163;56#8201;million annually.事实上,英国的寿司产业(其中乐购公司占了60%的市场份额)每年收益超过了5600万英镑。The main reason for its surge in popularity is its reputation as a healthy meal. Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world, while slender celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Keira Knightley are all fans of the raw fish dish.寿司变得如此受欢迎,主要原因是它被誉为健康食品。日本女性是全世界最健康的,而像维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆、谢丽尔#8226;科尔和凯拉#8226;奈特莉这些拥有苗条身材的名人都是这种生鱼料理的粉丝。But do sushi’s nutrition credentials — especially the Western version — stack up? Not always, according to dietitian Rachel Beller. In her book Eat To Lose, Eat To Win, she says a ‘light lunch’ of sushi may mean you overdose on calories and carbohydrates.但是寿司(尤其是西方版寿司)确实有营养学明吗?营养学家瑞秋#8226;贝勒表示,并非总是如此。她在自己的书《瘦在饮食,赢在饮食》中说,一份“简单的”寿司午餐可能意味着你摄入了过量卡路里和碳水化合物。‘A typical sushi roll contains 290 to 350 calories and has the carbohydrate equivalent of two-and-a-half to four slices of b,’ says Ms Beller.贝勒女士说:“一个典型的寿司卷含有290至350卡路里,其碳水化合物含量相当于两片半到四片面包所含的碳水化合物。”‘So a California roll (round rolled sushi, containing a small piece of fish and avocado plus fatty mayonnaise) equals two sandwiches filled with crab sticks (processed fish that is flavoured and coloured to look and taste like crab), a sliver of avocado and a tiny bit of veg.’“因此一个加州卷(圆形的卷状寿司,含有一小片鱼、鳄梨和含油脂的蛋黄酱)相当于两个夹有蟹肉棒的三明治(蟹肉棒是经过调味和上色、使其具有蟹肉的外观和口感的一种鱼类加工产品)、一片鳄梨和一点蔬菜。”Bear in mind a sushi lunch contains two or three of these rolls, a total of up to 1,050 calories, and it’s easy to see how we’re conning ourselves that we’re enjoying a low-calorie, healthy lunch.别忘了一顿寿司午餐包含两到三个这种寿司卷,总热量达到1050卡路里,这样很容易可以看出,我们以为吃寿司午餐是在享用低热量健康饮食,其实是在自欺欺人。Many of us believe eating sushi is a good way to get the Government’s recommended two portions of fish each week, but here’s the problem: most sushi contains very little protein, despite its expense.许多人认为吃寿司是达到政府建议的每周两份鱼的饮食标准的好方法,但是问题是:尽管寿司价格不菲,但大部分寿司所含的蛋白质很少。Health experts say a portion of fish should weigh 140g, but on average, the fish in a California roll or piece of nigiri (rice with fish balanced on the top) weighs just 5g.健康专家称,一份鱼的重量应为140克,但是平均来看,一个加州卷或一个生鱼片寿司(把鱼片均匀地放在米饭上的料理)中的鱼肉重量只达到5克。You’d need to eat 28 pieces of sushi to reach your 140g portion — or more, if you choose a mixed sushi box containing vegetarian varieties.你将需要吃28个寿司才能达到140克的鱼肉摄入标准,或需要吃更多——如果你选择的是含有多种蔬菜的混搭寿司盒。Even ‘fish’ sushi boxes don’t contain much. Marks amp; Spencer Fish Sushi Selection (191g, #163;4.68) has just 36g of fish, meaning you would have to eat four boxes and consume 1,184 calories to get one of your recommended fish portions.即使“全鱼”寿司盒所含的鱼肉也不多。玛莎百货的精选鱼片寿司(191克,4.68英镑)只含有36克鱼,这意味着你将必须吃掉四盒这样的寿司,摄入1184卡路里才能达到建议的鱼肉摄入量。 /201403/280681Bill Gates changed the way we think about home computers in the 90s. He changed the way we think about billionaires in the decade that followed. Now he’s looking to change the way the think about birth control before the end of this decade.上世纪90年代,比尔·盖茨开启了家庭电脑的革命风潮。之后的十年,他成为我们眼中不一样的亿万富豪。现在,新的十年即将过半,盖茨又有了新计划,他正准备倡导一场避方式的革命。Gates is backing a technology that could store 16 years worth of birth control medication on a small chip implanted under a woman’s skin. The device, which could be available as soon as 2018, is under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When activated, the chip puts out 30 milligrams of the hormone levonorgestrel daily. It can be turned on and off without a trip to a doctor.盖茨力挺的避技术是在女性皮下植入一个小芯片,里面储存的避药可维持16年之久。这款设备现在正由麻省理工学院(the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)实验室负责开发改进,计划2018年投放市场。如果激活芯片,它每天可以释放30毫克的荷尔蒙左旋诺酮。使用者根本用不着劳神去医院,自己就可以控制设备的开关。The device is 20 x 20 x 7 millimeters. It operates by temporarily melting a seal using an electric current, allowing that days medication to be dispersed.这个设备的长、宽、高分别为20 x 20 x 7毫米。它的运行原理是利用一股电流暂时融化封口,封口开启后,芯片可以释放每日的避药剂。Gates challenged MIT scientists to work on this project just two years ago during visit to the university’s labs.两年前,盖茨莅临麻省理工学院实验室的时候,向那里的科学家们提出了这项颇有挑战性的项目。 /201407/310992A 9-year-old Minneapolis boy was able to get through security and onto a plane at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport without a ticket, an airport spokesman said Sunday.机场发言人在上周日10月6号称,一名未持机票的9岁男孩在明尼阿波利斯市的保罗国际机场逃过安检登上了飞机。Security officials screened the boy at airport shortly after 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Patrick Hogan said. The boy then boarded Delta Flight 1651, which left for Las Vegas at 11:15 a.m.大都会机场委员会发言人帕特里克·霍根称,安检官员在周四上午10点半左右就通过监控录像发现了男孩,接着这名男孩登上了11点15分开往的三角洲1651航班。The flight was not full, Hogan said, and the flight crew became suspicious mid-flight because the boy was not on their list of unattended minors. The crew contacted Las Vegas police, who met them upon landing and transferred the boy to child protection services, Hogan said.霍根说,当时机上还有空位,机组人员很快就对这个不在无人看管未成年人的名单上的男孩产生了怀疑。机组人员联系了警方,后者在飞机着陆后就将男孩送到局里看管起来了。Minneapolis Police went to his residence. Parents told officers they “hadn’t seen much of him today.”明尼阿波利斯市警方去男孩家调查。父母对警方称他们“今天没怎么看到孩子。”“The child was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that he was not a threat to the aircraft,” said the TSA spokesperson.一名运输安全的发言人称,“我们给这个孩子以及其他乘客都进行了身份扫描,以确保他不会对飞机构成威胁。”They added that of the boy at the checkpoint has been reviewed, and they are “investigating whether we should reconfigure barriers to prevent another incident like this one.”该局发言人同时称,他们已经反复查看过了男孩通过验票口时候的机场录像,并且该局“正在研究是否应该应该重新设置检票口的隔栏,以防止出现类似事故。”Video also shows the boy at the airport Wednesday, Hogan said. He grabbed a bag from the carousel and ordered lunch at a restaurant outside of the security checkpoints, Hogan said. He ate and then told the server he had to use the bathroom, left the bag and never returned to pay.霍根称,机场摄像头还拍摄到了男孩于周四现身机场的录像,当时他从行李旋转带上取走了一个拎包,还在检票口外面的餐厅里点了一份午餐。The owner of the bag was identified, and the bag was returned to him, Hogan said. Nothing was stolen.霍根称,被孩子拿走的拎包已经找到了失主并原物奉还,失主并没有丢东西。The boy became ;violent; and was hospitalized in Las Vegas, where hospital staff reported he was ;uncontrollable; at first but eventually calmed down, it said.男孩被发现后反应相当“剧烈”,人们将他送到了的医院。医护人员反应男孩入院时“难以控制”,但后来最终冷静下来了。A hearing in Las Vegas about the boy#39;s case was scheduled for Tuesday.在本周二举行了关于男孩的听会。The boy has been suspended several times at school, most recently since Sept. 21 for fighting, the father said. “He’s not an honor student; he has his ups, he has his downs,” he said, adding he met with the principal and “we put in a plan,” but the son’s misbehavior continued.据男孩的父亲说,这个9岁的孩子曾经多次被学校停学,最近的一次是在9月21日因为打架被学习停学。“他并不是一个三好学生;他有自己的优点,也有自己的缺点。”the boy is known to county staff as a “challenging” child. Since December 2012, the county has four times assessed the boy’s family for protective services.社区官员称这个孩子一直是一个“具有挑战性”的孩子。自2012年12月以来,社区已经有四次就儿童保护性问题走访过这家人。The boy also has a history of riding light-rail trains to a Bloomington water park, where he “waits until a large family is entering and joins them”. Of county interactions with the child, it said, “Typically, staff can tell if a child is lying, but with this child, they are unsure what is going on.”这个男孩还曾经乘坐轻轨列车到布卢明顿的水上公园去玩过,他在车站“等着一大家子人检票如站,然后和他们站在一起。”据社区官员说,他们在与男孩交流的时候,“官员们能明显的感觉到这孩子在说谎,但是他毕竟还是个孩子,他们无从得知他到底干了些什么。”Now, after the boy’s most dramatic wayward act, his father desperately pleaded for help for the son he hasn’t been able to speak to since last week.在男孩戏剧性的出格事件之后,他的父亲已经一周未能和男孩通话了。现在他正迫切的呼吁社会帮助。“He’s a 9-year-old child,” he said. “I don’t want to see my son hurt.”The father said the plane episode has been “a heartache” for the family. “We didn’t know he’d got on a plane until my fiancée called the police … it came back that he was in Las Vegas,” he said.男孩的父亲说,“他只是个九岁的孩子。我不想看到自己的孩子受伤。” 据他称,机场时间已经成了全家人的“心头大患”。“我们根本不知道他去了机场。后来我的未婚妻报了警,才知道他在。” /201310/260385China has only made it to one World Cup, in 2002, but there was some hope it would contribute to this year#39;s tournament following reports that a group of baby pandas in Sichuan would try to predict the outcome of matches in Brazil.中国唯一一次进入世界杯决赛圈是在2002年,人们原本希望中国为今年的世界杯做点贡献――此前有报道称,四川的一群大熊猫幼崽将尝试预测巴西世界杯的比赛结果。Chinese authorities have, however, intervened and scrapped the plan. A spokesman for the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas said the predictions were dropped over fears that the cubs would be overwhelmed by cameras and excited onlookers.但中国当局进行了干预并最终取消了这项计划。中国大熊猫保护和研究中心(China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas)的发言人称,预测赛事的计划被取消是因为担心中心将挤满摄像机和兴奋的围观者。#39;The safety and health of pandas is most important. We won#39;t sacrifice it,#39; the center spokesman said.该中心的发言人称,大熊猫的安全和健康是最重要的事情,他们不会牺牲这一点。It is a harsh blow to the pandas#39; dreams of doing something useful with their lives beyond the daily grind of eating bamboo and being pressured into having sex. There is no point them filing a complaint at their designated grievance facility, otherwise known as a panda-moan-ium, because the decision appears final.这对大熊猫是一次沉重的打击。除了每天咀嚼竹子和被迫交配之外,它们原本还能做点有意义的事情。大熊猫无法提起申诉,因为这似乎已经是最后决定了。The pandas had been expected to predict the outcome of matches by either picking food from bowls marked with the national colors of competing teams, or climbing trees flying certain flags.大熊猫预测赛事的计划原本是这样设计的:在涂上足球队所属国家国旗颜色的碗中盛上食物,看看熊猫会选择哪个碗中的食物;或者看看熊猫会爬上哪棵树并挥舞某国的国旗。Paul the Octopus pioneered the grand tradition of animals picking World Cup winners after a dream run of forecasts for the 2010 tournament in South Africa. He also had a good record at Euro 2008. But Paul is dead, and the search for a worthy successor continues.章鱼保罗曾开启了动物预测世界杯结果的先河,它对2010年南非世界杯的比赛结果进行了预测。它2008年预测欧洲杯的成绩也很出色。但章鱼保罗已经去世了,人们仍在寻找和它一样优秀的继任者。U.K. tabloid the Sun proudly introduced its World Cup tipster -- Pele the Piranha - last week. The newspaper said its #39;Amazonian toothsayer#39; had correctly forecast the results of England#39;s three World Cup warm-up matches by picking one of three morsels of fish to eat.上周,英国小报《太阳报》(Sun)骄傲地推出了它的世界杯预测者――水虎鱼佩莱。该报称,佩莱通过从食物中三选一的方式成功预测了英格兰三场世界杯热身赛的结果。But Pele#39;s World Cup has got off to a poor start, as he predicted England would beat Italy in their opening match.但佩莱的世界杯预测之旅开局不力,它预计英格兰将在首战对阵意大利的比赛中获胜。#39;When offered the three choices for England#39;s opening game against Italy on Saturday, he showed no hesitation and munched the Cross of St George grub,#39; the Sun said.《太阳报》称,在预测周六英格兰对阵意大利的三种比赛结果时,它毫不犹豫地大嚼代表英格兰队将取胜的食物。Italy won 2-1.但最终意大利以2比1战胜了英格兰队。 /201406/305904

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