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It a Wonderful Life is an American Christmas drama film produced and directed by Frank Capra. It was based on the short story ;The Greatest Gift;, written by Philip Van Doren Stern. The movie was released in 196 and stars James Stewart as George Bailey.It about a man George whose imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence. Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his commy would be had he never been born. It a Wonderful Life was nominated five Oscars without winning any. The American Film Institute placed it number one on its list of the most inspirational American films of all time.生活多美好是一部圣诞节必看的情景电影,弗兰克·卡普拉兼导演和制片电影选自菲力浦·范·多伦·斯特恩的短片小说“最伟大的礼物”电影上映于196年,影星詹姆斯·史都华饰演乔治·贝里电影讲述了男主人公想在圣诞前夜准备自杀,但是天使-克拉伦斯成为了指引他方向的福星克拉伦斯向乔治展示了让他感动的生活场面,如果没有他,很多人的人生将会而不同生活多美好获得了奥斯卡的五次提名,但最终都没有获奖美国电影学院把这部影片排在了美国最激励人心电影的榜首It a Wonderful Life was initially considered a box office flop due to high production costs and stiff competition. However, the film has come to be regarded as a classic and is a staple of Christmas television around the world. Time magazine said, ;It a Wonderful Life is a pretty wonderful movie….Director Capra inventiveness, humor and affection human beings keep it glowing with life and excitement.; In 1990, the movie was deemed ;culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant; by the ed States Libraryof Congress and selected preservation in their National Film Registry. In , Britain Channel ranked It a Wonderful Life as the seventh greatest film ever made.起初,人们认为生活多美好的票房将不会尽如人意,这是因为竞争激烈的电影产业,以及较高的制作费用但是,这部电影却成为了一部经典之作,也是圣诞节必看的一部电影作品时代周刊认为:“生活多美好是一部精的电影,导演卡普拉的创造性、幽默感、情感表达都使得这部影片充满了生机与活力”1990年,美国国会图书馆认为这部影片在文化、历史以及美学方面的意义巨大,它也成为了国家电影目录的保护影片年,英国第四频道把生活多美好列入了史上最伟大的第七部电影作品译文属原创,,不得转载 6561The open Door第30单元 敞开的门Reverend Tom Sonack opened ;The Open Door; about ten years ago. ;The open Door; is a safe place street people to go to socializing, free clothes,use of computers, food, support, and many other things.汤姆·桑纳克牧师十年前成立“敞开的门”,这是一个安全的场所,街头游民不仅可以在这里从事社交活动,还提供免费的衣、电脑使用、食物、持和其他事物The Reverend was tired of feeling uncomtable and helpless when he saw people on ethe street. ;The Open Door; was his solution to the problems. It has moved location a few times but now it is located in the heart of the city and helps approximately 600 people a day.牧师不希望再因为看到街头游民,而感到不安和无助,成立“敞开的门”来解决问题“敞开的门”搬了几次家,现在坐落在市中心,每天都会帮助约六百人It is not just street people but is also a place people with mental disorders or physical disorders. Many of the people who use the facility praise the efts of the staff and the volunteers creating such a welcoming place.来到这里的人不只是街头游民,还包括心理失常和肢体障碍的人,利用这个地方的许多人赞美员工和义工努力创造这个温暖的地方The Reverend says,;It is important people living on the streets to have a place to go. It also helps the residents of the city. It makes them feel safer having less people on the street. ;The staff members at the ;The Open Door;are also educators, providing inmation on drug addiction, and offer counseling services.牧师说:“让街头游民有地方可去很重要,这同样也在帮助这个城市的居民,街头少些人游荡,让他们感到更安全”“敞开的门”里的员工同时还是教育者,提供毒瘾的相关资讯与咨询务 196891

Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to RoundTable Word of the Week. This week were talking about some sleep-related idioms.John: Indeed. Everyone likes to sleep, but not everyone knows how to talk about sleep in English. So were going to take a look at some idioms specifically related to sleeping. ;Cat nap;, a short sleep or rest during the day. My dad often has a cat nap on a Sunday afternoon.Xiaohua: 猫特别喜欢在白天打瞌睡,那cat nap就是小睡一下的意思John: And then ;ty winks;. If you have ty winks , you have a short sleep or rest, generally during the day. So very, very similar to cat nap.Xiaohua: ty winks也是差不多的意思,so if you winked ty times, it a very short period of time, theree, ty winks?John: I have no idea.Xiaohua: Sounds like it.John: Sounds like it. Next up, ;hit the hay or hit the sack;. When you hit the hay or hit the sack, you go to bed when youre really, really tired. example, the boys were so exhausted that they hit the hay as soon as they reached the campsite.Xiaohua: 当人们很累的时候就一下子倒在干草堆上了,所以hit the hay or hit the sack是立刻就去睡觉了的意思John: Right. Then there is ;lie in or sleep in;. If you lie in, you stay in bed after a normal time getting up. I imagine that a lot of people like to have a lie in on the weekend when they dont have to get up early work.Xiaohua: There nothing better than a lie in on Sunday me. Lie in就是已经过了起床的时间但还赖在床上不肯起来的意思John: And then ;out like a light;. If a person is out like a light, they are so tired that they fall asleep very quickly. As soon as his head touched the pillow, he was out like a light.Xiaohua: Out like a light的意思就是一下就睡着John: Someone who is ;y to drop; is extremely tired or nearly too exhausted to stay standing. So example: Ive been shopping all day with Judy. Im y to drop! This is also kind of similar to a phrase you hear in English: someone is shopping until they drop. Or ;shop till you drop; is usually a sales tactic getting people to come in the store with the amazing deals.Xiaohua: I see. Ready to drop就是累得可以马上倒下睡着的意思而shop till you drop居然也是购物一直到John: 到累死了?Xiaohua: OK,购物一直购到累死了的状态John: I never thought Id be teaching Xiaohua Chinese.Xiaohua: No.John: And then ;sleep like a log;. If you sleep like a log, you sleep deeply or soundly. So after a day at the beach, I usually sleep like a log.Xiaohua: 这个短语大家可能都知道,sleep like a log,睡得很沉John: So ;not sleep a wink or not get a wink of sleep;. So basically you sleep so lightly or you dont actually sleep at all no matter how hard you try.Xiaohua: 刚才说到ty winks是小睡一下的意思,那not sleep a wink就是一点都没睡着John: And then the opposite of ;not sleeping a wink; is to be fast asleep or sound asleep. And so very similar to sleeping like a log, to be fully asleep and not easy to wake up.Xiaohua: Fast or sound asleep也是指睡得很沉的意思John: And then looking at some idioms that arent directly related with sleep but talking about sleep: ;asleep at the wheel; means that someone is not sufficiently attentive, especially at a critical moment when vigilance is required. example, when the firemen arrived too late at the scene, the night watchman was accused of being asleep at the wheel.Xiaohua: Asleep at the wheel有点像关键时刻掉链子的意思,就是当你需要非常警醒的时候你却没有注意John: And then to sleep on it, so take time usually until the next day) to think something over bee making a very important decision.Xiaohua: Yeah, I tend to sleep on my problems all the time.John: Do you oversleep on your problems?Xiaohua: Kind of. 所以sleep on something就是把这件事情先不管啦,拖一阵再解决And that all we have RoundTable Word of the Week. 385933今天跟大家继续分享英国著名的儿童绘本(粉红猪)Annie老师今天跟大家分享的是 (佩琪在家)咱们听语音,开始今天的故事Peppa at home佩奇在家There are lots of fun things to do at home. Peppa eats spaghetti in the kitchen. “Yummy-yummy!”在家能做好多有意思的事情佩琪在厨房里吃意大利面“真好吃!”Peppa plays hide and seek in the sitting-room. “Coming, George! ”佩琪在客厅玩捉迷藏,“乔治,我来抓你了!”Peppa and George have a splashy time in the bathroom. “The bubbles are thickly! ”佩琪和乔治在浴室里享受泡泡浴“哇,这些泡泡真厚啊!”Peppa and George have bunk beds. “Night-night, George! ” Goodnight, Peppa Pig.佩琪和乔治准备在双层床睡觉了“晚安,乔治!” 晚安,小猪佩琪「英语学习笔记」spaghetti n. 意大利面yummy adj. 美味的好吃的hide v. 躲藏seek vi. 寻找splashy adj. 溅开的;这里把splashy time 引申为“泡泡浴时间”bubble n. 气泡bunk n. 床铺,铺位 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 59Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻3.Blind Date3.相亲A guy gets set up on a blind dateand he takes her out dinner to a very expensive restaurantto make a good impression.一个小伙子被安排去相亲,为了能给女孩留一个好印象,他带着她去了家收费昂贵的餐厅The waiter approaches the table and asks to take their order.务生过来问他们要点些什么菜The lady begins ordering practically everything on the ,shrimp cocktail, pate, Caesar Salad, lobster, crepes Suzette,with no regard to the price.女孩开始点菜了,她几乎点了菜单上所有的东西,鸡尾虾、派、凯撒沙拉、龙虾、柳橙可丽饼,完全不考虑价格The guy is getting very upset,as he never thought she would order so much.小伙子变得很不安,他真没想到女孩竟然会点这么多菜She then stops, and looks across at him, and asks,;What do you suggest I wash it down with?;这时她停下了,看着坐在对面的他,问,“你认为咱们该喝什么酒水配这些菜呢?”;Well my dear, I can think of nothing so fitting as the Mississippi River;“哦,亲爱的,我觉得没有什么东西比密西西比河更合适了” 3996

朗读原文:;Oh, Mr Tumnus-Im so sorry to stop you, and I do love that tune - but really, I must go home. I only meant to stay a few minutes.; ;It no good now, you know,; said the Faun, laying down its flute and shaking its head ather very sorrowfully. ;No good?; said Lucy, jumping up and feeling rather frightened. ;What do you mean? Ive got to go home at once. The others will be wondering what has happened to me.; But a moment later she asked, ;Mr Tumnus! Whatever is the matter?; the Faun brown eyes had filled with tears and then the tears began trickling down its cheeks, and soon they were running off the end of its nose; and at last it covered its face with its hands and began to howl. 700讲解Today’s key word is HalloweenHalloween 万圣节Halloween is the evening bee All Saints Day; often devoted to pranks(恶作剧) played by young people.Here is an example:Do you want to come to a Halloween party?你想参加万圣节聚会吗?这期节目,我们来聊聊go go go ghost~~~~~话说,万圣节近几年在中国渐渐火了起来,在这一天大家可以堂堂正正的穿着奇装异到大街上吓人那么,万圣节到底是从怎么来的呢?Halloween is the night of the 31st of October. It is thought to have evolved from the ancient Celtic(凯尔特人的) holiday of Samhain(夏末节). The Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.凯尔特人相信,这个季节转换的日子,冥界和人类的世界会相互连接It is the time when ghosts and witches(女巫) can be seen. But, 但是,越来越多的人发现,诶?为什么我看不到ghost呢,反正看不到,不如我自己扮鬼好了这就叫自力更生,自给自足于是,Modern Halloween is more about costumes and candy other than ghosts.除了各式各样的装扮外,Trick-or-treat 是孩子们最喜欢的传统了Children in costume will go from house to house, asking treats such as candies, with the question ;Trick or treat?;十月三十一号就是这个周六哦,哈哈,准备好糖留心我可能去敲门哦,对了还有一样东东:南瓜灯,jack-o-lantern南瓜灯,jack-o-lanternA jack-o-lantern is a carved(雕刻的) pumpkin, named after the phenomenon(现象) of strange light flickering over peat bogs(泥沼)每年这个时侯,家长都会费劲心血,起早贪黑的给孩子雕南瓜灯当然,雕成什么样那就看爸爸妈妈的手艺了我也要去买南瓜去了,see you next time! 5

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