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  • 第八讲: “在餐馆中” Lesson 8: In the Restaurant (continued) 各位朋友好,欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”第八讲,我是澳洲广播电 台中文部节目主持人马健媛 在第七课中,我们学习了如何询问客人是否有任何问题需要帮助以 及在出现失误的时候如何道歉在这一课中,我们要学习怎样询问 客人的需求及如何向客人解释帐单的明细帐 在我们继续学习“在餐馆中”新的对话之前,让我们重温一下“在 餐馆中”的第一部分的对话 Jean: Your Crispy Fish and … … your Garlic Chicken and vegetables. Mona: Oh dear. Jean: Is there a problem? Mona: There seems to be some mistake. I asked no chillies. This chicken has chillies. Jean: Oh, yes. I see. I’m sorry. I’ll get you another one straight away. Jean: There was a slight mix up in the kitchen. We’re very busy tonight. Here is your Garlic Chicken without the chillies. I apologise any inconvenience. Mona: No worries. Jean: Would you like anything else to drink? Mona: No, thanks. Jack: I’m right, thank you. 现在让我们继续学习第八课“在餐馆中”请先收听对话的原文及 中文翻译 杰克: 非常好吃,谢谢你 Jack: That was delicious, thank you. 琴: 很高兴您能喜欢这些菜肴,先生您现在要看一下甜点 单吗? Jean: I’m glad you liked it, sir. Page of 7 Now, would you like to see the dessert ? 杰克: 不用了,谢谢 Jack: No, thanks. 蒙纳: 请把帐单给我好吗?谢谢 Mona: Just the bill, thank you. 请注意,当我们向客人提出建议时,我们可以用Would you like….? 这个句型您通常可以在这个句型后面连接名词或者动词 不动式琴在对话中多次询问客人喜欢点什么菜,或者想做什么 事她每次使用的都是这个句型请注意听 琴: 您要看看菜单吗? Jean: Would you like to see a ? 琴: 您要点些开胃菜吗? Jean: Would you like any appetizers? 琴: 您点煮饭还是椰浆饭? Jean: Would you like boiled or coconut rice with that? 琴: 您要看一下甜点单吗? Jean: Would you like to see the dessert ? 现在让我们一起来练习这个句型请注意听并重复 Would you like? Would you like to see a ? Would you like boiled or coconut rice? Would you like dessert? 现在请您来试着说首先我会用中文说明有关的建议,英语老师随 后会把这项建议的英文说法告诉你在铃声之后请您使用would you like ….这个句型造出一个完整的句子然后英语老师会把正 确的句子朗读一遍,供您核对自己造的句子是否正确最后请您重 复英语老师朗读的句型 喝点什么吗? Something to drink? Would you like something to drink? 现在点菜吗? 557。
  • 7.The Braconidae Wasp7.小茧蜂Braconidae is large family of parasitoid wasps (wasps that lay eggs inside other animals). Luckily them they are highly resistant to radiation, so they have a very high likelihood to survive nuclear fallout.小茧蜂科下有许多拟寄马蜂(拟寄马蜂是指在其他动物中产卵的一类马蜂)它们极其幸运地拥有了强大的抗辐射能力,所以极有可能在核放射环境中存活Researchers have discovered they can withstand up to 180,000 rads of radiation, making them one of the toughest animals alive today.研究人员发现它们能够忍受180000拉德的辐射,而这让他们成为世界上最坚强的动物There is some argument about whether or not they would find any prey species to lay eggs in but it is very possible that they might. After all, they arent the only animal on this list, right?但关于它们能否在那个核辐射的世界中寻找到拟寄的目标动物,人们是由所争议的,但它们该是能找到的,毕竟,他们不是这个存活清单上唯一的动物Additionally, here a fun fact about these insects: the braconidae wasps can actually be trained to sniff out harmful chemicals and explosives just like a sniffer dog. A stinging, creepy, not at all cute, sniffer dog.另外,关于这些小茧蜂还有一件很有趣的事情:它们在接受训练之后,能够像搜寻犬一样寻找有害化学物质——一只死追不舍的、贪婪的、一点也不可爱的搜寻犬6.The Lingulata6.舌形贝The lingulata is a type of brachiopod, or animal with a hinged shell (like a clam). The name comes from the Latin word meaning tongue due to the shape of their shell.舌形贝是一种拥有胶合壳的腕足类动物,就像捞蛤一样这个名字来自于拉丁语,是“舌头”的意思,因为它们壳的形状就像舌头一样In the history of the Earth there have been five mass extinctions (arguably, we are in the sixth, depending on who you ask), when the vast majority of life was wiped out. It was such an event that lead to the demise of the dinosaurs.在地球的历史上,有五次大灭绝(这一点有争议,有人说我们正处于第六次大灭亡中这个数字是多少取决于你问谁),每次都有大量的生命消失而其中一次则是恐龙的消失The lingulata has no issues with trivial mass extinctions and has survived all five without any issues. It appears that it able to burrow deeply into the ground in times of trouble and then emerge later.舌形贝对这些大灭亡毫不在意,并且毫无损伤地从五次大灭亡中存活了下来似乎它们能够在麻烦来临时深深地埋入地底下,然后在一切归于平静时再冒出来Despite their ability to survive no one really understands quite how they do it. Still, if they have outlived 99% of species which have ever existed, they would be odds on favorites to survive a nuclear war.尽管它们有如此强大的生命力,但是却没人知道它们是怎么做到的既然它们比有史以来99%的动物都活得长,它们也极有可能是能够在核战争中存活下来的奇特生物之一5.The Fruit Fly5.果蝇The common fruit fly, or Drosophilla if you want to be specific, can survive high doses of radiation up to around 6,000 rads. Most insects, as it happens, are quite capable of surviving radiation due to slow cell division, and extremely fast reproduction in the case of the fruit fly.常见的果蝇(更准确的称呼为:drosophilla),能够抵抗6000拉德的辐射事实明,许多生物凭借它们缓慢的细胞分裂以及极其迅速的繁殖,能够在核辐射环境中存活,而果蝇就是其中之一The ability to reproduce means they have the ability to evolve very quickly to any change in conditions.强大的繁殖能力让它们能够快速地适应环境变化Also the mere fact that theyre so small works in their favor too, as there are less cells to be affected by the radiation and less surface area to absorb it.同样的,体积小也提高了它们的生存能力,因为有更少的细胞和面积更小的表层受到辐射As we are beginning to see, the world after nuclear war would not be particularly cute and cuddly, but there would at least be some life.慢慢地我们意识到,核战争之后的世界并不可爱,但至少有生命.The Human.人类Surprised? Well, despite all that known about our ability to survive radiation, it quite possible that humans would survive nuclear war. There are several reasons this.惊讶吗?尽管我们都知道人类抗辐射的能力并不尽如人意,但人类还是极有可能在核战争之后的世界里寻求到一席之地有几个原因:First, the amount of nuclear weaponry in the world is actually decreasing, meaning fewer bombs. While the existing bombs could technically wipe everyone out, that would be unlikely as humans are too scattered around the world.首先,世界上核武器的数量正在减少,也就是说核弹头也在减少虽然现存的核弹头理论上能够杀死世界上每一个人,但因为人类太过于分散,所以这并不太可能Although bombs are around 1,000 times more powerful now than Hiroshima it doesnt mean that 1,000 times more people will die.并且,虽然现在核弹的威力是广岛核弹的00倍,但这并不意味着有00倍的人会而去世This is quite simply because there wont be that many people in the vicinity of where the bomb is dropped, although every person there would obviously be killed. With humans living in all parts of the world, and with nuclear shelters, it is possible that enough people would survive to keep a viable population and live off the remaining land.道理很简单,在核弹爆炸的地方并不一定有很多人,当然在那附近的人肯定会死生活在世界各地的人们,凭借着防辐射屏障,是能够有足够数量的人类存活下来,继续繁殖并且在残余的土地上重新开始生活Also, were tunate enough to possess the intelligence to engineer our way out of trouble. Or, you know, we could choose not to drop the bombs to begin with.进一步而言,人类拥有解决问题的能力而更简单的办法是,不要使用核武器 691。
  • 第二十四讲: 退房 Lesson : Checking Out (continued) 各位听众朋友,欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”我是澳大利亚澳洲广 播电台中文部的节目主持人马健媛 在上一讲中我们学习了如何礼貌地询问客人谁来付帐单以及如何逐 项为客人解释帐单上的帐目在这一讲中,我们要学习当帐单上出 现错误时应该如何应对和向客人告别时所使用的英语句型 现在让我们学习新的对话内容,请特别注意新的生词与句型 Jack: Leo, I have a query. This amount, under newspapers. Leo: Ah yes. I see the problem. Leo: You’ve been charged the local newspaper. Jack: But Leo, I never ordered a local paper. I can’t Chinese you see. Leo: You’re quite right. Leo: I’m terribly sorry about that. Leo: I’ll fix it right away. Leo: There, problem fixed. Jack: Thanks. 以上就是我们今天要学习的部份内容,您听懂了多少呢?好,让我 们再听一遍录音,我会将每句话的内容译成中文 杰克: 利奥,我有个问题请问这个在报纸项目下的款项是怎 么回事呢? Jack: Leo, I have a query. This amount, under newspapers. 利奥: 哦,我明白了这是向您收取的当地报纸的费用 Leo: Ah yes. I see the problem. You’ve been charged the local newspaper. 杰克: 但是,利奥,你知道我从来也没有定过当地的报纸啊, 我根本不懂中文呀 Jack: But Leo, I never ordered a local paper. I can’t Chinese you see. Page of 7 利奥: 您说得很对出了这样的错误我真的很抱歉我立刻就 改正这个错误 Leo: You’re quite right. I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ll fix it right away. 利奥: 好了,改过来了 Leo: There, problem fixed. 杰克: 谢谢你 Jack: Thanks. 在以前的课文中我们学习过如何在餐馆里向客人解释帐单的明细帐 目现在让我们再学习一些新的处理这种情况时会用到的句型 Leo: Ah yes. I see the problem. You’ve been charged the local newspaper. 在这句话中,利奥一下子就发现了错误的原因,那就是帐单上列出 了一项当地报纸的费用,可实际的情况是杰克从来没有定过这份报 纸,因为他根本就不懂中文在这句话中,利奥用了这样的说法: I see the problem, 我明白了另外,利奥还说you’ve been charged …这是向您收取的费用不知您是否还记得,在 以前的课文中,当蒙纳对她的帐单产生疑问时,利奥曾经使用过这 样的短语: that’s …..这是的费用完整的句子是 That’s the dry cleaning. 这是干洗的费用好现在让我们跟 着英语老师一起来练习这些句型 I see the problem. I see the problem. You’ve been charged the newspaper. That’s the newspaper. You’ve been charged the dry cleaning. That’s the dry cleaning. 现在让我们一起来听听利奥在确认杰克的帐单出现问题时是怎么说 的 利奥: 您说的很对 Leo: You’re quite right. Page 3 of 7 利奥: 出了这样的错误我真的很抱歉 Leo: I’m terribly sorry about that. 利奥: 我立刻就改正这个错误 Leo: I’ll fix it right away. 利奥: 好了,改过来了 Leo: There, problem fixed. 我们曾经在第七讲中学习过sorry, 对不起,这个词汇的用法所 以在这里我就不重复了不过我要提醒各位的是在英语中道歉并不 一定表示错误的原因在你,我们说sorry 的用意更多的是在于就给 客人带来的不便表示一种歉意请跟着老师练习下列句子 You’re quite right. I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ll fix it right away. There, problem fixed. 好,现在让我们再听一遍这部份对话的录音请在利奥的句子之后 重复他的话 Jack: Leo, I have a query. This amount, under newspapers. Leo: Ah yes. I see the problem. Leo: You’ve been charged the local newspaper. Jack: But Leo, I never ordered a local paper. I can’t Chinese you see. Leo: You’re quite right. Leo: I’m terribly sorry about that. Leo: I’ll fix it right away. Leo: There, problem fixed. Jack: Thanks. 各位听众朋友,您现在收听的是澳大利亚澳洲广播电台为您制作的 “旅游业英语”教学节目 第二十四讲退房 我们现在学习的是第二十四讲,退房 在收听下面这部份对话的内容时请您特别注意句子中出现的新词汇 与句型 573。
  • Eating mooncakes is a not-to-miss part of Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 7 thisyear. But people are quite tired of eating traditional mooncakes. Instead, people are trying innovative mooncakes with special flavors.吃月饼是中秋节不可错过的部分,今天的中秋节是9月7日但是人们对传统月饼早已感到厌倦如今,人们正在尝试口味独特的创新月饼Let have a look at the weirdest mooncakes.让我们盘点一下十大最不可思议的月饼吧Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef filling巧克力辣牛肉月饼Ten years ago, a girl said to a boy, ;It impossible us to be together, like chocolate will never be with beef.; Today, it seems that everything is possible.十年前,一个女孩对一个男孩说,“我们不可能在一起,就好像巧克力永远不会和牛肉在一起一样”如今,万事皆有可能Sour and spicy mooncake酸辣月饼The sourness of the mooncake filling is from pickled vegetables and hawthorns. The spiciness is made from a chilli sauce resembling to the famous brand Lao Gan Ma.月饼馅的酸味源于腌制的蔬菜和山楂辣味源自和著名品牌老干妈类似的一种辣椒酱Fermented bean curd mooncake腐乳月饼This is a variant of a kind of pastry made with fermented bean curd popular in Chaoshan,Guangdong province. The pastry is usually used as a sacrificial offering by local people onthe first day and the middle day of each month.在广东超市里,这款腐乳制造的油酥点心十分流行这种糕点通常在每月第一天和月中被用来做祭品Mooncake with fillings of cream, truffle and goose liver奶酥松露鹅肝月饼The ;Louis Vuttion; of mooncakes is made with expensive ingredients of truffle and gooseliver. This luxurious mooncake definitely deserves a bite.月饼中的“路易威斯“是由昂贵的原料——松露和鹅肝制成的这款奢华的月饼绝对值得一试Mooncake with leek egg filling韭菜鸡蛋月饼Scrambled egg is a popular filling Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling). But the first time,scrambled egg is being used the traditional Mid-Autumn day dessert.碎鸡蛋是中国常见的饺子馅但是碎鸡蛋第一次被用来制造传统中秋糕点;Shiren; mooncake“十仁”月饼;Shiren; mooncakes have kinds of nuts, doubling the traditional ;Wuren; mooncake with 5kinds of nuts. It four to six times larger than traditional mooncakes, and implies best wishesof ;perfect in every respect“十仁”月饼由十种坚果制成,比传统的“五仁”月饼种类多一倍它是传统月饼的四到六倍,这寓意着“生活方方面面都完美”Mooncake stuffed with braised pork and preserved vegetable in soya sauce梅菜扣肉月饼Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce, or ;meicai kourou; is a famous Chinesedish. The one made this special filling mooncake must be a super fan of this dish.梅菜扣肉是中国名菜用它来做月饼馅的人一定大爱这款菜Bamboo charcoal mooncake竹炭月饼This mooncake is made by putting bamboo charcoal powder into the mooncake when baking.It said to have the function of absorbing toxins inside our bodies.这款月饼是在烘焙月饼时加入竹炭粉制成的据说,它可以吸附体内的毒素Instant noodle mooncake方便面月饼Putting instant noodles into the traditional mooncake will surely give you a special experience.The mooncakes are also marked with Chinese characters, ;Diao Si;, which means;underprivileged losers; in a self-mocking way.把方便面放入传统的月饼中一定会给你带来独特的体验月饼上还刻有“屌丝”二字,这是社会地位较低的人用来自嘲的方法Mooncakes with bean-taste filling fried with tomatoes豆沙月饼炒西红柿The canteen of Civil Aviation University of China had put ward a dish which fried mooncakepieces stuffed with sweet bean taste and tomatoes bee decorating them with caraway. Thedish became a hit on the Internet and is called the weirdest mooncakes.中国民航大学食堂推出一款新菜:豆沙月饼炒西红柿,出国前还撒上香菜装饰这款菜在网上引起轩然,被誉为最奇葩的月饼 0。
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