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In Enter the Dragon, the first scene in the movie, they have mixed martial arts gloves.Those are almost exactly the same kind of gloves we fight in today.So the gear he used back then is the same year we use today.;龙争虎斗;中的最初打斗场景 他们戴着综合格斗手套,和我们现在用的手套相差无几,那时他就用上了我们现在才用的装备。And you see Bruce Lee hit it takedown in go into to an arm bar,which, before UFC, the general public didn#39;t know what arm bar is.可以看到 李小龙一记后踹马上接反夹臂,而终极格斗大赛之前 大家都对此很陌生。But now looking back, 30 years back, 40 years back, we#39;re seeing before anyone really knew what it was, he was employing these tactics.And while Bruce Lee#39;s Jeet Kune Do revolutionized the world of martial arts,his approach to health and physical fitness would change the way other athletes and sports people train their bodies forever.但现在看来 30年也好 40年也好 公众还不知道 我们还只是见过 而他却已经用于实战了,而当李小龙的截拳道席卷世界搏击界的同时,他的健身健美方式也深深地改变其他运动员。Martial artists and sportsmen admired him for his physical dexterity, power and speed.Philosophers respect him for bridging the philosophical divide between east and west.But here at Gold#39;s Gym in Venice Beach, California,are another group of people who hold Bruce Lee up as inspiration for their community: the bodybuilders.格斗家和运动员钦慕他 因为他展示了身体柔韧性 力量和速度,哲学家尊重他 因为他融合了东方哲学与西方文明,而这儿 加利福尼亚海滩的Gold#39;s Gym中,另一群人也同样把李小龙尊为他们的灵感之源: 健美运动员。Gold#39;s Gym is the Mecca of bodybuilding.It was here Arnold Schwarzenegger trained, and where many of the world#39;s champion bodybuilders come to hone their physiques.金色训练场号为健美圣城,阿诺 施瓦辛格曾在此训练 而其他很多健美世界冠军也常来此磨砺体格。Flex Wheeler was one of the most successful body-builders of his generation,winning numerous titles before retiring in 2002.弗莱克斯 惠勒是与他同时代的健美运动员中最成功之一,2002年退役之前曾获无数头衔。Probably two of the biggest things that Bruce Lee was known as far as his physical attributes,one would be his lats, #39;cause he has incredible lats, and then also his abs.同身体条件一样久负盛名 李小龙还另有其二,一是他的背阔肌 简直难以置信 再就是他的腹肌了.Another thing also would be from the rear, his back.In body-building, we call it Christmas tree.So for a person, you know, having a Christmas tree back in that area is just profoundly unknown or unheard of.关于他的背肌还有段佳话,健美界中 我们都称为;圣诞树;,正常人来说 背肌呈;圣诞树;简直是闻所未闻 见所未见。 Article/201402/274766

We#39;ve all fantasized about working from home in our PJs, with no grueling commute or annoying colleagues. Make it a reality by getting your boss on board.我们都幻想过穿着睡衣在家工作,不需要长途跋涉去上班,也不需要面对恼人的同事。积极说老板,让理想变成现实。You Will Need你需要Persuasive arguments有说力的言论Willingness to compromise让步的意愿Steps步骤STEP 1 Build a case1.精细的计算Add up the time you#39;ll save by not having to commute to work. Jot down all the daily distractions that go along with working with others, like being drawn into office pools, birthday celebrations,and watercooler chats. Build the case that you will be more productive at home.计算一下不需花费在路上的时间,计算一下不需与同事相处而分心的时间,例如办公室聚会,生日派对和无聊的聊天。列举这些来说明在家工作效率更高。STEP 2 Schedule a meeting2.安排会面Request a meeting with the boss. Say that you#39;ve found a way to become more efficient and you#39;d like to talk to them about it.要求与老板会面。告诉他你发现了工作更加高效的方法,希望跟他谈一下。The best time to have a meeting with a manager is midmorning, during the middle of the week. Studies show that#39;s when they#39;re least busy.与老板碰面的最佳时间是上午,一周中间。研究表明这是老板最不繁忙的时候。STEP 3 Be reassuring3.保Assure your boss that you#39;ll be available during the same hours that you are working now. Tell them that you#39;ll come in as needed for special meetings or projects.向老板保,在正常的上班时间你肯定在工作。告诉他们,如果需要的时候,你可以到公司参加特别会议或重要的项目。STEP 4 Request a trial run4.要求试运行Suggest that you try telecommuting on a temporary basis, after which they can revoke or revamp the arrangement if it#39;s not working to their liking.建议试运行在家远程办公。在此之后,如果他们不喜欢,他们可以取消或者改进。STEP 5 Compromise5.让步If your boss turns you down, ask if you can try the arrangement just one or two days a week.如果老板拒绝了你的要求,可以问一下是否能够每周一两天在家办公。STEP 6 Make a bold offer6.更大胆的让步Still no dice? Consider offering to take a small pay cut in exchange for the luxury of telecommuting. The average U.S. worker spends over 0 a month in commuting costs, so offering to take a salary cut equivalent to that expense will help them save money without affecting your bottom line.仍然没有效果?考虑降低一点薪水,换取在家办公的奢侈。美国人平均每月在上班途中的花费超过200美元,所以提出相当于路费的薪水削减,可以帮助老板节约费用,而且也不会超出你的底线。Thirty-seven percent of workers polled said they#39;d take a pay cut of up to 10 percent in exchange for the opportunity to telecommute full time.37%的受调查者表示,他们可以接受降薪10%来换取全程在家工作的机会。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/282799

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you an I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I became a U.S. state in 1912, but Native Americans lived here more than 1,000 years before that.我在1912成为美国的一个州,但1000多年前就有印第安人居住在这里了。 My state nickname is ;Land of Enchantment;, my capital is Santa Fe.我的别称是“迷人之地”,我的首府是圣达菲。I#39;m New Mexico and relicts of early inhabitants are all over the state.我是新墨西哥州,早先居民的遗骸遍布全州。AZUZ: What#39;s fascinating is that researchers in New Mexico are using some of our latest technology to study those ancient relicts. 令人着迷的是,新墨西哥州的研究者运用了一些我们最新的技术来学习这些古老的遗迹。Now, when you think of archeology you might think of digs, ditches, dredges, but drones? 现在,当你想到考古学的时候,你可能会想到考古发掘,挖沟渠,挖泥机,但是你会想到无人机吗?They are helping people see beneath the desert surface to study ruins underneath vegetation and sandstone without touching a shovel.他们帮助人们看到沙漠之下的东西,不用铲土就能研究植被和砂石下的遗迹。 /201405/298782

A hundred years ago, there were one and a half billion people on Earth.100年前,地球上生活着15亿人Now, over six billion crowd our fragile planet.如今,已有超过60亿人拥挤在我们这颗脆弱的星球上But even so, there are still places barely touched by humanity.尽管如此,地球上仍有一些人类极少涉足的地方This series will take to the last wildernesses这部专题片将把你带到最后的蛮荒之地and show you the planet and its wildlife as you have never seen them before.展示这个星球的风貌和你以前从未见过的野生动物Imagine our world without sun.想象一下一个没有太阳的世界Male Emperor Penguins are facing the nearest that exists on planet Earth - winter in Antarctica.雄皇帝企鹅正在挑战地球上最严酷的环境--南极洲的冬天It#39;s continuously dark and temperatures drop to minus seventy degrees centigrade.黑夜漫无休止,气温下降到零下70℃The penguins stay when all other creatures have fled because each guards a treasure:其它动物早已逃离,只有企鹅留了下来,因为每只企鹅都护卫着一件宝贝a single egg rested on the top of its feet and kept warm beneath the downy bulge of its stomach.一颗躺在它们脚背上的蛋,依靠耷拉下来的肚皮上的绒毛保持温暖There is no food and no water for them, and they will not see the sun again for four months.它们没有食物,也没有水,而且整整4个月见不到太阳Surely no greater ordeal is faced by any animal.这绝对是动物们经受过的最严酷的考验As the sun departs from the Antarctic, it lightens the skies in the far north.太阳已远离南极,照耀在遥远的北方天空 Article/201409/327252

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