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佛山无精症的治疗费用禅城区妇幼保健院男科医生Well, its true, I do have lots of experience.没错,我是有很多经验。Thanks for recognising that.多谢你的认可。So maybe… we could work on this job… together?所以也许我们可以一起做这份工作?Oh ya, sure. Great. Of course.当然,很好。I can get hold of these oranges… err… lemons, pronto.我可以立马搞定这些橙子……柠檬。I know a man who can get some second-hand ones, itll save us loads of money.我知道一个人能拿到二手货,这能节省我们很多钱。But what about the quality?但是质量怎么样?Quality? ! Its the cost weve got to worry about.质量?我们应该担心的是成本。Keep up Hannah.别那么落后,汉娜。Anna.是安娜。Come on Anna. Dont let her boss you around.拜托,安娜。别让她指手画脚的。Its time to stand your ground.是时候坚持立场了。If she causes trouble say ;lets discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action; or ;please respect my decision and lets move on.;如果她引起了麻烦就说:“让我们讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划”或“请尊重我的决定,让我们继续。”Hmm, OK, Ill give it a try.好的,我会试试。Rachel, I like your enthusiasm but… can we discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action?瑞秋,我喜欢你的热情,但我们能讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划吗?Of course. Why didnt you say?当然,你怎么不早说?Come on discuss… discuss… talk!来吧,讨论讨论,谈谈!Well, we pride ourselves on quality products and our Imperial Lemon is particularly good… and I think our client is expecting that.我们以产品质量为傲,皇家柠檬又是特别出众的,我想客户更看重这点。So I would like to send them what I had promised in the contract.所以我想按合同承诺的发给他们。 /201705/507592佛山南海区治疗阳痿哪家医院最好 Telling the viewers they are seeing something when they are actually seeing something different is, in the opinion of all reputable TV makers, beyond the pale. But what of the ordinary techniques that TV producers use everyday in pursuit of their craft? In the current atmosphere, some TV producers worry that a lot of what we in the industry take for granted might now need to be reconsidered. Girish Juneja brings you the most honest report you've ever seen.Here I am reporting from outside the High Court. Now you might think that means I have been inside the High Court listening to a case, but I haven't. And more often than not, reporters would have stayed in the office. They would have kept up with developments by ing the oral important in newswires. They might have made a phone call or two and even filmed an interview. This is just one of the tricks of our trade, but is it dishonest!You are happy? Yeah, I hate wearing ties. And start walking.Take this for example, it's called an establisher. It enabled me to say something impressive about this person that I am about to interview. Faking certainly is common in Television. Across the… Oh, yeah, sure, OK. Faking is endemic in all television. Across the…I have just helped create a brief striking remark. You may know it is a sound bite, but without I hope any misrepresentation. Now for the cutaway. A shot of me helps us edit the interview. But a cutaway also makes you think we are listening to each other. In reality though, as we usually only have one camera, these are shot afterwards. Is that a lie? This is where it's all done, the edit. The camera man forgot to record the sound on the street shot. But that's ok, we can add some. I think something VROOM, VROOMing would sound right, Mike. You know, VROOM, VROOM.Is this cheating? Generally it's thought not. But putting gunfire over a battle scene, for example, would be a different story.And by the way, this is a pieced camera, and this one was written hours ago before I even went out filming. But that's because I largely knew what my conclusions were going to be. Dose that make it untrue?Well, no. Because for most pieces by the time I start filming, I have done enough research to know what I need to say. So a TV producer that values perfectionism wouldn't bend editorial meaning, but all of us use techniques to make watchable television. It's for the public to decide whether they are justified. Oh, it's all so boring. I will say something with you. What's, what's next?Faking is, that's the bite, use that bite, Mike. Perfect.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.beyond the pale:outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.2.more often than not:多半, 通常 200805/39709佛山男科医院看不孕不育医生

佛山哪里有看男科US Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk Makes Last Port Call小鹰号航母停靠香港象征意义重大  The Kitty Hawk is making its first visit to Hong Kong since Beijing refused to let the U.S. aircraft carrier drop anchor in the city last year. It is the last port call here for America's oldest active warship before it will be decommissioned. 美国小鹰号航空母舰群访问香港,这是自从中国政府去年拒绝让小鹰号停靠香港后,该舰首次停靠香港。这是这艘仍在役的美国最老航空母舰在退役前的最后一次在亚洲港口停靠。Thousands of casually dressed sailors left the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk on Monday, y for a few days of rest and recreation in Hong Kong. 美国小鹰号航空母舰战斗群的数以千的名水兵星期一换上便装,离开舰艇,准备在香港休息、几天。The last time the warship tried to enter the city, in November, the crew had to stay on board. Unexpectedly, Beijing refused to allow the Kitty Hawk to stop in Hong Kong, disappointing hundreds of relatives who had flown there to celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday with crew members. The move caused a diplomatic spat between the ed States and China.  小鹰号航空母舰群上一次来港是在去年11月,但是水兵们却没能上岸。中国政府出人意料地拒绝让小鹰号停靠香港,让等候在香港的几百名亲属非常失望,他们从美国飞到香港准备和水兵欢度美国的节日感恩节。北京的举动引发美国和中国之间的一次外交擦。Rear Admiral Richard Wren said on board the Kitty Hawk on Monday that Beijing never gave a satisfactory explanation for the incident. But he says things are back on track now.  海军少将理查德.雷恩星期一在小鹰号上说,北京方面对以上事件从未提出一个令人满意的解释。不过他说,现在情况已经回到正轨。"It's normal. I would say we are status quo," Admiral Wren said. "And I would think other than that one little hiccup with Kitty Hawk - if you look at the history of the past few years and then if you watch what happens in the next year - you know it's still in planning - I think you kind of go - well, it's just a little blip!" 雷恩少将说:“现在正常了。我认为,我们是保持现状。我认为,这是小鹰号遭遇的一个小插曲,如果你看看过去几年的历史,再观察一下明年计划中的行动,你就会说,这仅仅是一个小插曲。”Other U.S. war ships have aly visited Hong Kong this year, including the carrier the Nimitz and the command ship Blue Ridge. On average, 40 U.S. navy vessels make port call in Hong Kong each year, and the sailors spend millions of dollars in stores, hotels, restaurants and bars.  其他美国战舰今年已经访问香港,包括尼米兹航空母舰战斗群和蓝岭号两栖登陆指挥舰。每年平均有40艘美国军舰访问香港,美国的水手在香港商店、酒店、餐馆和酒吧花费数以百万计美元。The Kitty Hawk is on its normal spring cruise schedule. But Wren says the U.S. navy also is there to closely watch what is going on in the Taiwan Strait - in the crucial time before the inauguration of Taiwan's newly elected President Ma Ying-jeou on May 20.  小鹰号航母战斗群正在进行例行春季巡洋行动。不过雷恩说,目前正值台湾新的总统当选人马英九5月20号宣誓就职前的关键时期,美国海军还要在那里紧密观察台湾海峡的动向。Hong Kong is expected to be the last port call in Asia for the 47-year-old Kitty Hawk, America's oldest active warship. At the end of May, the ed States' last conventionally powered aircraft carrier will be replaced by the George Washington, a nuclear-powered carrier. Like the Kitty Hawk, its home base will be Yokosuka in Japan, the home of the ed States' Seventh Fleet. 小鹰号航母战斗群役年头长达47年,是美国仍在役的最老的战舰。预计香港是她在亚洲最后停靠的一个港口。美国的这一常规动力航母将在5月底退役,取代她的是核动力乔治.华盛顿号航母战斗。跟小鹰号一样,乔治.华盛顿号将驻扎在美国第七舰队的基地日本横须贺港。Wren says it is the first time that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be deployed in Japan. 雷恩少将说,这将是核动力航母战斗群首次部署在日本。"We are determined to continue to support stability in this region so by bringing forward the most significant asset, the best asset that we can bring today and that's USS George Washington," he said. 他说:“我们决心继续持该地区的稳定,因此我们把今天我们所拥有的最有战斗力的战舰部署在这里,那就是乔治.华盛顿航空母舰战斗群。”The decision to base the George Washington in Japan raised some opposition among the Japanese public. The country, which is the only nation to have experienced a nuclear attack, when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on it to end World War II, has a policy of opposing the use of nuclear weapons.The Kitty Hawk will be brought back to the ed States later this year where it will be deactivated. 小鹰号航母战斗群将于今年晚些时候回到美国, 在那里退役。200804/36951佛山看男科比较好的医院 Conditions of applying for a visa签条件A: I have heard that you are going to Singapore for an international educational conference next month, is it true?A: 我听说你下一个月要去新加坡参加一次国际教育会议,这是真的吗?B: Yes, if eveything goes smoothly.B: 是的,假如一切都很顺利的话。A: Wonderful. It is really a valuable chance to get to know some knowledge frontier as well as the latest teaching skills. Isnt it marvelous? Congratulations!A: 那真是太好了。这绝对是一次了解学术前沿知识和最先进的教学方法的大好机会。这是太棒了。祝贺你啊!B: Thank you. But the procedures to go to another country is very complicated, its a big headache. I really do not know how to make it. I have heard that the procedures to apply for a business visa are not that easy.B: 谢谢你。但是出国的手续很复杂啊,这是目前我最头疼的一件事了。我都不知道该怎么办。听说商务签的程序还不简单呢。A: Dont worry so much. I went to attend an international meeting last year, and I know there are some requirements to be satisfied if you are applying for a business visa, but it is not that difficult as you have imagined. Firstly you need to have an invitation letter, which is a necessity, because the officer in the visa office will need this to confirm that there are really some proper business reasons for you to go to another country and without any ill intention.A: 你不用太过担心这个问题。我去年去参加过一个国际会议,我知道要申请商务签的话是有一些要求应该满足,但并不是像你想象的那么复杂。首先你需要的是一封邀请函,这是必须的东西,因为签办公室要用你的邀请函来确认你确实有真实的商务原因要进入他国而没有任何的不良意图。B: OK, I see. That means the invitation letter is the basic document I need to have. Then I will e-mail the organizer of this conference to provide me with an invitation letter.B: 我明白了,也就是说我首先需要的是最基本的文件就是一封邀请函。那么我会给这次会议的主办方发一封电子邮件,要求他们给我发一封邀请函。A: And the immigration Bureau will ask you to be physically healthy, no criminal record, and no threat to the national security. That means you have to ask the personal department of our school to provide a certificate to confirm that you do not have any of the problems.A: 并且移民局会要求商务考察者身体健康,无刑事犯罪记录,对某国的国家安全不会构成威胁。所以你要到我们学校的人事部门让他们给你出具一份明来实你没有以上问题。 B: OK, this is not difficult. B: 好的,这个并不难。A: So, we are almost there. It is not that complicated as you imagined, huh?A: 基本上就是这些了。没有你想象的那么复杂,是不是?B: Yes, you are right. Thank you so much. You are really helpful. I am really honored to have a friend like you.B: 是啊,你说得对。真是非常感谢你。你对我帮助很大,我很荣幸能有你这样的朋友。 /201603/428809佛山包皮过长手术价格

佛山人民医院不育 Asian Region Faces Political Pressures from Rising Inflation亚洲各国面临通胀高财政吃紧压力  Rising inflation is putting pressure on governments all over Asia, as angry citizens protest spiraling food and fuel costs and politicians bicker over how to handle new fiscal constraints. 日益增长的通货膨胀以及民众针对不断攀升的食品以及燃油价格的不满和抗议,加之政界人士对于如何因应新形势下财政紧缩的意见分歧,给亚洲各国政府带来很大压力。India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea - just a few countries in Asia where residents angry at surging fuel and food costs say they have had enough. Protests have gained steam in the past month, with demonstrators blocking traffic and in some cases disrupting the flow of fuel and food supplies.  在印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、泰国以及韩国等国家,民众们对于大幅度攀升的食品以及燃油价格,表示强烈的不满,说他们已经“受够了”。过去一个月里,各地的抗议活动此起彼伏,抗议人士在一些地方阻断了交通,有的时候还迫使食品以及燃油的运输不得不中断。Politicians in many of these countries also are struggling with inflation. Rising costs have forced governments throughout the region to reduce the subsidies they have long given on fuel.  在这些国家里,政界人士也在为通货膨胀感到头疼。不断攀升的价格迫使亚洲地区各国政府不得不削减长期以来给予消费者的燃油补贴。Mark Thirlwell, program director for international economy at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Australia, says subsidy cuts were bound to happen with oil prices holding over 0 dollars a barrel. 澳大利亚洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)的项目负责人瑟尔威尔表示,在原油价格持续在130多美元一桶的情况下,各国政府削减补贴势在必行。"Their initial reaction in many cases is to use subsidies to defray the impact of higher fuel prices, higher food prices," Thirlwell explained. "As that situation has been sustained for longer and longer and as you've actually seen prices bid up higher and higher, the budgetary burden has gotten greater in each case." 他说:“那些政府最初的反应是利用补贴来抵消燃油和食品价格的攀升所带来的负面影响,随著这种局势的持续发展,实际上价格越来越高,各国政府面临的财政压力也越来越大。”The problem for many governments is that most of the inflation problem is global, not local. High worldwide demand, supply bottlenecks and international monetary policy all help push up oil prices. And food prices are soaring because of tight supplies and rising demand. 对很多国家的政府来说,通货膨胀带来的问题是全球性的,而不是地区性的。世界范围内的高需求,货源不足以及国际货币政策都是迫使石油价格上涨的因素。食品价格的上升则是供不应求造成的。That leaves governments with little room to maneuver, and in countries that have long subsidized fuel or food for their citizens, budgets are being overburdened, forcing leaders to do such things as cut subsidies, raise taxes or accept growing deficits.  在这种情况下,各国政府应对的空间非常有限。在那些长期以来对食品或者是燃油实行补贴政策的国家里,政府在财政出方面,呈现出负担过重的情形,迫使政府当中的决策人士不得不削减补贴、增加税收或者是面临不断增多的赤字。In Malaysia, for example, government leaders recently raised fuel prices by 41 percent after being faced with billion-bill to underwrite fuel subsidies. In a country used to cheap subsidized gasoline, protests erupted quickly. 比如说,在马来西亚,政府间的领导人最近就面临著要拿出170亿美元进行燃油补贴,随后被迫把燃油的价格提高了41%。马来西亚的民众长期以来习惯了由政府提供补助的廉价汽油;面对新的形势,抗议活动随之而起。In India, politicians are desperate to tame inflation - now at a seven-year high. If they fail, a voter backlash in next year's national elections is likely. Thirlwell says government leaders there are caught in a very difficult situation. 在印度,通货膨胀率现在是七年来最高的,政界人士千方百计想要控制住这种趋势。假如不成功的话,民众很有可能就将在明年的全国大选当中,用选票说话。瑟尔威尔说,印度的领导人现在面临著非常困难的处境。Thirlwell says governments that cut subsidies, or are not fiscally strong enough to handle the burden of rising inflation, face the strongest protests, and the strongest risks of political upheaval. 他说,那些决定削减补贴的政府、或者是财政方面不够强大、不足以承受通货膨胀所带来的压力的政府,面临著最严峻的抗议,也面临著政治动荡。"On the one hand, it's fiscal pressures which say well our ability to sort of defray or provide subsidies or ameliorate these price increases is limited, on the other hand we know there is real political cost involved here if we let inflation get out of control because the voters will punish us for this," Thirlwell said. 他说:“一方面,是财政上的压力,政府提供补贴或者是通过其他方式控制价格上涨的能力有限,另一方面,要是控制不住通货膨胀的话,执政党的前途就很成问题,选民们会用选票说话的。”Robert Broadfoot of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong says several governments are making a number of mistakes in handling inflation, and public concerns. 香港政治和经济风险资讯公司的罗伯特.布罗德福特表示,有几个国家的政府在处理通货膨胀问题上的做法是错误的。"In India, you have elections coming up and members of the ruling coalition don't want anything that is going to cost them votes, which means don't get rid of the subsidies," he said. "So the politicians are making mistakes and this is a time when the countries really can't afford it." 他说:“印度马上就要举行选举,执政联盟的成员不希望因为冒然行事而失去选票,这意味著补贴不能取消。 政界人士这么做是错误的,这是这个国家实在不能承担得起的。”Broadfoot says the Indian government's bill for fuel subsidies is expected to be almost billion this year, because the retail price remains far below the cost of oil. He says considering that citizens aly have taken to the streets to protest recent price increases, the Indian government can expect more strife if it is forced to slash subsidies again. 布罗德福特表示,预计印度政府今年的燃料补贴费用大约为600亿美元,因为零售价格依然远远低于石油的成本。他说,考虑到公民们已经走上街头抗议最近的价格上涨,如果印度政府再次被迫大幅度削减补贴,那么,可以预计印度政府将会面临更多的冲突。Soaring fuel and food costs also are taking a toll on developed economies such as Hong Kong, where groups are demanding that the government freeze prices or reduce taxes. In South Korea, truck drivers blocked roads to air their frustration over rising fuel prices and lower incomes. Some countries are handling the problems better than others. Broadfoot says Indonesia should be applauded, despite recent protests over cuts to fuel subsidies. 但是,有些国家在这方面的表现比其它国家要好。布罗德福特表示,尽管印尼最近因为削减燃油补贴也出现了抗议活动,但是,印尼政府的做法却值得称道。"The current president is taking some hard decisions, like they've really reduced their subsidies on fuel and yet he's done it in a way that's made it digestible for the population," Broadfoot noted. "He's giving poor Indonesian cash handouts, which make it a lot easier. So there have been protests but not of a scale that can bring the government down." 他说:“现任总统正在作出一些艰难的决定,虽然印尼减少了对燃油的补贴,但采取的方式却为大众所接受。印尼总统给穷人提供现金补助,这使决定执行起来顺利得多。虽然也出现抗议,但没有闹到把政府赶下台的地步。”Indonesia raised retail fuel prices by 30 percent last month. 上个月,印尼还把燃料的零售价格提高了百分之30。Many people, including government leaders, hope that relief will soon be in sight. But Thirlwell, like many analysts, warns not to expect inflation to slow. 许多人,包括政府领导人在内,都希望很快就能有一个救济办法出台。但是,和很多其他分析人士一样,瑟尔威尔警告人们不要期望通货膨胀会放慢。"Over time, high prices will produce a supply response, and we'll see some of the sting out of current prices come out," Thirlwell said. "But, there are all these question marks of well if there is any disruption to supply, any questions on supply, then rather than a sort of a slight retreat in prices we actually have the potential for another big spike." 他说:“随著时间的推移,高价格会导致供应的回馈。我们会看到,目前价格高涨造成的问题有些的确会消失。但是,不确定的因素依旧存在,例如一旦供应中断,或者供应出现问题,那么价格不但不会下降,实际上还有可能出现另一次上涨。”A number of Asian countries, including India and Indonesia, face elections in the coming year. How each government handles inflation will likely affect the next campaigns. Being popular with the public is usually a top priority for elected leaders. But many economists and political analysts warn such popularity can come at a higher price than some countries can afford. 包括印度和印尼在内的一些亚洲国家明年都面临选举。对每个政府来说,通货膨胀问题解决的好坏有可能影响下一次竞选。得到大众的持对当选领导人来说通常是当务之急。但是,许多经济学家和政治分析家警告说,这么做所付出高昂的代价是某些国家所承受不起的。200806/42338广东省佛山名仕医院龟头炎症佛山包皮包茎多少钱



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