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Daimler has given frazzled employees the opportunity to delete automatically all emails received while they are on holiday. The carmaker’s move underlines what everyone aly knows: personal technology can abrade the self. Finding several thousand un messages makes one’s first day back at work peculiarly horrible.戴姆勒(Daimler)公司已经准许其疲惫不堪的雇员自动删除度假期间收到的全部邮件。这家汽车生产商的做法凸显了一个众所周知的问题:个体技术(personal technology)可能折磨自我。在重返工作的第一天发现数千封未读邮件实在让人不寒而栗。This is not the fault of device makers, social networks or mobile data operators. It is a consequence of our determination, fed by professional and personal paranoia, to use all their products and services at once. The malady’s symptoms are a fractured attention span, insomnia triggered by exposure to blue light and an ever wider, shallower friendship group.这并不能归咎于设备生产商、社交网络或移动数据运营商。我们是自食其果:出于职业的和个人的偏执,我们决定同时使用全部这些产品和务。这种顽疾的症状表现为注意力碎片化,暴露于蓝光所导致的失眠,以及更广阔却也更肤浅的朋友圈。I spotted a typical sufferer last month on a train rolling through Concord, Massachusetts, home of Henry David Thoreau, a nature philosopher who believed that in 1840s America: “The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease.” True to that diagnosis, our contemporary victim was tetchily switching between mobile phones as bandwidth fluctuated. He was also juggling an iPad and a pager. He was organising a business trip to Indianapolis. He should have alighted at Concord and thrown his devices in Walden Pond, the lake where Thoreau swam after retreating from modern life.上个月,我在火车上发现了一名典型“患者”。这列火车当时正穿越亨利#8226;戴维#8226;梭罗(Henry David Thoreau)的家乡,马萨诸塞州的康科德(Concord, MA)。这位自然主义哲学家认为,在19世纪40年代的美国:“一些人持续不断的焦虑和压力几乎成为了一种不可治愈的疾病。”如同梭罗的诊断,这位当代“患者”随着带宽波动而恼怒地在几个手机之间切换,他还摆弄着一部iPad和一个寻呼机。他在组织一次前往印第安纳波利斯的商务旅行。他真应该在康科德下车,然后把他的设备都扔到瓦尔登湖(Walden Pond)湖里去,也就是梭罗从现代生活退隐后游泳的湖泊。Each technological revolution triggers a reaction against it. Thoreau was in part rebelling against the railway that ran, and still runs, past Walden. This not only redistributed Americans – some doubtless on business trips to Indianapolis – in a manner he thought unnecessary. It also stimulated written communication in the form of letters. Thoreau believed most of these were a waste of time. Similarly, when mass production became a spring tide in the 19th century, British polemicists such as William Morris and John Ruskin were there to wave it back.每一场技术革命都会引发相应的反对。梭罗在一定程度上反抗当时经过(现在也依然经过)瓦尔登湖的铁路。这条铁路不仅是用一种他觉得没有必要的方式把美国人重新分配到各个地方(其中一些人无疑是在前往印第安纳波利斯的商务旅行的途中),还刺激了书信形式的文字交流。梭罗认为其中绝大部分只是浪费时间而已。类似的,当大批量生产成为19世纪的大潮之时,威廉#8226;莫里斯(William Morris)和约翰#8226;拉斯金(John Ruskin)等英国辩论家希望将这股浪潮推回去。The reaction to intrusive information technology is inchoate so far. Some Californian cafés ban Google Glass, which they see as spywear masquerading as eyewear. There are sporadic media storms about the proportion of internet content that is pornographic. German singer Cris Cosmo had a minor hit with a ditty entitled “Schiess auf Facebook” a few years back, but social media helped foster its success. No latter-day Thoreau has yet gained popular traction with a philosophy of digital detoxification. There is plainly a gap in the market.迄今为止,对侵入式的信息技术的反抗才刚刚抬头。一些加州的咖啡馆禁止使用谷歌眼镜,他们认为这是一种伪装成眼镜的间谍器材。还有一些零星的针对互联网色情内容比重的媒体风暴。几年前,德国歌手克里斯#8226;科斯莫(Cris Cosmo)有一首小有名气的单曲《Schiess auf Facebook》,歌曲是抨击Facebook的,但正是社交媒体帮助促成了这首歌的成功。当代的梭罗们还没有拿出凝聚人气的数字排毒哲学。这显然是一块市场空白。One part of Thoreau’s argument was anti-consumerist and sits in useful counterpoise to the idea that the latest Apple product is sufficient reward for working 50-plus hours a week. Having retreated to the woods, he lived on just over in his first year. This included the cost of building a hut, though not rent.梭罗的部分论点在于反消费主义,这有助于抗衡“苹果最新产品足够回报一周工作50多个小时”的观念。归隐山林后,梭罗仅花费了62美元便度过了第一年。其中还包括建造小屋的费用(尽管梭罗没有选择租房子)。The British economist, John Maynard Keynes, approaching the work-life balance from a slightly different angle in 1930, argued that rising industrial productivity would result in Britons needing to work only 15 hours a week. His thinking converged with Thoreau’s in imagining that individuals wanted more time to relax in preference to having more goods and services.1930年,英国经济学家约翰#8226;梅纳德#8226;凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)从一个略微不同的角度来探讨工作与生活的平衡。他认为,工业生产率的提高最终会使英国人每周仅需工作15小时。他的想法和梭罗相同之处在于,他们都认为比起得到更多的商品和务,人们更想要更多的休闲时间。Most do not. This is just as well for the staff of Daimler, who would lose their jobs if there was no demand for top-end cars that are functionally little different from cheap runabouts. The debate focuses on a purportedly unfair division of the spoils of economic activity rather than an unjust split of free time. By this latter measure, a typical banker is scraping by while a struggling actor is rolling in it.但大部分人并非如此。戴姆勒公司的员工也是这样。顶级汽车与便宜的汽车在功能上并无太大区别,但若没有对顶级汽车的需求,他们也就失业了。这场辩论集中于经济活动成果的不公平分配上,而非闲暇时间的不公平分配。如果依据后一个标准,一个典型的家在勉强度日,而一个苦苦挣扎的演员则享用不尽。Thoreau believed the mass of men lived lives of quiet desperation. What he had not grasped was that the mass of men do not care if they believe their next door neighbour’s life is marginally more desperate than their own.梭罗认为大多数人都生活在默默的绝望中。但他没认识到的是,只要大众认为隔壁邻居的人生比他们自己略微更加绝望,他们就不在乎这种状况。I disembarked at Concord while the multitasking businessman whizzed on down the rails. Walden Pond is busy these days, and today Thoreau’s daily swim would probably have ended in a collision with a kayak. But there is a satisfactorily lonely pool further into the woods, beside which the digital jitterbug can sit and purge the ones and zeros from his system.我在康科德站下车,而那个手忙脚乱的商人继续坐着火车飞速前行。如今的瓦尔登湖很繁忙,如果现在梭罗还每天游泳的话,可能会撞到某一艘皮艇。但是,在树林深处还有一个令人满意的孤寂的池子。被数字生活搞得神经紧张的人可以坐在水池旁,忘掉自己系统中的二进制数字。Elevated by my temporary rejection of modernity, I returned to a full inbox, 11-hour working days and commuting between home and work PCs with two mobile phones, a BlackBerry and an iPad. A business trip to Indianapolis seems inevitable.短暂地逃离现代性之后,我精神振作地回到了收件箱满满、每天工作11个小时的生活,带着两部手机,一部黑莓(BlackBerry)、一部iPad穿梭于家中的电脑和工作地点的电脑之间。前往印第安纳波利斯的商务旅行看来不可避免。 /201408/324414

The astronomical rise in the value of bitcoin—which has surged more than 8,000 percent over the course of 2013—has created a new breed of digital currency multimillionaires.随着比特币价值的飙升——2013年全年其价值激增到了原先的80倍,一群新兴的虚拟货币千万富翁诞生了。The 34-year-old Roger Ver began investing in bitcoins in early 2011—and made his first million from the virtual currency that same year—which saw prices skyrocket from around .30 to before settling at . He bought his first bitcoins at around .34岁的罗杰·沃在2011年上旬开始在比特币上投资——同年他从这种虚拟货币上赚到了第一桶金。罗杰见了比特币价格上升的轨迹,从约0.3美元起步、飙升至32美元、最后以2美元收盘。他最初是以约1.34美元的价格购得比特币的。With prices currently hovering above ,000, his virtual wealth has since exploded. Ver says he doesn#39;t feel ;richer; but that his wealth is ;much more liquid than it would be in a normal bank account.;现在比特币的价值在1000美元上下徘徊,沃拥有的虚拟货币的财富也随之暴增。沃并没有觉得自己“更加富有了”,因为他的财富“比一般的存款更具有流动性。”Ver is one of hundreds of investors that have struck it big with bitcoin. But his association with the virtual currency extends far beyond just owning it.沃是数百个靠比特币发家致富的投资者之一。但对他来说,比特币远远不仅是一种所有物。At ,000, Ver regards bitcoin as ;incredibly cheap,; noting that if it gains in popularity as he anticipates, each bitcoin would be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.当比特币的价值达到1000美元时,沃还认为比特币“便宜的令人不敢相信”,依照他的推测,比特币的人气还会上升,到时它的价值会达到数万乃至数十万美元之多。;The rapid price rise is due to people with money starting to realize how important of an invention bitcoin is,; he said.“比特币价值上周的原因在于,持有财富的人开始意识到这种虚拟货币的重要性。”他说。;Bitcoin will experience many bubbles along its way to improving the lives of everyone on the planet. I#39;m not concerned with the short-term price fluctuations,; he added.“比特币将经历许多经济泡沫,但最终它将改善世界上每个人的生存境况。对于其短期间的价格震荡、我并不担心。”他补充道。Ver, who currently uses bitcoins to pay factories in China to produce electronics components for his company, says he plans to use them ;to promote the ideas of Voluntaryism and economic freedom; in the future.沃目前正用比特币来付几家为公司制造电力电子器件的中国企业。他说,他将使用比特币来宣传自愿主义和经济自由主义。 /201312/269051Owning a smartphone may not be as smart as you think.使用智能手机也许并不像你想的那样明智。They may let you surf the internet, listen to music and snap photos wherever you are...but they also turn you into a workaholic, it seems.使用智能手机可以让你随时随地上网、听音乐、拍照片……但也可能让你变成工作狂。A study suggests that, by giving you access to emails at all times, the all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone adds as much as two hours to your working day.最新调查显示,智能手机能让你随时查收邮件,因此这种花哨的手机会让你每天的工作时间延长多达两个小时。Researchers found that Britons work an additional 460 hours a year on average as they are able to respond to emails on their mobiles.调查人员发现,由于可以随时用手机查收电邮,英国人每年的工作时间平均增加了460个小时。The study by technology retailer Pixmania, reveals the average UK working day is between nine and 10 hours, but a further two hours is spent responding to or sending work emails, or making work calls.科技产品零售商Pixmania开展的这项调查显示,英国人平均每天工作9到10小时,但额外加班的两个小时通常用来收发工作邮件或者打工作电话。More than 90 percent of office workers have an email-enabled phone, with a third accessing them more than 20 times a day.超过90%的职员有可以收发电邮的手机,其中1/3每天查看20次以上。Almost one in ten admits spending up to three hours outside their normal working day checking work emails, and even those without a smartphone check emails on their home computer.近1/10的职员承认每天日常工作时间外,还要花长达3个小时来查看工作电邮,没有智能手机的员工甚至要打开家中的电脑查看。Some workers confess they are on call almost 24 hours a day, with nine out of ten saying they take work emails and calls outside their normal working hours.有些员工表示,他们几乎全天24小时待命,其中9成受访者表示要在正常工作时间外收发电邮和接打工作电话。Nearly two-thirds say they often check work emails just before they go to bed and as soon as they wake up, while over a third have replied to one in the middle of the night.近2/3的受访者表示睡前和醒后会查收电邮,超过1/3的受访者曾在半夜回复电邮。The average time for first checking emails is between 6am and 7am, with more than a third checking their first email in this period, and a quarter checking them between 11pm and midnight.受访者在一天中首次查看电邮的平均时间在早晨6点到7点,超过1/3的受访者在这段时间首次查看电邮,1/4的受访者在晚上11点到半夜查看电邮。Ghadi Hobeika, marketing director of Pixmania, said: ‘The ability to access literally millions of apps, keep in contact via social networks and take photos and as well as text and call has made smartphones invaluable for many people.Pixmania的市场总监甘地-胡贝卡说:“人们通过智能手机能够接触到几百万种应用程序,能通过社交媒体保持联系,拍摄照片和视频,还有发送短信接打电话,这些让智能手机显得尤为重要。”‘However, there are drawbacks. Many companies expect their employees to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and smartphones mean that people literally cannot get away from work.“但这也有坏处。很多公司希望员工一周七天每天24小时随叫随到,智能手机意味着人们无法脱离工作。”‘The more constantly in contact we become, the more is expected of us in a work capacity.’“人们之间的联系越频繁,对我们的工作能力期待越高。” /201211/207029The main regulatory hurdle that prevented Microsoft completing the takeover of Nokia’s handset and services businesses in the first quarter has been overcome, with China approving the deal.随着中国批准相关交易,阻碍微软(Microsoft)在今年第一季度完成对诺基亚(Nokia)手机和务业务收购的主要监管障碍已被克。Nokia shares closed up 5 per cent at 5.59 in Helsinki on the news.消息传出之际,诺基亚在赫尔辛基股市的股价收涨5%,至5.59欧元。Nokia said last month it expected the transaction to close in April, compared to expectations of it doing so in the first quarter, when the 5.4bn deal was first announced last September.上月,诺基亚表示,预计交易于4月完成。相比之下,去年9月最初宣布这笔54亿欧元的交易时,各方预期交易将在第一季度完成。While regulatory approval from the European Commission and the US Department of Justice had been received, it cited “pending approvals from certain antitrust authorities in Asia which are still conducting their reviews”.尽管欧盟委员会(European Commission)和美国司法部(US Department of Justice)之前已批准这笔交易,但诺基亚此前称,该交易“仍有待某些亚洲反垄断主管部门的批准,这些部门仍在进行审批”。It announced today that it had received regulatory approval from the Ministry of Commerce in China, meaning April is still the target. The deal also included Microsoft buying Nokia’s patents.诺基亚昨日宣布,已收到中国商务部的监管批准,这意味着4月仍是完成收购的目标。这笔交易还包括微软购买诺基亚的专利组合。“The regulatory approval process has involved a thorough review of Nokia’s patent licensing practices by several competition authorities around the world,” the Finnish company said. “During that process, no authority has challenged Nokia’s compliance with [licensing its patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms] or requested that Nokia make changes to its licensing program or royalty terms.”诺基亚表示:“监管审批过程涉及由全球数个反垄断主管部门对诺基亚的专利许可实践进行彻底审查。在此过程中,没有一家主管部门对诺基亚遵循公平、合理、无歧视的专利许可条款提出挑战,或是请求诺基亚改变其许可程序或专利授权条款。”Earlier this month, Microsoft said it would give away its software for smartphones free of charge – an admission that Microsoft has lost the smartphone battle to Google’s Android, which is free, and Apple’s iOS, which is included on the iPhone.本月早些时候,微软宣布将免费提供智能手机软件,这相当于承认其已在智能手机之战中输给了谷歌(Google)本来就免费的安卓(Android)系统和苹果(Apple)用于iPhone的iOS系统。 /201404/285486

A key reason why Yahoo#39;s board hired Marissa Mayer as its CEO was her deep-reaching social and professional connections through Silicon Valley.雅虎董事会聘用玛丽莎-梅耶尔为CEO的一大原因是其在硅谷与科技大腕们深厚的人脉关系。Those connections were on display last night at a dinner hosted by Nirav Tolia, a longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur who#39;s now running Nextdoor, a local social network.这一点在昨晚尼拉夫-托利亚举办的晚宴中得以展现。尼拉夫-托利亚是硅谷资深企业家、本地社交网络Nextdoor的负责人。A prominent guest: Jony Ive, Apple#39;s senior vice president of hardware and software design. The CEOs of Twitter, Yelp, Path, and Dropbox were also there. Mike Cassidy, a director of the Google X skunkworks, posted a photo of the dinner on Facebook. A source alerted us to its presence.一大批硅谷科技大腕们齐聚一堂:苹果硬件和软件设计高级副总裁乔纳森-艾维;Twitter、Yelp、Path和Dropbox公司的CEO也悉数到场;谷歌X部门主管迈克-卡西迪出席并在Facebook上发布了一张晚宴照片。The interconnections between this group are staggering. Think of how Path#39;s mobile social network relies on Twitter and Apple, for example; or how Apple once courted Dropbox; or how Marissa Mayer, while at Google, reportedly championed an acquisition of Yelp.这些硅谷大佬们之间的关系让人感到惊讶。想想看:Path的移动社交网络依赖于Twitter和苹果;而苹果曾欲收购Dropbox;现任雅虎CEO的玛丽莎-梅耶尔在谷歌时又曾想要收购Yelp。We contacted several attendees or their press representatives. Stephanie Ichinose, a spokesperson for Yelp, confirmed CEO Jeremy Stoppelman#39;s attendance: ;He was at a dinner with a bunch of execs last night. Nothing more to report.;我们联系了几位与会人员或其媒体代表。Yelp公司发言人史蒂芬妮-伊奇诺斯实了该公司CEO杰里米-斯托普尔曼出席了宴会的消息,“他昨晚与其他高层们一起出席了晚宴。其他无可奉告。”No one else has commented on the event.对此事没有其他更多。Below the photo, a list of who came to dinner, from left to right, and how they#39;re connected.照片下方是参加这次晚宴的所有要人名单及他们之间的相互关系,从左到右依次是:1.Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox: Steve Jobs tried to buy his online file-storage company.1.Dropbox在线文件存储公司CEO德鲁-豪斯顿:苹果的乔布斯曾试图收购他的在线文件存储公司。2.Trevor Traina, Traina Interactive: The son of San Francisco socialite Dede Wilsey worked at Microsoft and founded several startups. He#39;s a link between San Francisco#39;s older elites and the tech nouveau riche.2.Traina Interactive公司的特雷弗-特莱纳:他是美国旧金山社交名人戴德-威尔西的儿子,曾在微软工作,并创办了好几家创业公司。他是旧金山技术元老和新贵的联络人。3.Dave Morin, CEO, Path: Mayer is an investor in his wife#39;s startup, Brit amp; Co.3.Path公司CEO戴夫-莫林:他的妻子创办了一家公司Brit amp; Co,而梅耶尔是该公司的投资人。4.Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter: Costolo seems to be close to Mayer, who invested in Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey#39;s payments startup, Square.4.Twitter公司CEO迪克-科斯特罗:科斯特罗似乎与梅耶尔关系密切,而梅耶尔则投资了Twitter董事长杰克-多西创办的付创业公司Square。5.Dion Lim, education startup CEO: Lim hasn#39;t revealed the name of his latest venture yet. He#39;s close to dinner host Tolia; the two cofounded Round Zero, a business-networking group popular in the dotcom era, and Epinions, a product-reviews site.5.某教育创业公司CEO迪昂-利姆:利姆并未透露其最新创业公司的名称。他与宴会主人托利亚关系密切,他们联手创办了Round Zero企业网络群组务和Epinions产品网站。6.Nirav Tolia, CEO, Nextdoor: Tolia was the face of Yahoo in the #39;90s, frequently appearing on TV to promote properties like Yahoo Finance. He now runs Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhoods.6.Nextdoor公司CEO尼拉夫-托利亚:在上世纪90年代,托利亚就是雅虎的形象,经常出现在电视上,负责推广雅虎财经等资产。他现在运营Nextdoor本地社交网络。7.Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO, Yelp: Mayer, an early and enthusiastic user of Yelp, tried to buy the local-business-reviews site when she worked at Google.7.Yelp公司CEO杰里米-斯托普尔曼:梅耶尔是Yelp本地商家网站的早期热心用户,她在谷歌工作时,曾试图收购这家网站。8.Michael Birch, cofounder, Bebo: After selling his social network to AOL for 0 million, Birch now focuses on nonprofit efforts like Charity:Water and running a startup incubator.8.Bebo公司联合创始人迈克尔-波奇:波奇将其社交网络Bebo作价8.5亿美元出售给了AOL。现在,他一门心思地做起了公益事业Charity:Water,他还经营着一家创业公司孵化机构。9.Mike Cassidy, director, Google X: Google X is the search giant#39;s secretive skunkworks for projects like self-driving cars and Google Glass, an Internet-connected headset.9.谷歌X部门主管迈克-卡西迪:谷歌X是这个搜索巨头的非常神秘的部门,负责的项目包括无人驾驶汽车和谷歌眼镜。10.Jony Ive, SVP, Apple: After executive Scott Forstall#39;s departure, Ive gained oversight over Apple#39;s software design as well as its hardware products. As such, he#39;s a critical contact for pretty much everyone in the room.10. 苹果高级副总裁乔纳森-艾维:在苹果高管斯科特-福斯托尔离职后,艾弗担起了苹果软件和硬件设计的全部重任。因此,他是晚宴上举足轻重的人物。11.Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo: She has work or personal connections to almost everyone in this room.11.雅虎CEO玛丽莎-梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer):她与晚宴上的每个人都有工作或私人方面的联系。12.Bret Taylor, CEO, Quip: The former CTO of Facebook is now running a stealth startup.12. Quip公司CEO布雷特-泰勒(Bret Taylor):他曾是Facebook的首席技术官,现在经营着一家神秘的创业公司。 /201301/221561

The boy who cried wolf said something bad would happen, and it did not. Sony says something good will happen, and then it does not. It is the company that cried profits. This makes it hard for it to excite the market by, say, raising its targets. In its worst business – electronics – the problem is even worse. The company can do something radical, and leave the market unmoved. Sony announced in February that it would sell its PC unit. This was unexpected, bold and wise. The market shrugged: the shares’ returns since the announcement match the market’s.嚷嚷着狼来了的男孩说有坏事发生,结果没有。索尼(Sony)表示会有好事发生,结果也没有。这是一家嚷嚷着会盈利的公司。这让它很难以调高盈利目标的方式振奋市场。而在它最糟糕的业务部门——电子,这个问题更严重。该公司可以做激进的事,可市场仍不为所动。索尼在2月份宣布将出售个人电脑(PC)业务。这是出人意料、大胆和明智的。但市场反应平淡:其股票回报率自宣布消息以来与大盘一致。On Monday, though, the market showed a little credulity. Sony announced that it would form joint ventures with the China’s Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to make and sell Sony’s PlayStation game consoles in that country. The gaming business was unprofitable last year, but Sony is a technology leader in gaming and the market has only two real competitors. With the scale the China deal can help to bring, the business could be quite profitable. The shares rose 3 per cent. If the business is right, the market will hold out hopes for Sony Electronics.然而本周一,市场显示出一些被打动的迹象。索尼宣布将与中国的上海东方明珠集团(Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group)组成合资企业,在中国生产并销售索尼的PS(Play Station)游戏机。去年游戏业务没有盈利,但索尼在游戏领域是技术领先者,而且该市场只有两家真正的竞争者。鉴于这笔中国交易可带来的市场规模,该业务可能有相当的盈利。股价上涨了3%。如果该业务部门把握得当,市场将对索尼电子重燃希望。Still, the most important thing is the unpopular work of getting out of irredeemably bad businesses. This means televisions first and foremost. At the company’s strategy meeting last week, it was announced that TVs would be moved into a separate unit. Prelude to a full divestment? Sony dismissed the idea, and stuck to its target of a nearly 20 per cent increase in unit sales, and a return to profits, for this year (Sony boss Kazuo Hirai said on Monday that the unit would be profitable even if it missed its unit target). But after a decade of losses, relentless deflation in TV prices despite technological advancements, and Sony’s lack of scale, a better TV business should not be the goal. The goal should be no TV business.话虽如此,最重要的是退出无可救药的坏业务这项不得人心的工作。这首先意味着电视业务。上周在这家公司的战略会议上,它宣布将电视转移至另一独立部门。此举是要全面剥离的前奏吗?索尼否认了这一观点,并坚持今年达到其近20%的部门销售增长目标和恢复盈利(索尼总裁平井一夫(Kazuo Hirai,见上图)周一表示,即便未达到部门销售目标仍可实现盈利)。然而在10年持续亏损、电视价格无视科技进步而一再无情下跌,以及索尼缺乏规模经营的情况下,一个更好的电视业务不应成为目标。目标应该是没有电视业务。 /201405/302207<牛人_句子>

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