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This is not a diet -- or a rigorous exercise program. (Nobody can stick to those for long.) Instead, it's a simple way to make weight loss a natural part of the life you aly live. And guess what? It's fun! You don't have to give up the foods you love or join a gym. It's about balancing calories in tiny ways that add up to big benefits. You just adopt some tricks naturally lean people do. Pick the ones you like, stick with them, and you'll slim down and tone up -- for good!Morning Makeover1. Wake-up workout When your eyes open, sit up slowly without using your hands. With legs straight out, lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your back and hamstrings. Hold; then, using your abs, lower yourself flat. Rest and repeat two more times. Strengthens core. Burns 10 calories2. Go for the grains Not y for Twigs amp; Rocks cereal? Sprinkle on a few tablespoons of wheat germ or oat bran. Work up to 3/4 cup of low-sugar whole-grain cereal with at least three grams of fiber per serving, and you'll pass on that Danish. Saves 1003. Add some protein The more you eat earlier on, the less you eat as the day wears on, research has shown. So after your cereal, add a hard-boiled egg or a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick to keep you feeling full -- and away from that pre-lunch brownie. Saves 200 (or more)4. Balance booster While you brush your teeth, alternate standing on one leg as you switch mouth quadrants (every 30 seconds). Balancing develops your core muscles and may even be good for your brain. Burns 105. Be a ballerina As your coffee drips, stand sideways, put one hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straight out in front of you, keeping it extended. With upper body straight, hold for a few seconds and move it to the side; hold and extend it behind you. Do five to ten times on each leg. Tones outer thighs, hip flexors and quadriceps. Burns 106. Coffee saver Instead of pouring that 1/3 cup of half-and-half (a whopping 105 calories!) into your mug, replace it with the same amount of 2% milk. Saves 607. Better your bagel You can walk 10,000 steps to justify your 500-calorie bagel with cream cheese, or try this: low-fat spable cheese like Laughing Cow Light on an English muffin. Saves 300Nine-to-Five Fixes8. Tone in traffic Use the time spent bumper-to-bumper to develop your buns of steel: Squeeze your derrière each time you tap the brake, holding for 10 seconds. Shoot for 10 to 15 squeezes a trip. Burns 109. Snack smarter Portion out the day's snacks into pint-size zip bags, or buy single-serving portions. For example, four regular Oreos have 200 calories versus the 100-calorie snack bag version. Go for the lower fat chips: a Lay's Light bag has only 75 calories, while the regular has 150. Saves 175 (over two snacks)10. Casual day payoff You will blast more calories during the day wearing comfy clothes like jeans or khakis, sport shirts and soft-soled shoes than donning constricting suits, skirts and heels. Why? Because you walk more, a study found. Now you just have to convince the boss. Burns 2511. You know squat! At your desk chair, pretend you're going to sit but don't -- stop and come back up without using your arms. Always start squats by lowering your hips, not bending knees forward, and keeping your weight on your heels. Repeat the motion throughout the day (even at the potty!) for 15 to 20 total. Strengthens quadriceps. Burns 1512. Switch your soda Your body doesn't register calories from liquids the same way it does those from foods, so you won't get those "stop eating" signals to help you compensate for the overload later on. Change from two glasses of regular soda or fruit juice to diet soda or a flavored seltzer. Saves 30013. Talk it up Every time you grab the phone, stand up and pace around. Heavy people sit on average two and a half hours more per day than thin people, according to the Mayo Clinic. Burns 50 or more14. At lunch, pick a pita Use one mini whole-wheat pita instead of the usual two slices of white or refined wheat b for your sandwich. Saves 7015. Get face time We use e-mail so much we've forgotten what our co-workers look like. Pick a colleague or two who sits farthest from you and deliver 10 of those daily messages in person. And go out of your way: Hit a bathroom or a copier on another floor -- and take the stairs, of course. Burns 10016. Firm as you file Pause from your papers with a few wall push-ups. Place hands wide at shoulder height against the wall. Take a couple of steps back so your body is at a slight angle and your weight is on your toes, and do three sets of 10 push-ups. Strengthens chest and triceps. Burns 1017. An apple (or more) a day They're packed with fiber and water, so your stomach will want less. Plus, studies out of Washington State and Brazil have shown that people who eat at least three apples or pears a day lose weight. Try two small apples and two fewer large cookies. Saves 10018. Try a simple chair workoutDips: If your chair has wheels, brace it against something. Facing forward, place palms on the front edge of the seat with knees bent at a right angle. Lower butt toward the floor; raise and repeat for two sets of 10. Tones triceps. Burns 10Lifts: Seated in a chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor, squeeze knees together and gently bring them toward your chest. Do two sets of ten. Strengthens abdominals. Burns 10Around Town19. Carry some weight When you're grocery shopping or running errands, wear a backpack with a 5-or 10-pound bag of sugar inside to increase resistance and burn more calories. Add purchases to your load as it becomes easier. Burns 20 (for an hour of errands)20. Tweak your treat Instead of a large caffè latte and a chocolate cream-cheese muffin, get a small nonfat latte and a small low-fat raisin or carrot muffin. Saves 34021. Pump at the pump Instead of fuming over gas prices, think about firming your calves: With one hand on your car, stand on the balls of your feet and slowly rise up and down for as long as it takes your tank to fill -- for an SUV that might be 50 raises! Burns 1022. Do the pizza pat Blot your slice with a napkin to cut anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of grease -- and calories. Saves 50-10023. Shop till the pounds drop At the mall, try on at least ten outfits, both pants and shirts. No need to buy! Burns 6024. Eat like a kid You don't have to give up that quick lunch if you order smaller portions: Instead of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and large fries, opt for the cheeseburger Happy Meal. You can even play with the toy. Saves 39025. Recharge yourself Anytime you're waiting in line, stand evenly on both feet, clasp hands behind your back and squeeze shoulder blades together to open your chest, an energizing yoga-based move that stimulates the nervous system. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds while slowly breathing in and out, taking longer on the inhale. Burns 5 /200807/43694



  Women will take just about any shortcoming in a man, except in the height department, according to Andrea McGinty, who founded the San Diego-based dating service It's Just Lunch.  McGinty helped ANEWS put together an experiment to test just how willing women are to date shorter men. We brought together several short men and asked them to stand next to taller men. We invited groups of women to look at the men and choose a date.  To see if the women would go for short guys who were successful, ANEWS' Lynn Sherr created extraordinary résumés for the shorter men. She told the women that the shorter men included a doctor, a best-selling author, a champion skier, a venture capitalist who'd made millions by the age of 25.  Nothing worked. The women always chose the tall men. Sherr asked whether there'd be anything she could say that would make the shortest of the men, who was 5 feet, irresistible. One of the women replied, Maybe the only thing you could say is that the other four are murderers. Another backed her up, saying that had the taller men had a criminal record she might have been swayed to choose a shorter man. Another said she'd have considered the shorter men, if the taller men had been described as child molesters.  The desire for tall men begins very young, apparently. ANEWS gave elementary school students a test, asking them to match a small, medium, or large figure of a man with a series of words. The kids overwhelmingly linked the tall figure to the words strong, handsome, and smart. The linked the short figure to the words sad, scared and weak. 除了身高,女人可能会容忍男人的任何短处。下此结论的是Andrea McGinty,他成立了圣地亚哥的午餐约会务中心。McGinty 帮助美国广播公司新闻频道做一次实验,看看女人与矮个男人约会的意愿如何。我们安排几个矮个男人站在高个男人身边。然后我们请一组女人从这些男人中挑选约会对象。为了检验这些女人是否会因为事业有成而选择矮个男子,美国广播公司新闻频道的Lynn Sherr为这些矮个男子制作了非凡的履历。她告诉选约会对象的女人们,这些矮个男人中有医生,有畅销书作者,滑雪冠军,还有一位25岁就挣到几百万的金融投资人。然而,履历没起作用,这些女人们仍然选中了高个子男子。Sherr问她们,到底要她说什么,才能使她们义无返顾地选中其中一位最矮的男人,他只有5英尺。一位女人回答说:“除非你说其他四位男人是杀人犯。”另一位女子附和说,如果高个男子有犯罪记录,她可以考虑选一位稍矮一些的男人。还有一位女人说,如果有人说这些高个男人是“儿童骚扰者”,她可以考虑选矮一些的男子。对高个子的希望显然始于孩童。美国广播公司新闻频道在小学生中做了一项试验,要求同学们将小个、中等或大个男人与一些词汇相联,孩子们纷纷将大个男子与强壮、英俊和聪明相联,而将小个男子与悲哀、恐惧和衰弱相联。 /200807/43227

  One-hundred-and-eleven-year-old Japanese engineer Tomoji Tanabe was awarded official recognition Monday as the world's newest oldest man by the Guinness Book of World Records(GBWR).A 111-year-old Japanese engineer born at the end of the century before last was awarded official recognition Monday as the world's newest oldest man, and joked he was sorry for still being alive.Tomoji Tanabe, a teetotaller who has repeatedly said that avoiding alcohol was a secret of his longevity, was given a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records by the mayor of his local municipality.Tanabe, from Miyazaki prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu, was born on September 18, 1895 -- before Japan became a world player, Australia became independent or the Wright Brothers created the first plane."It is nothing special," he said, addingtongue-in-cheek, "I have lived too long. I am sorry."With the recognition, Japan boasts having both the world's oldest man and the oldest woman -- Yone Minagawa, 114, who also lives in Kyushu.To look after himself, Tanabe mainly eats vegetables and few greasy dishes, an official said.He became the oldest male after his predecessor, Emiliano Mercado del Toro of Puerto Rico, died at the age of 115 on January 24.Since then, the Guinness Book of World Records has investigated who should take the title as the oldest man on Earth and contacted Miyakonojo authorities earlier this month to verify Tanabe's birthdate.More than 28,000 Japanese are at least 100 years old, most of them women, according to the government.The Japanese people's renowned longevity is often attributed to eating the country's traditional healthy food, despite the hectic lifestyle many lead in the big cities.But the longevity is also presenting a headache as the country has very low birthrate, spelling a future demographic crisis as a smaller pool of workers supports a mass of elderly.本周一,一位于19世纪末出生的111岁的日本工程师被授予官方书,成为世界上“最新的”寿命最长的老人。他开玩笑说,他很抱歉自己活了这么久。滴酒不沾的田锅友时不断重申,其长寿的秘诀主要是不沾酒。他所在市的市长为他颁发了《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》授予他的书。来自九州岛南部宫崎县的田锅生于1895年9月18日。当时,日本在世界上还未占据一席之地,澳洲还未独立、莱特兄弟也还没有发明出第一架飞机。田锅说:“这没什么特别的。”后来又半开玩笑地说,“我活得太久了,我很抱歉。”田锅获得吉尼斯世界纪录的认后,日本便同时拥有了全世界寿命最长的男性和女性,目前全世界寿命最长的女性是114岁的皆川米子,她也住在九州岛。据一位官员介绍,田锅平时以吃蔬菜为主,很少吃油腻的菜。波多黎各的115岁老人Emiliano Mercado del Toro今年1月24日去世后,田锅就成了世界上寿命最长的男性。之后,吉尼斯世界纪录大全便开始调查谁可以接过这个头衔,他们于本月早些时候与宫崎县都城市有关部门取得联系,对田锅的出生日期进行了核实。据日本政府统计数据,目前日本的百岁老人超过2万8千人,其中大多数是女性。日本人以长寿著称,这常被归结于人们的饮食以日本传统的健康食品为主,尽管大城市里很多人生活得忙碌而紧张。但“长寿”现象对于日本来说也是个头疼事。日本的出生率极低势必造成一小群劳动者养活很多老年人的局面,这将会导致未来出现人口危机。Vocabulary: tongue-in-cheek:不认真的;半开玩笑的 /200808/45869It#39;s a curse that has serially embarrassed smartphone users. The iPhone#39;s autocorrect function, which aims to fix touchscreen typists#39; inaccurate spelling, intervenes at precisely the wrong moment, correcting “hungry” to “horny” or making texters promise to “walk their dad”.仿佛遭到诅咒一般,不断有人因智能手机的自动修正而陷入尴尬境地。iPhone的自动修正功能本意是修改触屏使用者打错的字词,结果却大相径庭,比如将“hungry(饥饿的)”自动修正成“horny(淫荡的)”,或者导致发信息者要“walk their dad(遛爹)”。But Apple may have a solution. The company has filed a patent for a fix that would see message recipients warned that the sender#39;s words have been automatically corrected, preventing the confusion of seeing an incoherent or rude message.不过苹果公司已经找到应对之策。苹果近日申请了一项专利,该专利会告诉信息接收者,哪些发过来的词经过对方手机的自动修正,防止因文不对题或粗鲁字眼造成任何误会。Currently, autocorrected words are presented in the same way as any other word, both when messages are being written and .目前,无论从发信息端还是收信息端来看,自动修正过的词都和其他字词是完全一样显示的。Apple#39;s proposal is that they would be highlighted using an underscore in both the typing window and when by its intended target, distinguishing an autocorrected word from any other.苹果的新专利显示,他们会在发信息端和收信息端,用下划线的方式突出显示经过自动修正的字词,使它们区别于其它字词。So, for example, when autocorrect censors a message to “I can#39;t ducking believe it”, the recipient will have more of an idea of what was intended. If the sender spots the mistake, a clarify-and-resend button would allow them to easily correct it.比如,当系统自动修正了一句话,使之变为“I can#39;t ducking believe it”,收信息端就会大概知道对方要表达什么意思了(因为有下划线)。如果发信息方看到了这个错误,系统还配有“修改并重发”按钮,可以让他们轻松改正这个错误。那些年,自动修正犯过的错:1. A traveller#39;s surname was corrected from ;Moss; to ;Miss; when booking a flight. The airline refused to allow for the error, costing the unfortunate passenger £600. 一位出行者订机票时,其姓氏的;Moss;被自动修正成;Miss;。结果航空公司因为这个错误拒绝让其登机,导致这位不幸的乘客损失了600英镑。2. A mother who asked a cake shop to make a birthday cake with a ;wee blond girl; for her daughter was surprised to receive one with a girl holding a white cane after the crucial word was corrected to ;blind;一位母亲给女儿订蛋糕时,要求蛋糕店制作一款主题为“金发小美女”的蛋糕。谁知收到的蛋糕上,竟然是一个小女孩手拿白色拐杖——原来关键的;blond(金发的);一词被修正成了;blind(盲人的);。3. An enterprising teenager who knew his parents would deny his request to host a party changed autocorrect on their phones so that ;no; was automatically converted to ;HELL YES;.一位不达目的誓不罢休的少年,料到父母不会同意他办聚会的提议,于是修改了父母手机上的自动修正设置,使;no(不行);一词被自动修改为了;HELL YES(当然没问题);。4. A 16-year-old daughter who received a text from her mother asking ;What do you want from life;. The teenager and her father spent five minutes debating the profound question, until a second message corrected it to ;Lidl;一位16岁的姑娘收到了母亲发来的短信:;What do you want from life(你想从生活中得到什么);。这位姑娘和父亲一起花了5分钟研究这个深奥的人生命题,结果母亲又发来一条更正短信,她其实想说的是:;What do you want from Lidl(你们想让我从里德尔商店带点什么);。 /201605/441472

  China#39;s unmanned lunar probe Chang#39;e-5, set to be launched around December 2017, will bring lunar soil samples back to Earth, says Wu Yanhua, deputy chief of the China National Space Administration.国家航天局副局长吴艳华近日表示,我国将于2017年12月前后发射嫦娥五号无人月球探测器,嫦娥五号将携月球土壤样品返回地球。The just-concluded Chang#39;e-3 mission marked the completion of the second phase of China#39;s lunar program, which included orbiting and landing on the moon and returning to Earth.刚刚结束的嫦娥三号任务标志着中国探月计划第二阶段的完成,这一阶段包括在月球轨道上运行、登陆月球以及返回地球。The third phase, which includes unmanned sampling before returning to Earth, will follow the launch of Chang#39;e-5.而探月计划的第三阶段,其中包括在返回地球之前的无人采样,将通过发射嫦娥五号来完成。According to Ye Peijian, an expert with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Research Academy, Chang#39;e-5 will consist of the orbiter, the return vehicle, the ascender and the lander.据中国航天科技集团公司第五研究院专家叶培建表示,嫦娥五号探测器是由轨道器、返回器、上升器、着陆器等多个部分组成。The orbiter and return vehicle will orbit the moon, while the lander and ascender will land on the moon.轨道器和返回器将绕月运行,而上升器和着陆器则将登陆月球。Hu Hao, the chief designer of the third phase of China#39;s lunar program, said Chang#39;e-5 weighs 8.2 tons and will be launched by the carrier rocket Long March 5.据中国探月工程三期总设计师胡浩介绍,嫦娥五号重达8.2吨,将由长征五号运载火箭发射。The mission is expected to achieve four firsts for China since the country initiated its space exploration programs: first unmanned sampling, first takeoff from the moon#39;s surface, first unmanned docking on the moon orbiting 380,000 km from Earth, and first return to Earth with lunar soil samples at a speed close to the escape velocity.此次任务有望实现我国开展太空探索工程以来的四个;首次;:首次自动采样;首次从月面起飞;首次在距地38万公里外的月球轨道上进行无人交会对接;首次带着月壤样品以接近第二宇宙速度返回地球。 /201701/488032

  Time美国人的时间观 What is time? Is it a thing to be saved or spent or wasted, like money? Or is it something we have no control over, like the weather? Is time the same all over the world? That's an easy question, you say. Wherever you go, a minute is 60 seconds, an hour is 60 minutes, a day is 24 hours, and so forth. Well, maybe. But in America, time is more than that. Americans see time as a valuable resource. Maybe that's why they are fond of the expression, "Time is money." 时间是什么?是一种像金钱一样可以节省、花用或浪费的东西吗?或者它像天气那样,是一种我们无法掌握的东西?全世界的时间是不是都一样呢?你会说,那是一个简单的问题,不管你去那里,一分钟都是60秒,一小时是60分钟,一天是24个小时,以此类推。嗯,也许是这样吧。但是在美国,时间的意义不只是如此而已。美国人视时间为一项重要的资源,也许这就是为什么他们喜欢说「时间就是金钱」的缘故。 Because Americans believe time is a limited resource, they try to conserve and manage it. People in the U.S. often attend seminars or books on time management. It seems they all want to organize their time better. Professionals carry around pocket planners-some in electronic form-to keep track of appointments and deadlines. People do all they can to squeeze more life out of their time. The early American hero Benjamin Franklin expressed this view best: "Do you love life? Then do not waste time, for that is the stuff life is made of." 美国人认为时间是一项有限的资源,所以他们试着去爱惜时间且加以管理。美国人经常参加有关时间管理的研习会或阅读这方面的书籍,他们似乎都希望能把自己的时间安排得更好。专业人士随身带着口袋型记事本,有些甚至是电子的记事本,好随时留意所订的约会与工作截止日期。人们想尽办法要在有限的时间内挤出更多的时间来。早期的美国英雄班哲明?富兰克林将这种想法表达得最淋漓尽致:「你爱生命吗?如果爱就不要浪费时间,因为生命即是由时间组成的。」 To Americans, punctuality is a way of showing respect for other people's time. Being more than 10 minutes late to an appointment usually calls for an apology, and maybe an explanation. People who are running late often call ahead to let others know of the delay. Of course, the less formal the situation, the less important it is to be exactly on time. At informal get-togethers, for example, people often arrive as much as 30 minutes past the appointed time. But they usually don't try that at work. 对美国人来说,守时是一种尊重他人时间的表现。通常若约会迟到超过10分钟,就应该向对方道歉或解释原因。知道自己会迟到的人往往会先打个电话,让对方知道自己会晚一点到。当然,会面场合愈不正式,精确准时的重要性就愈小。举例来说,在非正式的聚会中,人们往往会在约定时间过后30分钟才到,不过,他们上班通常就不会这样做。American lifestyles show how much people respect the time of others. When people plan an event, they often set the time days or weeks in advance. Once the time is fixed, it takes almost an emergency to change it. If people want to come to your house for a friendly visit, they will usually call first to make sure it is convenient. Only very close friends will just "drop by" unannounced. Also, people hesitate to call others late at night for fear they might be in bed. The time may vary, but most folks think twice about calling after 10:00 p.m. 美国人的生活型态表现出他们对别人的时间有多尊重。当人们在计划一项活动时,通常会在几天或几个星期前把时间定好。时间一旦决定,除非情况紧急,否则不会轻易改变。如果有人想到家里拜访你,他们通常会先打电话过来,以确定你是否方便,只有很熟的朋友才会未经通知就突然造访。同时,人们也不太喜欢太晚打电话给别人,因为怕对方已经上床睡觉了。何时才算太晚并不一定,不过,大部分的人若想在晚上10点钟以后打电话,都会再三考虑。 To outsiders, Americans seem tied to the clock. People in other cultures value relationships more than schedules. In these societies, people don't try to control time, but to experience it. Many Eastern cultures, for example, view time as a cycle. The rhythm of nature-from the passing of the seasons to the monthly cycle of the moon-shapes their view of events. People learn to respond to their environment. As a result, they find it easier to "go with the flow" than Americans, who like plans to be fixed and unchangeable. 对外人而言,美国人似乎很依赖时钟;其它文化背景出身的人则看重人际关系甚于时间表。在那些社会型态中,人们不会设法去控制时间,而是去经历享受它。举例来说,很多东方文化把时间视为一个周期。从季节的更替到每个月亮圆缺变化的周期,这些大自然的节奏塑造了他们对事情的看法。人们学习去因应环境的变化,因此他们比美国人更容易视情境而作弹性的应变;而美国人则喜欢将计划固定好不要更动。 Even Americans would admit that no one can master time. Time-like money-slips all too easily through our fingers. And time-like the weather-is very hard to predict. Nevertheless, time is one of life's most precious gifts. And unwrapping it is half the fun. 不过连美国人都承认,没有人能够完全掌握时间。时间就像金钱一样,很容易就从我们的指间溜走;时间也像天气一样,是很难预测的。然而,时间是生命中最宝贵的礼物之一,而拆开(这项难以掌握和预料的)礼物本身就已经是一种乐趣了。 /200803/32739

  Annual shipments by Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei, OPPO and vivo rocketed all three companies into the world#39;s top 5 smartphone manufacturers last year, according to the latest data released by third-party market intelligence firm IDC.据第三方市场情报公司IDC日前公布的数据显示,去年中国智能手机制造商华为、OPPO以及vivo的年出货量大增,使得三家企业都成为了世界前5大智能手机制造商。Global smartphone shipments reached 1.47 billion units in 2016, up by 2.3 percent from last year, said IDC.据IDC表示,2016年全球智能手机的出货量达到了14.7亿台,同比去年上涨2.3%。The data showed that Samsung took the top spot, followed by Apple in second place. Even so, the shipments of the two top tech giants declined respectively by 3 percent and 7 percent, demonstrating decreased global market shares.数据显示,三星仍然占据榜首,其次是苹果。但是即便如此,这前两名的科技公司的出货量却分别下降了3%和7%,全球市场份额出现了下滑。However, 2016 saw the rise of Chinese mobile phone-makers. Huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its No. 3 position globally.不过,中国的手机制造商却在2016年实现了崛起。华为出货量同比增长了30.2%,达到了1.393亿台,再次排在全球第三。In addition, the last quarter of 2016 marked the first time that Huawei achieved a double-digit global market share.此外,华为在2016年最后一季度第一次实现了2位数的全球市场占有率。The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.其他两家手机制造商OPPO和vivo的增长率都超过了100%,在2016年分别出货9940万台和7730万台。Statistics from another market research firm, Counterpoint, indicate that China shipped 465 million smartphones over the last year, accounting for nearly one-third of the global volume.据另一家市场研究公司Counterpoint的统计数据显示,中国去年智能手机总出货量达到了4.65亿台,占据全球总量的近三分之一。IDC believes that the rising disposable income of Chinese people has resulted in greater consumption, which contributed to the rapid growth of the domestic smartphone market.IDC认为,中国人可配收入的增加导致了消费的增加,从而推动了国内手机市场的快速增长。 /201702/493034。


  A hormone found in chocolate could be the #39;mental Viagra#39; that helps to get couples in the mood for sex.在巧克力中发现一种堪称“精神伟哥”的激素,可以让爱侣们性欲大增。Kisspeptin, which is found in chocolate, is the hormone in the brain which kickstarts puberty.巧克力中发现的这种激素名为kisspeptin,也是大脑中催动青春期的激素。And it may explain something about the behaviour of teenage boys, after scientists found it makes men much more interested in sex and relationships.科学家们发现,这种激素让男人更热衷性生活和男女关系,也能在一定程度上解释青春期男孩的行为。Young men injected with the hormone and then given brain scans showed a flurry of activity in the parts of the brain activated by sexual arousal and romance.被注射了这种激素的年轻男子大脑经过扫描发现,在被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的大脑部位有波动。It means similar injections could be used to help men to start a family.这意味着注射同样的激素可以用来帮助男性繁衍后代。Professor Waljit Dhillo, the lead author of the research from Imperial College London, said: #39;Our initial findings are novel and exciting as they indicate that kisspeptin plays a role in stimulating some of the emotions and responses that lead to sex and reproduction.该研究的首席作者、伦敦帝国学院的沃尔吉特?迪洛教授说:“初期研究结果显示,kisspeptin能激起导致性行为和生育的一些情感和反应,这一发现新奇又令人振奋。#39;Ultimately, we are keen to look into whether kisspeptin could be an effective treatment for psychosexual disorders, and potentially help countless couples who struggle to conceive.#39;“最终,我们将积极研究kisspeptin能否成为治疗性心理障碍的有效方法,从而可能帮助无数生育困难的夫妇脱离苦海。”One in 10 men in the UK are believed to have sexual problems, many suffering a lack of libido caused by relationship issues, stress and anxiety.据认为,十分之一的英国男人都有性问题,感情问题、压力和焦虑等因素导致许多男性缺乏性欲。This can cause problems for couples trying for a child and advised to have regular sex throughout the month.而缺乏性欲对于那些想要小孩、被建议每月定期进行性生活的夫妇来说则是个困扰。But kisspeptin is hoped to hold the answer, following a trial involving 29 healthy young men.在29个健康年轻男子身上进行试验后发现,kisspeptin有望解决这一难题。Those injected with kisspeptin, discovered in the mid-1990s in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and named after sweets from the city called Hershey#39;s Chocolate Kisses, reacted differently to sexual and non-sexual romantic pictures of couples.那些注射了kisspeptin的男子对自己看到的夫妇色情图片和非色情图片的反应是不同的。Kisspeptin于20世纪90年代中期在宾夕法尼亚州的好时镇被发现,并以该市出产的好时之吻巧克力糖果的名字命名。In an MRI scanner, where their brains were monitored, there was greater activity in the parts of the brain typically activated by sexual arousal and romance than the men given a placebo.核磁共振扫描发现,被注射kisspeptin的男性大脑中会被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的部位比那些用安慰剂的男性有更大幅度的活动。The effect is likely to come from kisspeptin#39;s role in starting puberty, by stimulating the release of reproductive hormones.产生这一效果很可能是因为kisspeptin能够刺激生殖激素的释放,正如kisspeptin催动青春期时的作用一样。 /201702/490346


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