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下城区美白牙齿需要多少钱杭州拔牙有什么影响西湖口腔医院牙齿正畸怎么样 Europe's debt crisis欧洲债务危机World's worst 世上最烂账单Greece has no good options left 希腊没有好牌可打May 26th 2011 | Berlin | from the print editionVIENNA’S glories are largely faded but its name is being mentioned with increasing frequency by the euro area’s policymakers. The “Vienna initiative” was a plan, drawn up in , that halted the rot of financial contagion sping through central and eastern Europe. Foreign banks pledged not to cut their exposures to the region and run. It is now being discussed as a possible model for resolving Greece’s sovereign-debt crisis.维也纳的荣耀已经基本上消磨殆尽,但是它的名字却在近期被欧元区的决策者们屡次提起。“维也纳倡议”是一项于年制定的计划,这个计划的目的在于阻止金融危机向欧洲中部及东部蔓延。外资承诺不会减少在该地区的风险敞口并就此撤离该地区。现在,这一计划可能成为解决希腊主权债务危机的方法。The need to come up with a new plan for Greece is mounting. On May 20th Fitch, a ratings agency, cut the country’s debt rating by another three notches. Yields on Greek ten-year bonds this week reached 16.8%, more than twice what they were a year ago. With the markets shying away, the country will not be able to borrow afresh next year, as had originally been hoped when the country was first bailed out in May 2010. The IMF’s latest review is due out in June; it is likely to praise Greece for its progress so far but also to fret about how next year’s numbers add up.对于希腊来说,一个全新的计划亟待上马。5月20日,惠誉国际信用评级有限公司(Fitch)将希腊的债务评级再次降低三级。本周希腊十年期国债的收益率达到16.8%,比起一年前提高了两倍有余。随着市场回避,希腊在下一年也不能重新借款,这使得2010年5月希腊首次被金融保释时的最初的希望灰飞烟灭。国际货币金融组织(IMF)最新的报告于六月新鲜出炉,这份报告很可能称赞希腊目前的进展情况,同时也会对明年数字的累加表示忧虑。201106/139450US Expects "Difficult" Beijing Talks on North Korean Disarmament美国预计北韩无核化会谈将很艰难 The U.S. State Department said it expects a meeting in Beijing next week on ending North Korea's nuclear program to be difficult, but that no consideration is being given to scrapping the six-party talks. The senior U.S. delegate to the talks Friday ended a two day set of preparatory meetings in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart. 美国国务院表示,预计下周在北京召开的北韩无核化六方会谈将很困难,但是并没有取消这轮会谈的想法。参加会谈的美国高级代表星期五结束了在新加坡同北韩代表举行的两天预备会议。Officials at the U.S. State Department said the Chinese- sponsored meeting due to begin Monday will likely be no less difficult than previous meetings on the North Korean nuclear program. But they said even though China has yet to officially announce the meeting, they do expect the six-party session to go forward as planned. 有关官员说,这次由中国担任东道国的六方会谈定于星期一开始。这次有关北韩核项目问题的会议的难度不会小於先前的几轮会谈。不过他们说,虽然中国还没有正式宣布举行会谈的消息,但他们预计这次六方会谈能够如期举行。All six heads of delegations to the long-running talks are to convene in Beijing to approve a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities North Korea made last June. 六方会谈已经进行了很长时间。所有参与国的首席谈判代表这一次将在北京开会,争取批准一项计划,用于核实北韩去年6月提交的北韩核项目材料及活动清单的真实性。Approval of a verification protocol is to open the way to the final phase of the intricate agreement reached last year, under which North Korea is to eventually scrap its nuclear program, including weapons, in return for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties. 去年各方达成一项复杂的协议。根据该协议,北韩最终将放弃核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它五方提供的经济援助和外交利益。批准核实机制为实施该协议最后一个阶段的内容打开了大门。The latest snag in the process involves whether disarmament inspectors can remove samples from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex for outside analysis. 这一进程遇到的最新阻碍是,负责检查北韩非核化工作的人员是否可以从宁边核反应堆拿走采样,到外面进行分析。Chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill said North Korea agreed to sampling, at least verbally, in talks in Pyongyang in July. The North Koreans later said they made no such commitment. 美国首席谈判代表、负责东亚事务的助理国务卿希尔说,在今年7月于平壤举行的谈判中,北韩至少在口头上同意允许核查人员进行采样。不过北韩官员后来表示没有做过这种承诺。Hill, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, met in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart Kim Kye-Gwan. Both said Friday they had extensive discussions on verification issues but did not indicate they had reached a final agreement. 希尔本周在新加坡会晤了北韩首席谈判代表金桂冠。双方星期五都表示在核项目确认问题上进行了深入讨论,但并没有说他们达成了最终协议。At a news briefing here, Deputy State Department Spokesman Robert Wood said that would be the goal of the six-way meeting, which will include South Korea, Russia and Japan, along with the ed States, North Korea and host China: 在美国国务院的一次新闻简报会上,副发言人伍德说,就核实问题达成最终协议将是六方会谈的目标。六方会谈的参与国包括韩国、俄罗斯、日本、美国、北韩和中国。"Really where we are now is trying to get those understandings and assurances that the North Koreans provided Chris [Hill], in addition to those understandings on verification, to get all of this on paper and codified at the six-party heads of delegation meeting. So the negotiations on that will take place in Beijing and hopefully we will have a final verification protocol after that meeting," said Wood. 伍德说:“我们目前真正想做的是把北韩向希尔所表达的那种理解和保,以及双方在核实问题上的理解都在六方会谈时写在书面上,成为正式文件。各方会在北京进行谈判,我们希望在会谈后能够看到最终的核实机制。”Both Wood and North Korean envoy Kim in Singapore said there was no reason why the Beijing meeting should not go forward, despite the lack of an official announcement. 伍德和北韩特使金桂冠都表示,虽然中国还没有正式宣布将在北京举行六方会谈,但是会谈没有理由不举行。Wood said Assistant Secretary Hill will go to Seoul on Saturday and then on to Beijing Sunday where he will consult with the Japanese, Chinese, South Korean and Russian envoys on the eve of the opening of the six-way meeting. 伍德说,希尔将在星期六前往首尔,在星期天前往北京,在六方会谈召开前夕听取日本、中国、韩国和俄罗斯谈判代表们的意见。Their discussions will also cover a delivery schedule for heavy fuel oil committed to North Korea in return for the disablement of the Yongbyon reactor complex. North Korea has slowed the disablement process, saying that nearly half the one million tons of fuel it has been promised has not been delivered.Japan has refused to join other parties in providing oil, because it said Pyongyang has not fully accounted for Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea agents in the 1980's.200812/58063绍兴冷光洁白洁牙多少钱

杭州那家医院看蛀牙好Life in the global gutter生活在环球小报中The popular press广受欢迎的报刊Tabloids are a phenomenon worldwide, but they come in different varieties小报是世界范围内的一种现象,但是他们以不同的种类方式存在着Jul 14th 2011 | from the print edition AS AN example of bullying journalism, it takes some beating. Atabloid buys a surreptitiously filmed sex- of an actor in his 50s suffering from Parkinson's disease. It demands an exclusive. At first he collaborates, even writing the interview himself; later he sues for blackmail.作为恐吓性新闻业的一个例子,它很难被超越。一家小报购买了一部秘密拍摄的性爱录像,主人公是一名患有帕金森综合征的50多岁的演员。这家小报要求独家报道。开始这名演员配合了,甚至亲自写访谈;后来,他以敲诈勒索为由,将这家小报告上了法庭。This is not another story emanating from the now-shuttered newsroom of the News of the World, where journalistic shenanigans have deeply embarrassed News Corporation, its owner. The tabloid in question is Bild Zeitung, Germany's biggest paper. Last year a court ruled that Bild's reporter had coerced theactor, Ottfried Fischer. In May a higher court overturned the verdict. Afurther appeal is pending.这并不是从已经关闭的世界新闻报(其新闻工作者的诡计深深羞辱了它的所有者,新闻集团)的新闻编辑室里传出的另外一个故事。这家被谈及的小报是《图片报》,德国最大的报纸。去年,一家法庭判定《图片报》的记者胁迫了一名演员:奥德弗里德·费舍尔(Ottfried Fischer)。五月份更高一级法庭驳回了这一判决,更进一步的上诉正在进行中。Mr Fischer's fate shows that Britainhas no monopoly on aggressive tabloids—a word initially used for compressed tablets in the late 19th century, but which then came to mean"compact" journalism. They are ubiquitous in developed countries and many developing ones, particularly in Brazil, where they have grown rapidly in recent years. Britain,with half-a-dozen national tabloids, probably has the most. France boasts no tabloid newspapers, though it has magazines (Closer and Gala)and the satirical weekly Canard Enchaicirc;né that doa similar job (as far as that country's strict privacy laws allow). In America papers are mostly broadsheets, but tabloid-style television was invented there. Italy, Spainand Japanhave tabloids focusing on sport with huge erships: each copy goes through many hands.费舍尔的命运表明英国在侵犯性小报上没有形成垄断。Tabloid,这个单词在19世纪末起初用来表示压缩药片,但是后来又涉及到了“紧凑的”报纸的意思。小报在发达国家和许多发展中国家是普遍存在的,尤其是在巴西,小报在近年发展迅猛。英国拥有6家国家范围内的小报,或许是最多的。法国自诩没有小报类的报纸,然而其杂志(《Closer》和《Gala》)和讽刺周刊《鸭鸣报》(Canard Enchaicirc;né)却做着相似的工作(在法国严格的隐私法的允许范围内)。在美国,大部分的报纸都是大报,但是“小报风格”的电视节目却是源于美国。意大利、西班牙和日本都有以体育为重点的小报,这些报纸具有庞大的读者群体——每份报纸都会经手多人。201107/145803杭州种植牙齿价钱 财政部和工信部在全国“两会”期间同时表示,个人购买新能源汽车将实行购置补贴,最高补贴金额可能达几万元。Chinese consumers are very likely to soon receive government subsidies when buying cars powered by new energy. Officials say the government is considering extending subsidies to individuals who buy plug-in hybrid, battery-powered or electric cars as part of its low carbon development strategy. Damin reports. Reporter: During the just concluded National People's Congress, Miao Yu, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, told the press that the Finance Ministry and his ministry are considering extending subsidies to individuals who buy electric cars, or hybrid electric cars. "We will continue to provide subsidies to new energy vehicles in the first batch of 13 cities. Also, we are planning to include some more cities in this program this year. While our subsidies used to go to only public buses, we are now considering extending them to individual consumers who buy new energy cars." Details about the new subsidy plan are still in the making. But Miao says the less their cars depend on oil, the higher the amount of the subsidy car owners will receive. For electric cars, buyer subsidies could run as high as 60,000 yuan, about 9,000 U.S. dollars. Last year the government rolled out the program in 13 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, but the beneficiaries were mostly public buses. This year, the program will reportedly cover 20 cities. Jia Xinguang is a Beijing-based senior industry analyst from China National Automotive Industry Consulting amp; Developing Corporation."If the government can give 60,000 yuan in subsidies to consumers together with some efforts on the part of automakers to reduce the cost, then Chinese consumers will be more likely to accept these types of cars. Usually, if subsidies can amount to 10 percent of the whole price, it will work fine, and the present 60,000 yuan would be more than 10 percent."But Jia also says even though many people now have a greater sense of environmental awareness, "green" vehicles must be priced so that they can afford them. 201003/98933杭州牙科医院种植牙齿费用贵不贵

杭州做牙齿不齐用多少钱 Britain to Host G-20 Summit in April英国将主办下届二十国集团峰会 Britain is to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies. Plans for the meeting come amid efforts by countries around the world to stem the economic downturn and stimulate their economies back into growth. 英国将主办下届工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团的金融危机峰会。在筹备下届峰会的同时,世界各国正在努力控制经济下行风险,刺激经济发展,争取把经济拉回到增长的轨道。Speaking in parliament, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told lawmakers concerted action is crucial to stem the global financial crisis. And, he said, international leaders would be meeting in London to push that process forward.  英国首相布朗在议会发表演讲时表示,采取协调行动制止全球金融危机是至关重要的。他说,国际领导人将在伦敦开会,推动这个进程。"We've agreed with our international partners that the next meeting of the G-20 will be held in London," he said. "It will be held in London on April 2. It will deal with the major questions of the economic actions that are necessary and I've talked to the incoming U.S. administration and President-elect Obama expects to come to Britain at that time." 他说:“我们已经和国际伙伴们达成一致意见,决定下届20国集团峰会在伦敦举行。会议将于明年4月2号在伦敦召开,商讨必要的经济行动的主要议题。我已经向美国下一届政府通报了这件事,届时当选总统奥巴马预计将到英国来。”The G-20 met in Washington earlier this month and agreed on a broad action plan to boost economic growth. Individual governments and international political and economic blocs have held nearly non-stop meetings and consultations to stem the downturn with a variety of bailout and stimulus packages.  20国集团峰会首次会议本月早些时候在华盛顿举行,会议就一项范围广泛的促进经济增长的行动方案达成了一致意见。各国政府和国际政治、经济协作组织几乎没有间断地举行各种会议,磋商各种救助和刺激方案,控制经济下行风险。Earlier this week, Britain announced a cut in the national sales tax with the aim of enticing consumers to buy more and hopefully plow the savings back into the economy. The government has also announced tax breaks for businesses and help for low income families along with higher government spending on housing, schools and roads. 这个星期早些时候,英国宣布削减全国销售税,目的是鼓励消费者更多地消费,希望他们把积蓄投入到经济发展之中。政府还宣布对企业实行减税,帮助低收入家庭,并增加了政府在房地产、学校和公路方面的开。The ed States has aly set aside 0 billion to bail out failing financial institutions and the Federal Reserve announced it would pump 0 billion more into the economy to try to stabilize it. The government has discussed options to keep the auto industry from going under and President-elect Barack Obama has talked of the need for a massive stimulus package to get the economy going again. 美国已经拨出7千亿美元救助陷入困境的金融机构。美联储宣布将再注资8千亿美元,以稳定经济。美国政府讨论了挽救汽车工业的各种选择,当选总统奥巴马也表示,需要实行大规模的经济刺激方案,推动经济增长。In Brussels the European Commission has called for an EU-wide stimulus package worth around 0 billion. EU leaders are expected to discuss the plan at their December summit. 布鲁塞尔的欧洲委员会呼吁实行全欧洲范围的经济刺激方案,总值大约2千600亿美元。预计欧洲领导人将在他们的12月峰会上讨论这个问题。Financial markets around the world have plunged and fluctuated wildly in recent months. Asian stock markets closed mostly higher Wednesday, but the key market in Tokyo fell more than one percent and European markets were trading lower on Wednesday.200811/57306杭州一般牙科医院隐形牙套多少钱衢州牙齿整形医院哪家好



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