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I don’t understand discrimination. To me, it’s evil. How can you not think that all people are the same? It doesn’t matter what kind of discrimination it is, it’s all terrible. People who discriminate because of other people’s race, sex or age should be named and shamed. I think there should be really strong laws against all forms of discrimination. Racism is horrible. What difference does it make what colour your skin is? The thing that surprises me is that even in the most cosmopolitan cities, racism is everywhere. Sexual discrimination is also stupid. Sexist people have sisters, mothers, wives, daughters; but they still treat women as being less able. I wonder if we'll ever live in a world where we’re all equal. Article/201104/131791于是他们庄严地围着爱丽丝跳起舞来,一面用前爪拍着拍子。当他们跳到跟前的时候,常常要踩着爱丽丝的脚。So they began solemnly dancing round and round Alice, every now and then ting on her toes when they passed too close, and waving their forepaws to mark the time, while the Mock Turtle sang this, very slowly and sadly:-- `"Will you walk a little faster?" said a whiting to a snail. "There's a porpoise close behind us, and he's ting on my tail. See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance! They are waiting on the shingle--will you come and join the dance? Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance? Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance? "You can really have no notion how delightful it will be When they take us up and throw us, with the lobsters, out to sea!" But the snail replied "Too far, too far!" and gave a look askance-- Said he thanked the whiting kindly, but he would not join the dance. Would not, could not, would not, could not, would not join the dance. Would not, could not, would not, could not, could not join the dance. `"What matters it how far we go?" his scaly friend replied. "There is another shore, you know, upon the other side. The further off from England the nearer is to France-- Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance. Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance? Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?"' Article/201104/130281What is this for, Ryan wondered as he looked at the bill from Enterprise car rental company. He and Amelia had traveled to Tucson over a month ago. He had wanted to take his car, but she said she didn’t trust his car.“It’s a piece of junk,” she said. “Besides, it’s February. What happens if the heater stops working?” So, even though he trusted his car, he rented a mid-sized Buick. As usual, Enterprise had the best rental rates. The agent asked if he wanted to buy the collision damage waiver for a day. The waiver would cover any damage to the Buick from accidents, vandalism, or theft. Ryan declined; it was only a Friday to Sunday trip. He figured that, if anything happened, his own auto insurance would cover the rental car.“You should pay the extra ,” Amelia said. He told her that the extra money was just another corporate rip-off, like the extended insurance that Best Buy offers customers on new computers. Only one percent of the time is the insurance ever needed; the rest of the time, the company makes a fortune off customers' fear. Ryan figured he would take his chances. He had used rental cars many times without any problems. Article/201108/149426Guardian On The Road 01In the winter of 1985 my mother and I were heading home from work. We were running a little late and the weather was cold and foggy. We knew if we didn't get home soon everyone would start worrying. I was 16 years old at the time. I, being the youngest of 10 children had taken a job at the restaurant where my mom worked to help make a few bucks to get us by. Things were very hard at this time and Christmas was nearing. We were talking about the situation on our way home and speaking of how we should all just be grateful that we are all very healthy. And speaking of the fact that there are many other people out there who have much less than we did.  Well the gas tank was nearing empty and we still had almost two weeks to go until payday. We were on our regular route home when rounding one of the sharp curves, there in the midst of the fog stood a slender figure in a long overcoat. This startled us both as we slowed down to a roll. This figure was nearly standing in the road. My mother pulled to the side of the road to my disapproval. She rolled her window down to check if this person was all right. I clenched my fists and started shaking tremendously, thinking of what my father had always said. "Never pick up a stranger." I begged my mom to roll up her window and just continue on, but she insisted that if this person needed help she was going to give it to them. 那是1985年冬天的一个晚上,我和妈妈下班回家。时间有点晚,天气很冷还雾蒙蒙的。我们知道要是不早点到家大家都会担心的。我那时16岁,有9个哥哥,在妈妈工作的餐馆打工挣点小钱补贴家用。日子过得很苦。圣诞节快到了,我和妈妈谈论着时下的境况,觉得全家人都很健康已经很值得庆幸了。有很多人的境况还不如我们。  油箱的油不多了,但还有将近两周才会发薪水。我们沿着常走的路回家,车开到一处急转弯时,我们看到雾气中有一个穿着长大衣的瘦弱身影。我们深觉惊讶,减慢车速。那人几乎站到了车道上。妈妈不顾我的反对,把车停在了路边。她摇低车窗,好确认那人是否无碍。我握紧双拳,想到爸爸平时的告诫:“不要搭载陌生人”,开始不停发抖。我央求妈妈摇起车窗继续开车,但她坚持说如果这个人需要帮助,那她一定会施以援手。 Article/200812/59426

有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter15 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47252

她把伸进烟囱里的脚收了收,等到听到一个小动物(她猜不出是什么动物)在烟囱里连滚带爬地接近了她的脚,这时她自语说:“这就是比尔了,”同时狠狠地踢了一脚,然后等着看下一步会发生些什么。 `Oh! So Bill's got to come down the chimney, has he?' said Alice to herself. `Shy, they seem to put everything upon Bill! I wouldn't be in Bill's place for a good deal: this fireplace is narrow, to be sure; but I THINK I can kick a little!' She drew her foot as far down the chimney as she could, and waited till she heard a little animal (she couldn't guess of what sort it was) scratching and scrambling about in the chimney close above her: then, saying to herself `This is Bill,' she gave one sharp kick, and waited to see what would happen next. The first thing she heard was a general chorus of `There goes Bill!' then the Rabbit's voice along--`Catch him, you by the hedge!' then silence, and then another confusion of voices--`Hold up his head--Brandy now--Don't choke him--How was it, old fellow? What happened to you? Tell us all about it!' Last came a little feeble, squeaking voice, (`That's Bill,' thought Alice,) `Well, I hardly know--No more, thank ye; I'm better now--but I'm a deal too flustered to tell you--all I know is, something comes at me like a Jack-in-the-box, and up I goes like a sky-rocket!' Article/201012/121095

Hagrid yawned loudly, sat up, and stretched. 海格打了个阿欠,坐起来伸了伸懒腰。 ;Best be off, Harry, lots ter do today, gotta get up ter London an#39; buy all yer stuff fer school.; ;快点准备好,哈利。今天有很多事要做,我们得去伦敦,为你上学买点东西。; Harry was turning over the wizard coins and looking at them. He had just thought of something that made him feel as though the happy balloon inside him had got a puncture. 哈利摆弄着那些魔法币,仔细研究着,他刚刚想到一些事使他觉得体内的那些快乐的气球突然被扎破了。 ;Um ; Hagrid?; ;呃;;海格?; ;Mm?; said Hagrid, who was pulling on his huge boots. ;嗯?;海格应道,他正忙着穿他那只巨大的靴子。 ;I haven#39;t got any money ; and you heard Uncle Vernon last night; he won#39;t pay for me to go and learn magic.; ;我一分钱也没有;;昨晚你是听到了;;弗农姨父他不愿拿钱供我去学魔法。; ;Don#39;t worry about that,; said Hagrid, standing up and scratching his head. ;D#39;yeh think yer parents didn#39;t leave yeh anything?; ;不用担心,;海格说,他站起来,抓抓脑袋,;你真的以为你爸妈一点东西都没留给你吗?; ;But if their house was destroyed;; ;但是如果他们的房子都被毁了的话;;; ;They didn#39; keep their gold in the house, boy! Nah, first stop fer us is Gringotts. Wizards#39; bank. Have a sausage, they#39;re not bad cold ; an#39; I wouldn#39; say no teh a bit o#39; yer birthday cake, neither.; ;孩子,他们没有把金子放在房子里!现在,我们的第一站就是古灵阁;;巫师。吃根香肠吧,还是热的呢。吃点生日蛋糕也不错。; ;Wizards have banks ?; ;巫师也有?; ;Just the one. Gringotts. Run by goblins.; ;只有一家,由妖精们来经营。

"We mustn't delay any longer … swallowing is difficult … and breathing, that's also difficult. Those muscles are weakening too … we mustn't delay any longer."These were the words of Dutchman Cees van Wendel de Joode asking his doctor to help him die. Affected with a serious disease, van Wendel was no longer able to speak clearly and he knew there was no hope of recovery and that his condition was rapidly deteriorating.Van Wendel's last three months of life before being given a final, lethal injection by his doctor were filmed and first shown on television last year in the Netherlands. The program has since been bought by 20 countries and each time it is shown, it starts a nationwide debate on the subject.The Netherlands is the only country in Europe which permits euthanasia, although it is not technically legal there. However, doctors who carry out euthanasia under strict guidelines introduced by the Dutch Parliament two years ago are usually not prosecuted. The guidelines demand that the patient is experiencing extreme suffering, that there is no chance of a cure, and that the patient has made repeated requests for euthanasia. In addition to this, a second doctor must confirm that these criteria have been met and the death must be reported to the police department.Should doctors be allowed to take the lives of others? Dr.Wilfred van Oijen, Cees van Wendel's doctor, explains how he looks at the question:"Well, it's not as if I'm planning to murder a crowd of people with a machine gun. In that case, killing is the worst thing I can imagine. But that's entirely different from my work as a doctor. I care for people and I try to ensure that they don't suffer too much. That's a very different thing."Many people, though, are totally against the practice of euthanasia. Dr. Andrew Ferguson, Chairman of the organization Healthcare Opposed to Euthanasia, says that "in the vast majority of euthanasia cases, what the patient is actually asking for is something else. They may want a health professional to open up communication for them with their loved ones or family - there's nearly always another question behind the question."Britain also has a strong tradition of hospices - special hospitals which care only for the dying and their special needs. Cicely Saunders, President of the National Hospice Council and a founder member of the hospice movement, argues that euthanasia doesn't take into account that there are ways of caring for the dying. She is also concerned that allowing euthanasia would undermine the need for care and consideration of a wide range of people: "It's very easy in society now for the elderly, the disabled and the dependent to feel that they are burdens, and therefore that they ought to opt out. I think that anything that legally allows the shortening of life does make those people more vulnerable."Many find this prohibition of an individual's right to die paternalistic. Although they agree that life is important and should be respected, they feel that the quality of life should not be ignored. Dr. Van Oijen believes that people have the fundamental right to choose for themselves if they want to die: "What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that dying people haven't the right. And that when people are very ill, we are all afraid of their death. But there are situations where death is a friend. And is those cases, why not?"But "why not?" is a question which might cause strong emotion. The film showing Cees van Wendel's death was both moving and sensitive. His doctor was clearly a family friend; his wife had only her husband's interests at heart. Some, however, would argue that it would be dangerous to use this particular example to support the case for euthanasia. Not all patients would receive such a high level of individual care and attention."我们再也不能耽误了,……我难以咽下食物……呼吸也有困难……,浑身疲乏无力,……不要再拖了。"荷兰人齐斯·范·温德尔临死前请求医生帮助他一死了之时说了这番话。他因身患重病,说话已经不很清楚,他知道自己毫无康复的希望了,而且病情正在迅速恶化。在接受医生注射那致命的最后一针之前,范·温德康最后三个月的生活被拍成了电影,去年在荷兰的电视台首次播出。此后,有20个国家先后购买了这个电视节目,每在一国放映,都会在全国内引起一场对安乐死的议论。荷兰是欧洲唯一的允许安乐死的国家。尽管安乐死在技术上还不具有合法性,但如果医生按照两年前荷兰议会制定的议案的严格指导原则实施用安乐死,但如果医生按照两年前荷兰议会制定的议案的严格指导原则实施用安乐死,通常是不会受到法律的追究的。这些指导原则规定,当病人极度痛苦,没有治愈的可能,而且一再要求的情况下才能实施安乐死。另外,还必须有第二位名医生实已经符合上述条件,并且要向警察机关报告病人的死亡。能允许医生结束他人的生命吗?齐斯·范·温德尔的私人医生威尔弗雷德·冯·奥依金解释了他对这个问题的看法:"哦,这种情况和我计划用机关杀死一大群人完全不一样。若是那样,杀人是我所能想象的最可怕的事。但我作为医生实施安乐死和用杀人是绝对不同的。我是关心人,我要尽量保他们不受更多痛苦。这和那种情况完全是两码事。"然而,仍然有很多人坚决反对使用安乐死。"反安乐死健康医疗"组织的主席安德鲁·福格森说:"在使用安乐死的大多数病例中,患者实际上需要的是其它的东西。他们可能需要在健康专家的指导下,与所爱的人或家人进行交流。"英国晚期病人收容所有着牢固的传统,一种专门护理垂危病人并满足他们特殊需要的特殊医院。国家收容所委员会主席和收容运动的发起人茜西莉·桑德斯认为,使用安乐死把护理垂危病人的其它方式都排除了。她还担心允许使用安乐死会减少很多人对于照顾和关心的要求。"在今天的社会里,这样很容易使老年人、残疾人和靠他人生活的人们感到自己是社会的负担,应该从生活中消失掉。我觉得法律上任何允许缩短人们生命和作法都会使那些人变得更容易受伤害。"很多人发现禁止一个人选择死亡的权利是没有道理的。尽管他们也认为生命很重要,并且应当尊重生命,但是生活的质量也不容忽视。范·奥依金医生认为如果人们想死,他们应当有选择死亡的权利:"那些反对使用安乐死的人们是在告诉我们要死亡的人没有这种权利。当他们病重时,我们害怕他们会死去。但是有的情况下死亡是人们的朋友。在那种情况下,为什么不使用安乐死呢?"但"为什么不呢?"是一个会引起强烈的情感的问题。那部反映齐斯·范·温德尔死亡情景的电影既感人又发人深醒。很显然,这位医生是他们一家人的朋友;温德尔的妻子也是一心为丈夫好。然而,有些人争论说用这种特殊事例来持安乐死是危险的。再说,不是所有的病人都会受到如此周到的个别护理和关注。 Article/200802/28005

Back in 1994, I was seriously dating a guy who was of Cherokee descent. We rented a little cottage on a river up in northern California, near Bodega Bay. It was a rustic little place, on stilts, with a balcony that wrapped around it. The interior was filled with antiques and was very charming. There were lots of old mirrors in the place of every shape and size. Anyway, we were really delighted with the place, as it had a lot of charm and a nice fireplace and full kitchen. I felt a little strange and creepy, but shrugged it off. Article/200905/69936

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