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乌兰察布市治疗女性不孕哪家医院最好的乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院体检多少钱呼和浩特首大医院妇科 To help stay on top as global No. 1 maker of luxury automobiles, Germany’s BMW is redesigning the way its dealerships operate, a process that will include more “geniusproduct specialists and fewer sales personnel.为了保住全球头号豪华汽车制造商的宝座,德国宝马公司(BMW)正重新设计其经销商的运作方式,将增设更多“天才”产品专家,同时减少销售人员。The concept, popularized by Apple AAPL 1.19% with in-store specialists who explain the company’s laptops and other products, is a softer and more relaxed approach. Shoppers can pose questions to a trained expert without the pressure of price negotiation; once they’re y to buy, a sales person takes over.这是一种更柔和、更轻松的务理念,因苹果(Apple)而普及开来。在苹果门店中,有专门的产品专家向顾客解释苹果公司的笔记本电脑以及其它产品。顾客可以向训练有素的产品专家提问,而无需有议价的压力;一旦他们决定购买,将由销售人员接手。Lexus, which has ambitions to catch BMW one day, is thinking in the same direction. Greg Penske of Penske Motor Group has been employing “Lexpertsat Longo Lexus in El Monte, Calif., and Lexus of Stevens Creek in San Jose, Calif., for about three years.渴望有朝一日赶超宝马的雷克萨斯(Lexus),与苹果的思路大同小异。潘世奇汽车集团(Penske Motor Group)的格雷格o潘世奇,在加州艾尔蒙特市的Longo雷克萨斯店以及圣何塞的Stevens Creek雷克萨斯店雇佣“雷克萨斯专家”(“Lexperts”)已有近三年之久。“Even though it’s derived from the Apple Genius concept, we have been able to recruit college students who can learn about the business, see the career paths they can take—it’s a very similar income as an Apple Genius starting out—and drive cool cars,Penske said. “You are seeing all manufacturers looking at doing this because as technology is getting more intuitive, we want to make sure customers get the best guest experience.”潘世奇表示:“尽管借鉴了‘苹果天才’(Apple Genius)这一理念,但我们招募的大学生能了解汽车行业,看到自己可能的职业道路,而且还能开好车。他们的起薪也与‘苹果天才’非常接近。如今,所有厂商都在考虑这么干,因为随着技术日趋变成直观感受,我们希望确保顾客获得最佳的客户体验。”It’s not exactly a secret that conventional automotive retailing, in which customers visit showrooms clutching the Sunday newspaper and either are ignored or fast-talked by high-pressure sales people is vanishing quickly. Most successful retail operations are employing new tactics. The Internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in automotive retailing. Shoppers spend hours doing research and often are extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and the price at which it should sell.传统汽车零售,即客户握着报纸走进汽车展销店,然后要么被晾在一边,要么被强行推销的销售人员忽悠的销售模式,正迅速消亡,这一点已经不是什么秘密。大多数成功的零售商正采用新战术。互联网正在汽车零售中扮演日益重要的角色。消费者会花很多时间去研究[自己想买的车型],他们往往对相关车型及其正常售价了如指掌。Dealers in the U.S. are privately-owned franchises. Experts and geniuses, therefore, are employed by the dealers, though often trained by the automaker.在美国,汽车经销商都是私有专营企业。因此,[产品]专家和“天才”是由经销商雇佣,虽然他们通常是由汽车制造商进行培训。BMW said it’s closing in on a goal of having 500 geniuses employed at 339 U.S. dealerships by the end of the year. The idea was rolled out at BMW dealerships in Europe a year earlier. Some of the larger dealerships employ as many as ten; and a quarter of the personnel are women, BMW said.宝马表示正在接近达成目标,即到今年年底,宝马339家美国经销商雇00名[产品]“天才”。一年前,宝马在该公司欧洲经销商中推出了这一理念。宝马表示,有些规模较大的经销商雇佣的[产品]专家多达10名;而且四分之一的[产品]专家是女性。Ian Robertson, BMW board member for marketing, said, “the automaker is changing the entire retail experience, and the geniuses are the front line to make it more informative and friendly for our customers.More than 1,500 are working in dealerships in 43 countries, including one in Tibet.宝马负责营销的董事伊恩o罗伯森表示:“汽车制造商正改变整个零售体验,而[产品]天才们是我们为顾客打造更有内容、更加友好的客户体验的第一线。3个国家的宝马经销商,共雇佣了1500多名[产品]“天才”。其中有一名是在中国西藏。Following a meeting of geniuses in Munich this month, Robertson said, “they’re excited, they like the new role, and they especially like seeing how much customers enjoy an atmosphere of information and no sales pressure.”本月,宝马“天才”们在慕尼黑聚首,罗伯森在会后表示:“他们很兴奋,他们喜欢这个新角色,而且他们尤其高兴的是,顾客非常喜欢这种能获取信息,且没有购物压力的氛围。”The next chapter in the future of automotive retailing aly in unfolding, allowing customers for some car brands to examine the inventories of vehicles at specific dealerships, place an order and arrange financing without a visit. AutoNation, the biggest publicly-owned chain of dealerships in the U.S., said it would unveil in December an online system that will allow buyers to select and reserve vehicles from dealer inventory.汽车零售业未来的新篇章已经展开,有些汽车品牌的顾客,足不出户就能查看特定经销商的库存、下订单并安排融资。美国最大的公营连锁汽车经销商AutoNation称,该公司将于今2月推出在线系统,使买家能从经销商库存中选择并预订车辆。BMW, perhaps anticipating the future, is making its geniuses available online as well.也许是预见到未来的发展趋势,宝马已开始在线上提供“天才”务。(财富中文网) /201412/346012呼伦贝尔市治疗腹胀多少钱

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呼和浩特治疗便血多少钱Amsterdam (AFP) - Faced with anincreasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have takento the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking;white; pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.阿姆斯特丹(法新社)——由于隔离教育的不断加剧,荷兰移民小孩走上种族混杂的阿姆斯特丹社区的街道,试图通过这种方式寻找白人同学加入他们学校,从而帮助他们融合。Around 100 schoolchildren Arabs, Turks,Africans, Moroccans accompanied by their parents and teache rs, woreprovocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with ;Is this white enoughfor you?;.大约00名小学生——阿拉伯人,土耳其非洲人和洛哥人;在父母和老师的陪伴下穿着具有挑畔性的耀眼的白T恤,衣上的文字是“这对你来说够白了吗?”Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrantsdaughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearingthe shirts, which have ;All children have the right to integrateMwritten on the back.10岁的荷兰本地人Annelies1岁的移民小孩Aminata自幼儿园起就是朋友,他们也穿上了白T恤,衣背面的文字是“所有孩子都具有融合的权利”。They ;want more white children in theschool to learn about each others cultures,; said Aminata, her smilingface framed by dangling African braids during Fridays protest.他们;想要学校里有更多的白人学生,从而相互学习批次的文化;Aminata说道,在周五的抗议活动中,她面带微笑,系着一条非洲式的辫子;Its important for later,; saidthe blonde-haired Annelies. ;When were grown upwe will have to deal with different cultures, we should aly start learningto live together.;;这对以后是非常重要的;金发的Annelies如此说道;当我们长大时,我们还是得面对不同的文化,所以我们现在就应该学习如何生活在一起;;At the moment theres only one boy inour class who is 100 percent Dutch, although we live in a mixed neighbourhood,its ridiculous,; she said.;目前在我们的课堂里只有一个男生是百分百的荷兰人,尽管我们住在一个种族混扎的社区里,所以这是很荒谬的,;她说。来 /201505/376772 CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive, has expressed his regrets over the “misunderstandingcaused when he said that giving too much power to low-income voters would lead to populist government policies.香港特首梁振CY Leung)对他的言论所造成的“误解”感到遗憾,他曾表示,将过多权力赋予低收入选民将带来民粹主义政府政策。Mr Leung said last week in an interview with the Financial Times and other media that basing Hong Kong’s electoral system on “numeric representationwould force politicians to pay much more attention to those earning below the median household income. “You would end up with that kind of politics and policies,he said.梁振英上周在接受英国《金融时报》和其他媒体的采访时表示,如果让香港的选举制度基于“数字化代表法”,将迫使政治人士将更多的注意力转向那些收入低于家庭收入中值的人群。他表示:“你将得到那样的政治和政策。”As examples, Mr Leung said the economically unimportant sports and religious sectors would also be sidelined in such a system.梁振英举例说,在这种体制下,经济上并不重要的体育和宗教界别也将遭到排挤。Inequality is a sensitive topic in the former British territory, where, according to the charity Feeding Hong Kong, one in five people live in poverty.在这个前英国殖民地,不平等是一个敏感话题。慈善组织乐饷社(Feeding Hong Kong)称,在这里,人就人生活在贫困之中。On Tuesday, Mr Leung sought to appease those angered by his remarks, some of whom staged a small protest outside his residence last week. In response to a reporter’s question before an executive council meeting, Mr Leung said he should have been “clearerin explaining his stance on the current electoral system.周二,梁振英试图平息他的上述言论所招致的愤怒情绪,其中一些人上周在他的住所外举行了小规模抗议活动。在出席一次行政会议之前回答一位记者的提问时,梁振英表示,他本应“更清楚”地解释自己对当前选举制度的立场。“I know my words were unclear, and this caused some concern and misunderstanding among grass-roots [poor] people, the religious sector and the sports sector,he said. “I regret that.”“我知道我的措辞不是很清楚,这在基层(穷人)、宗教界别和体育界别引起了一些担忧和误解,”他表示,“我对此感到遗憾。”Pro-democracy protesters have been on the streets for a month now, blocking roads in three busy districts of the city to campaign for changes to the way Hong Kong chooses its chief executive.持民主的抗议活动已持续一个月,示威者在香港3个繁忙街区设置路障,呼吁改变选举产生香港特首的方式。Hundreds remained camped out in the main highway outside government offices in the city centre, sleeping in tents and living on donations of food and water.数百人仍在香港特区政府大楼外的主要道路上扎营,晚上睡在帐篷里,依靠捐赠的食品和水生活。As the protests have dragged on, Mr Leung’s approval rating has dropped from 45 per cent in August to just under 39 per cent now, according to the latest survey by Hong Kong University.在抗议活动持续之际,根据香港大学(Kong University)的最新调查,梁振英的持率已月的45%降至现在的不9%。Last week the government and student activists held the first round of talks since the protests began on September 26. However, despite two hours of televised debate, progress towards ending the civil disobedience campaign remains elusive.上周,香港政府和学生活动人士举行了自96日抗议开始以来的首轮对话。然而,尽管进行了两个小时的电视直播辩论,但在结束这场公民抗命方面依未取得进展。Benny Tai, one of the leaders of the Occupy Central protest group, on Monday called on the government to hold a non-binding referendum on the issue of electoral reform, saying that such a move would likely bring an end to the street protests.“占中”领导人之一戴耀Benny Tai)周一呼吁政府就选举改革举行一场没有约束力的全民公投。他说,此类举措很可能结束街头抗议活动。Under current government proposals, about 5m residents will get to vote for the first time in the next election in 2017. However, critics complain that the list of candidates will remain in the hands of just 1,200 people drawn from the elite.按照香港政府当前的提议,00万居民将017年的选举中首次参与投票。然而,批评人士抱怨称,候选人名单依然掌握在来自精英阶层的区区1200名人士的手中。The government insists that such a system is prescribed by the Basic Law Hong Kong’s constitution leaving them with little option for change.香港政府坚称,这一制度是《基本法》(香港的宪制文件)规定的,这让他们没有改变的余地。However, former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten said in an opinion piece for Project Syndicate on Tuesday that Mr Leung has “considerable room for manoeuvre and called on him to ”demonstrate some statesmanship然而,香港末任总督彭定Chris Patten)周二在《Project Syndicate》上发表文章指出,梁振英有着“相当大的回旋空间”,呼吁他“展示一些政治家的水平”。来 /201410/339252呼和浩特妇幼保健医院治疗痛经多少钱呼和浩特精神性阳痿治疗多少钱




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